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  1. You're the.. STEPHY!

  2. you have the best sig/photo combo ive seen yet. just saying.

  3. No, but I work for them.

  4. Yo, do you play for the UBC Thunderbirds?

  5. hey where was that from the nazzy approaching lu?

  6. haha right back at you mine was a joke too xD

  7. hey, I was right, wasn't I? The post was actually a joke, but I guess I need to keep reminding myself that CDC doesn't understand sarcasm or whit..

  8. i love your streetfighter sig

  9. I'm pretty sure you can just waltz right onto campus and use their wifi. That is if you have your own laptop with you, if not then you need to have a username and password that is only attainable through registering with Langara

  10. oh dude you know if there's anyway to get internet in the langara library if i m not a student there?

  11. Sorry I took so long to reply, I didn't see it until now. I go to Langara

  12. wat college / uni u from?