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  1. Agree completely - and while it's lacking proven "elite" PPG+ players in the top 6, there's a solid mix of clear-cut top 6 NHL'ers and young guys with legitimate top 6 skill sets. Not a single name there that doesn't have either established NHL credentials or quality AHL / European scoring. At the very least, there's less chance for players getting complacent going into camp. (Virtanen, Etem last year.). Just because the roster doesn't look like a powerhouse doesn't mean they should eschew internal competition and roll over or (even worse) roll out the red carpet for youth or vets alike. Really gives coach Green a leg up in his NHL debut.
  2. Super sketch. Unvote Vote J23
  3. I, for one, believe you brother milk! Let us join together and rid this fair town of the regime terrible! Pour la liberté, l'égalité et la fraternité!
  4. Brother milk! I beseech thee! Do not be so hasty in thy condemnation of this humble Jacobin as scum. Look past the thin veneer of differences and see that our two personages share a common goal of ridding this town of the tyrannical counter-revolutionaries betwixt us! If naught with thine eyes then do so with thy heart! Look with your heart brother milk and see! See!
  5. In my defence, you'd think I'd put up more of a fight if I were mafioso. Vote AV Has been calling out your heroic, if absent, self for being counter-regime.. which is what the town is all about these days. What foolishness! What tripe! To the guillotine with this imbecile!
  6. Sorry all - things got busy. vote Aladeen
  7. Yeah, that doesn't jive one way or another - he voted Zfetch last round too instead of JL or DM.
  8. Hear ye, hear ye... honourable townspeople gather 'round and lend the your Counter-Regime your ear! First on the docket: a rather towny post from JL. Decisive and legitimate call-out to get the ball rolling. Followed by an immediate if somewhat flimsy wagon from Aladeen. ...and a fart in the wind from MH that assuredly smells as bad as it looks. Hashtag has been roused by this and has begun to contribute. (Not quoted). On to the heart of the round: intrigue follows as Dral joins Caboose in claiming a sheriff role: ...naming Jazz, GFY and a dead (TP) 112 as nefarious regime sympathizers. GFY resonds cooly and Jazz ignores the claim, be-bopping with some spew. Why Dral would also claim to be the doctor as well (Sheroctor? Doctriff?) and claim to be saving Otis next round of all people makes this a ruse of some sort. Not particularly well thought out, the counter-regime adds: double claiming roles and naming the dead as mafioso. BJ makes a lazy vote for DM, ironically countering DM's lazy vote for TL. Both are suspect but DM is certainly the lazier of the two. (Did not quote). DC joins the claimfest, naming JL as confirmed mafia but votes DM instead. JL raises a good point, but DC's reasoning (not quoted) follows a roundabout, pragmatic logic. DC has also played rather towny thus far, lending to credibility. The sheriff claims: DC's confirmed mafioso: JL DM Dral's "confirmed" mafioso: Caboose GFY Jazz "Probably" 112 Caboose: TL ??? I forget. Conclusion: Lots of suspect activity, but a lynch of an already sketchy DM would illuminate DC's more believable claim. Vote DM
  9. The counter-regime acknowledges that BW, too, often non-committally talks his way through the evidence; not unlike a modern day Jessica Fletcher. Still, your humble revolutionaries en noir note that he usually does this. Also, has bassi been completely AWOL since last round? Is he in risk of GK? The man is always quiet but maybe a better CFD target if he sneaks in with another late unsubstantiated vote?
  10. Hear ye, hear ye: the counter-regime presents the following analysis of TL's posts this round, which seemed suspiciously on-committal at first... but now not so much but the process has begun so what the hey. Exhibit A: taking a run at JL but not voting for him: Super flakey "he's sketchy but not my kinda sketchy" I find the speculative "if so and so is bad then so and so might be bad" talk a lot of Regimey fluff: On the other hand, puts his money where his mouth is: Then a flip flop that for the first time this round feels genuine: If we're doing a lynch pool I'll reassess but for now: vote TL
  11. Counter-regime update: The charismatic counter-regime "Chef Benny" agrees with the premise of this post. Unvote Vote G_bassi While this man of spiders is annoying and anti-town, being more overt compared to bassi's minimalist style guides your counter-regime to vote him instead. Plus, closer vote totals are usually more fun. Hashtag would also make a good vote.
  12. Ah crap, I meant chemise noir.
  13. Hear ye, hear ye... Woe to the foolish regime, for they shall soon fall under the marching bare feet of the people. Your "chemise brun" wearing mighty counter-regime announces the following: Vote extend round and barring that, Vote Mufasa for the rather regimey post.
  14. For all these "negative" moves, how many have had a tangible deleterious effect on the Canucks / rebuild? I'll give you the Virtanen pick - as it stands a Nylander or Ehlers would tangibly make the team better. I'll also give you rushing Jake and McCann - that was a big mistake Jim seems hellbent to not repeat. I was bummed we got nothing for Hamhuis, but again Jim did a way better job this TDL - making moves earlier. Vrbata doesn't hold TDL value if this deadline is any indication. But losing Roland McKeown for Vey? The third for Pedan they got back in a roundabout way - nabbing is Lockwood. Forsling is better, but he isn't saving the blue line. Kassian had to go. Camman. None of those much moaned about contracts have handcuffed us in any way - though maybe Erikssons will. Maybe. Gudbranson is a stud and even if we decide not to keep him can likely still fetch more value than McCann and a 2nd currently hold if we ship him out at the TDL this year. So to me the only big tangible negative is the draft and development of Virtanen. Who could still bounce back.
  15. If those guys are still on the roster when Juolevi/Petterson/Boeser/Dahlen/Gaudette/Goldobin/Demko pull us out of the gutter, what then? Some of the age gap boys could very well be significant contributors or even core pieces to an ascendant Canucks team. I know it's yet to happen but if it does I'd say for sure they were part of the rebuild. If we pull an Oilers and these players are recycled out before we go anywhere then I'd concede the point.