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  1. Yeah, I'm sure they know what they're doing putting the game where it is. I'll put my money towards another brew instead.
  2. Yeah, and I see it was bumped for Football and not Basketball.. that's on SN1 not Pacfic. Not as egregious I guess.
  3. I'm sure it's been mentioned but... what's up with this SN360 crap and why don't I get this channel in HD? Canucks bumped for Basketball?
  4. Just reading between the lines it really seems like JB / Linden / Ownership would have liked to see Jake in the NHL but for whatever reason Willy isn't on board with giving him the minutes he needs to progress. I'm kind of with Willy on that one.. Jake hasn't done enough to earn his shot and considering comments made by some vets I get the sense he doesn't get it yet. Just glad he's down in the AHL now and getting back to the grind. He's still young and I'm still excited to see how he progresses.
  5. The boys put in a good effort and played hard... some bad bounces and calls. If they keep playing like that I don't mind. Entertaining game.
  6. Sucks, but this isn't the year anyways. Just happy to see the boys compete, play with pride and play some up tempo hockey.
  7. Edler having another rough one.
  8. Time for the Sedins to make something happen.
  9. You got me. It's rum.
  10. For his career?
  11. HAHAHA SHORTY... oh man.
  12. That's what I thought, too. Luca was going for the KO.
  13. Boys look sharp.
  14. Wow.. "What a play" is right. Nice play Megna!