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  1. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    For me, it’s two. JB has done a better job than our record has shown keeping the roster competitive. Injuries have hurt. Now, with the upcoming arrival of some more of his picks in Pettersson/Juolevi/Gaudette/Demko and others we should be ready to compete for the playoffs next season and hopefully make it in the next 2. If it doesn’t happen by then maybe someone else gets the crack at taking the next step. Being replaced today seems unfair as his successor will be inheriting a reasonable (when healthy) NHL squad with some primo JB prospects ready to make the next step.
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

    I agree the D needs to find a top pairing but if we find one it’ll make the whole group a lot stronger. Even a cobbled together one like the old Tanev-Edler pairing would work (not saying they can still do it.) I’d add Stecher as a 2nd pairing player as well and Juolevi could get a good look next year. Easier said than done, but banking on Juolevi+1 isn’t so far off. I also liked the way the group looked to start the year - with another big-bodied defensively capable C back in Bo they won’t be burned as much playing Green’s aggressive style. Nilsson looks completely lost but at least Marky battles. He may be older but this is his first year with the keys to the car - I’ve seen some positives there. Plus, Demko could push to be backup next year. I think the goaltending is better than the recent stretch behind a rag tag team looked.
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

    Dry off that wet blanket, Sant. Team can’t sustain prolonged Horvat/Sutter injuries but is much better than you’re giving them credit for.
  4. We miss Bo for sure... but don’t count out the Sutter effect!!!
  5. Tanev more smooth than your first drag on a frosty morning.
  6. Bo might bring both but that’s the gist of it! Funny what keeping it close can do for a team though!
  7. Defensive gaffes aside, giving up 2 against a playoff team is hardly egregious. Bo really balances out the offense though.
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    How do you figure? I support re-signing Gudbranson and adding some team toughness... but we need to get better before we get bigger. In the hypothetical situation where we get Dahlin - He’s 6’2 185 and will fill out. Juolevi is 6’3 200 and getting stronger. Bo is 220 and Brock and Baer aren't small at 190+ apiece and have both shown to be strong on the puck. Again, I like team toughness but I’d rather be fast and skilled than lumbering around the ice.
  9. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    As much as that would be awesome... In the salary cap system there’s only so much you can aquire before everything else starts slipping through your hands. People want to draft an elite player at every single position - but we’re already pretty darn close. I’ll run with a top 6 of Bo, Brock, Pettersson and Baertschi supported by Loui/Vanek and other prospects / UFAs who make it. Bottom 6 we still have Sutter for awhile and Gaudette coming in. On D IF we somehow land Dahlin he’s joining at the same time as Juolevi to push the rest of our D into their proper spots on the depth chart. In other words, I think it makes the whole crew stronger beyond their own immense talent. Unless some of those aforementioned pieces don’t pan out there’s no way we’ll be bad enough / have the money to retain a Laine/Benn/Koptiar on top of it all. That’s okay - I think this team is ready to compete if we actually land Dahlin.
  10. Dowd=Megma=Vey

    That’s awesome. The end part sounds just like CDC.
  11. Totally! JB paid top dollar for players he thought could bring toughness but also could play decent hockey - Sbisa, Dorsett, Gudbranson and I’d add Sutter. No surprise down those 4 without replacing them and we’re some ivory tower brand of 6 ply. (I know Guddy is in the lineup but he’s not the same guy we traded for at the moment.)
  12. Losing Sutter hurts our defense. Losing Bo hurts offense and defense. Losing both guts this team. The other team’s top line doesn’t have anyone to contain him. You can’t go best vs best, you can’t match up your shutdown guy.