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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Mmmm cheese perogies! I don’t know who to cheer for. Leafs staying alive helps the comets... but I hate the leafs... AND I hate the Bruins... but I hate the leafs more I guess. Go Boston! Oops. Totally wrong thread... with the Marner talk I thought this was the Bos/Tor thread. Ah well. I stand by what I said. All of it.
  2. I’m bullish on Baer. He wasn’t “gifted” prime minutes, he earned them. I think he goes from 45 to 55 point average over the next 2 years which is great 2nd line production. I like Granny but he needs to generate a little more offense even if he’s a good defensive guy. We know he can - will be interesting to see if he pulls it off.
  3. I’m in if you need some cannon fodder... unless someone else reeeeealllly reaaalllly wants it.
  4. That he’s a big Gudbranson fan gives me a bit of a boost.
  5. Knights are for real.... Kings don’t roll over easy!!!
  6. What a series. Selfishly, I’d also like to see the kings win to extend it! The Knights, however, (Neal goal aside!!!) are so much more legit because they have Fleury between the pipes. A shocking expansion season is one thing... a Cup-caliber goalie between the pipes is a whole different beast. Going to be tough to beat!
  7. There’s a reason Doughty has won a pair of cups... including knocking off our 2012 crew. Love to hate him but the guys a gamer.
  8. I hate the Kings and like the Knights.... but a weird part of me wants LA to win. I have a weird soft spot for the old, established teams.
  9. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    That’s kind of the beauty of what JB has created... if Goldy isn’t pushed by these kids he doesn’t have what it takes. Goldy has continually surprised me so I’m not ready to write him off yet... after his NHL finish if he wants to coast into the playoffs all is forgiven IF he brings it against TO. Either way I love that internal competition.
  10. I like the guy but Trudeau looks terrible here. We all know Notley is desperate and will do anything for KM but JT looks like a guy trying to sweep this under the rug. Fair enough - he’s not winning any points in Alberta and losing a lot of support in Vancouver. I hate that he’s bending over to throw money at KM the second the balk. Reeks of desperation. I don’t think Horgan is coming off poorly at all, except to those who wouldn’t support him anyways. He's really kept his cool and stuck to the issues. It’s a bad deal for BC so points for him. Then all the other talking points: environment, reconciliation, just plain ol thumbing his nose to Alberta. I wasn’t sure about him before but he’s starting to win me over.
  11. Improving the Defence

    This is, by far, the most difficult area of the roster to plan for. JB has his work cut out for him. Trading Tanev or Hutton both feel like selling low. Edler isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Guddy. Del Zotto played so much I can’t see them trading him before the deadline. Stecher has established himself, IMO. Pouliot (and Hutton) still have the biggest upsides. Juolevi should be knocking next year as with Sautner / McEneny. But as a group it isn't good enough at either end of the ice. As it stands: Edler-Gudbranson Del Zotto-Tanev Pouliot-Stecher Hutton-Biega Really, we need to play the long game here and set the table for Juolevi and this year’s first. Maybe sign De Haan to stabilize the swashbuckling left side of MDZ/Hutton/Pouliot and move on from Hutton. Edler-Guddy De Haan-Tanev MDZ-Stecher Look to move MDZ at the deadline if Juolevi is ready to step in. Tanev gets moved at the deadline or in the offseason hoping he’s had a bounce back year and our 1st this year is ready to crack the roster.
  12. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    That makes me feel less silly for wanting Vilardi last year. Can’t believe he fell all the way to the stinking Kings.
  13. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    He put up 90 points as a 37 year old fart in 97/98. 3rd best in the league, tied with Bure, (one less than Forsberg and a few less than Jagr who topped 100.) That’s pretty ridiculous at that age. I know it’s 20 years ago now(!) but that’s also not the free wheeling 80s. Hard to make an argument anyone in the modern day is better than prime Gretzky.