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  1. Poor Loui. He's going to have a good year next year.
  2. Sutter's got a cobra hanging off his arm tonight. edit: oops that was elder.
  3. I hear ya, but I wouldn't mind seeing both plus a healthy Gudbrandson and Tryamkin in the lineup next year. We'd almost have middle of the pack toughness.
  4. The Sedins and Willy's Tryhards came to play.
  5. Woah. Master Labate almost fired Melker into Cassie's lap!
  6. Hanky Danky Doo!
  7. We just don't have anyone confident enough to rip the puck... too cute.
  8. Elder and Bo sandwiched that guy and both got the worst of it
  9. Yikes. Get out of my head. That "same points as last year" hot take is the biggest load of crap I've ever been fed from the province / Canucks army and they've shovelled their share. Complete capitulation to their "Coach and management can do no right" bias. Utterly devoid of any critical thinking.
  10. Bald, unmustachoed italians?
  11. +1 alf. I almost double checked to see what part he grew up in when I posted that.
  12. Botch and his toady Arndt (along with the rest of their ilk) are having a smarmy comment field day on this. I'm actually confident JB makes some decent moves this TDL... comments from both management and players seem to point to some moves. Players get it - JB promised to not ask them to waive but there was always the unwritten caveat that they would have to keep themselves in the hunt. With their current situation all bets are off.
  13. That Rasmussen is a monster at 6'5 and seems to have some offensive capabilities. Plus he's from Surrey so you know he can play dirty. Button's write up of Necas is pretty glowing too though. Bob has them neck and neck. Yeesh. I see why people get worked up about the draft - once you do enough research to make an informed opinion you're probably pretty bummed if the team passes on your guy.
  14. Just answered my own question with a little thing I like to call "Google." Going off of eliteprospects it Looks like Mittelstadt, Petterson or Villardi could fill that centre niche. Are they good enough to crack a top 6 though? Maybe it would be better to take another defenceman. They seem like more of a crapshoot and tougher to predict their ceilings.