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  1. For sure... lots of young, talented teams struggle to win a playoff series. I think it says a lot about this group that they pulled it off (and in style with a comeback OT victory.) Full credit to the players and to management as well. Even in the dark years this group always played hard... and JB’s insistence on going after 200-foot vets and toughness certainly paid dividends that series. We can even see it in the way the young stars approach the game... not saying anything dramatic like they needed direct mentorship... but the kids came in to a team that was committed to playing the right way and they’ve developed accordingly. I don’t want to make too much about knocking off the Wild, but all the key pieces look like they’re headed in the right direction. It’s awesome to see!
  2. Huge win over a veteran team in a physical series. Loved how we passed the test both with skill and toughness. Looking forward to the next series!
  3. Marky has had a rough game but if anyone can shake it off, dial himself in and battle it’s him. Gonna go with Myers to win it.
  4. We have such a history of being soft as baby poo, especially in the crease or when people take liberties with our goalie. Huge culture shift this series. Team is taking a huge step forwards and Myers is leading the way.
  5. Jesus Myers is aggressive this series. I like it but damn he’s spending a lot of time in the box.
  6. Love how we’re holding up to the physicality of playoff hockey. You can tell JB’s been working hard on that... so far so good.
  7. I hope so! Was saying to myself we’re due for our goaltending advantage to make an appearance.
  8. Touch wood, but the PK has been great. Beagle has been full value this series. Sutter looking good too.