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  1. No he's not going to diss Green but plenty of players say stuff like, "It's the coaches' decision. I feel great and I'm ready to go whenever." Which I wouldn't consider a diss but it's a long way from admitting to being run down. He also looked run down in that last preseason game. Brock winning the Calder would be nice but it's by no means the goal for the season. Team success and his development always come ahead of individual awards. He doesn't need the distraction anyways even if I understand why the fanbase could use one.
  2. Brock's fantastic but if Green reduces his minutes or, heaven forbid, sits him for a game I'll give the coach the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Boeser does look like the Brock of the Walk out there... totally the real deal.
  4. Nothing to complain about during the game? Just rag on the injured players!
  5. Funny how early in the year everything looks so rosy after a win or bleak after a loss... sky's the limit until the next one!!
  6. Vanek!! he's nothing if not noticeable... for good or ill haha
  7. I don't think he knew the guy fell down... probably hasn't done that before! ....or maybe he's just passing to Danny, as usual.
  8. Yeah, he's not a playmaker... but has his uses
  9. Sutter could easily have two goals tonight
  10. Vanek is such a goon
  11. Burmistrov!!! Nice chemistry on this line!
  12. Nice shift by the Sedins
  13. Your whole post is a common narrative on CDC and beyond but there's a huge problem: it assumes that "rebuilding" and "committing to a rebuild" are simply a choice to swallow a bitter pill, move forward with youth and reap the rewards down the road. What it doesn't consider is maybe the "pre-shannaplan" moves, rather than aimless meandering, enabled the Leafs to act on the "shannaplan." That is, having a stable of quality players across the lineup who are good but not good enough to carry a team on their own enabled the Leafs to cut ties with certain veterans to make room for new top talent when they were ready. They still kept players who were pros, had seen playoff action and knew how to play well enough to get there. Some core, some support, some depth. Then and only then you add high skill in Marner/Nylander and elite talent in Matthews - into a situation where they can do their thing while properly supported. Oh and they shelled out big cash to bring in Babcock to ensure it didn't blow up in their faces.
  14. These guys are good at griping about the moves they don't like but I haven't seen a realistic, comprehensive alternative put forth that doesn't sound like the 2010 Oilers. "Finish as low as possible" and "stockpile picks" sound nice until you have to weigh it against your NHL/AHL rosters and prospect development. As always, it's a lot easier to throw stones at others than build your own idea.
  15. For sure - today we're in a way better position to add that elite piece. Not only are there some decent roster players young enough to support a new core... but a top pick would come in alongside Juolevi/Petterson/Gaudette/Dahlen/Lind/Gadjovich ... even without one we're on the right path but I agree if we nab a Dahlin/Svechnikov it could be a quick turnaround.