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  1. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    What’s the rule on sending down Gaunce or Goldobin... I thought if another team claims them, they have to keep them in the NHL? Maybe a cap-strapped contender takes a flyer on Gaunce for their bottom 6 and maybe a crappy team thinks they can squeeze Goldy into their top 6... but those are big “maybes.”
  2. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Goldobin is a total wild card. I appreciate the good attitude he’s kept since joining the organization... and he was on pace for 17 goals last year in spot duty. He could surprise or he could never play another regular season game in a Canucks jersey. Exciting times. As for Benning, this is his team now and yeah, I guess if it flops over the next 2 seasons he’s probably done. But boy has he created a lot of outs. -tons of offensive upside players. He’s be in big trouble if he was banking on just one or two... but Baer, Goldy, Leipsic, Virtanen, Gaudette, Pettersson and then Dahlen, Lind, Gadjovich in the near future. Some of those dudes are going to join Bo and Brock putting up points. -JB has (rightfully) chased a PPQB d man since he arrived... and guess what just dropped into his lap. Adding Hughes/Juolevi over the next 2 seasons should add trickle down offence to the whole team. The scoring will come. JB has also added quite the security blanket when it comes to high effort, two-way veteran forwards. He’s paid for them, but Sutter, Loui, Roussel, Beagle and Schaller should keep the team working hard and playing “the right way.” People like to use those guys as a negative but I think they’ll prove their worth as the kids take off. The limiting factor for the team will be the D and Goalies. Just depends on how (and how quickly) Hughes, Juolevi, Woo and Demko pan out. Plus, a healthy Tanev and Guddy will go a long way.
  3. With the timing of it all, I think Bo is the easy choice. He’s going to be the focal point of the team again next year and ticks all the boxes. A guy like Sutter or Guddy or whoever else taking the C would just let the monkeys in the media and their toxic followers run a circus around the issue. If this decision gets made 2 years from now maybe Brock gives him a real run for his money but at this point he’s the easy pick. I’d be happy with Bo over waiting for Pettersson or Hughes even if they outstrip his production on the ice. It it would be nice (in more than one way) if he took the next step to true star production. He might and that would make the decision a slam dunk... but even at last year’s just under 60 point production he’s clearly the focal point of the team. He’s not the blood and guts captain (yet) that some fans have anointed him to be.. but he’s big, strong, professional and doesn’t get pushed around. A nice shift in the tone of the team even if it’s not as dramatic as some are wishing.
  4. Also, Toronto scores 270 goals last year (90 from those 5 inherited players) We scored 218. (56 from inherited players). If we flip those contributions, we score a respectable 252 goals last season and Toronto limps along with 236. They had more to work with (and have been healthier, obviously.)
  5. JVR/Bozak produced about the same but did it in ~15% less Ozone starts and 40 second average of PP time a night and as much as I championed the Sedins they weren’t as effective as their Tor counterparts last year. So while it’s a saw-off statistically, the Twins were doing it with more opportunity. I also think you’re selling Reilly/Gardiner’s twin 50 point campaigns short compared to what Edler brings these days, even in a decent bounce back year and the extent of which Tanev was injured / ineffective last year. Add up Edler and Tanev’s points and you don’t get to 50. We’re not talking about elite possession Tanev either - he struggled last year. Even Kadri, by virtue of staying healthy, had 11 more points than Horvat. Add up those 5 leafs and you get: 90 goals. Add up our 5 and you get: 56 34 goals isn’t something you just explain away. Shanahan has benefitted from what he inherited pre-2014 compared to us. I do agree with the fact that their picks peaking earlier has helped. Landing the 1OA doesn’t hurt to tip the scales there. We have a chance this year to close a lot of distance depending on how Jake/Juolevi/Pettersson/Hughes/Gaudette do. I agree it’s the top player development that we need right now. If it happens sooner than later we’re a lot closer than people think.
  6. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Yeah, like I said.. “fair enough” I can see why that wouldn’t be the ideal situation. Obviously it’s a competition though. I do think Gagner has a leg up on pure wingers because he can slot in at C. He’s my first pick to play C/RW with Pettersson because of that. Left wing on that line could be up to Baer, Leipsic or, yeah, Goldy. Its going to be an interesting camp / preseason and I’m sure people will be upset no matter what Green goes with.
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Yuck to Pettersson with Sutter. Wasn't Elias deployed in light, offensive minutes in the SEL this year? Sounds like a recipe for success. Sutter gets worked to the bone.. not an ideal spot for the kid. I hope it’s just people reading too much into Jim’s “Beagle will let Sutter be deployed in more offensive situations” comment... which I read as, “Sutter might only take 65% D zone starts instead of 77” not “Sutter is going to be deployed as a traditional 2C with offensive wingers.” —- As much as it’s nice to just write Gagner off the roster, if he helps Pettersson break in like that it’s a huge value. He’s a veteran, can score/provide O, not “tough” but surprisingly willing to get into scrums last year.. Green is going to have options but I’d be fine with him giving that pairing a good long look to start the year. With either Leipsic or Baertschi on their other wing.
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I read that and did a double take as well. Who out there is putting Pettersson with Sutter though? I’ve seen that maybe once or twice here. It’s not rocket science to use Sutter / Beagle as matchup guys and have some combo of Pettersson/Gagner/Gaudette/Granlund/Baertschi/Leipsic/Virtanen/Goldobin taking the old Sedin minutes as a secondary scoring line. My unpopular opinion is that Gagner would be the incumbent on that line, with he and Pettersson being the C/RW spots. Obviously could get played out of that spot in camp or early in the season though.
  9. 5 players is a way to spin it. Last year how much did JVR, Kadri, Bozak, Gardiner and Reilly contribute to their success? Even without Bozak and JVR.. Kadri and a pair of 50 point defencemen is a heck of a head start over what JB inherited.... which is Horvat, over the hill Edler, injured Tanev and waiver fodder Gaunce and Hutton.
  10. You can always tell the guys who’ve never been in a fight. They assume losing one means you’re terrible at it. I know Beagle isn’t known as a scrapper but not many guys retire undefeated.
  11. [Signing] Blues sign Patrick Maroon

    Love what the Blues have done this offseason. Should be tough to beat.
  12. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Maybe, but a small skilled guy wouldn’t describe any of our prospects except maybe Palmu who’s built like a fire hydrant. (And that Russian kid.). I also shouldn’t have said “can” it happen so much as “does” it happen... who wouldn’t want a younger, cheaper, better player in the lineup? If they realistically have played themselves onto the roster I’d be shocked if they sat in Utica for more than a month or so before something moved. Where would the line be, also? If Gadjovich, Dahlen or Lind play a full year in Utica will that make them lesser pro’s? Or two years? Dahlen has N American ice to adjust to.. Gadj and Lind are first year pros. A full year in Utica with maybe a cup of coffee with the big club wouldn’t hurt a bit. I know it’s not exactly your point but I’m going to riff on the roster situation: We have 6 forwards signed for 3 or more years. (Loui, Sutter, Bo, Baer, Beagle and Roussel). One on D: Gudbranson. Yes, Boeser will also have a spot but he’s not a problem. That’s tons of space and opportunity moving forward even without buyouts, trades and waivers. Of our roster, only Loui is unmovable. Edler too, I guess but he’s only signed for this year. Sutter’s NTC drops to 15 teams after next season. Beagle and Roussel are 15 teams. Tanev can only block 8 teams. Our roster and cap situation offers tons of flexibility. I think only Loui has a buyout proof deal as well. Gagner’s contract can be bought out to reduce it to a 1 mil cap hit, for example. I just don’t see the need to worry about hypothetical “damage” to any of our prospects caused by too much AHL time. I just can’t see it happening. I can, on the other hand, see some of our waiver-eligible bubble guys in trouble. Some guys are on the way out.. no doubt. People will whinge if we lose Goldobin or Gaunce because, say, Green would rather have Granlund and Gagner on the roster. Fair enough I guess.
  13. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    How often does a player actually have his development stalled due to too much time in the AHL or whatever. Can that even happen? I know I’ve seen a few times where an overripe prospect gets moved because there’s a quality vet in place.. but has a real stud ever been lost because of that? I think the whole “the vets are in the way” narrative is plain fear mongering. If a kid is playing well enough they’ll be on the team sooner than later.
  14. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    Gagner certainly doesn’t deserve any “hate” as I remember him as a decent effort/team guy last year. Surprisingly so. He’s only signed for two more years. Everyone is pining for Gaudette or Pettersson to take up at C but I like the competition Gagner provides for that last C spot. Along with Granlund, 30-40 points is a low but reasonable bar for our kids to try and out-compete. If they can’t beat him, I can see him centering a scoring line with Pettersson on the wing. Better than having to take a run at a guy like Bozak in FA or relying on Sutter to produce offence, in my opinion. He flopped last year but this year could be a big Gagner season in that role.
  15. The problem with our outlook on our team

    Opening comments aside... I’m not willing to anoint him the saviour if he does but he’s always indicated that he wants to try again one day. and man... that is a nice, balanced defence.