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  1. The reality is you never want Toronto to have your fate in their hands.
  2. lol at this horrible game
  3. Thankfully survived the power play without a steps
  4. oh crap a away!!
  5. I hate when I'm right, Too easy for teams to enter our D zone with these slugs at the back.
  6. Hamhuis is getting worse and worse of late. Should be more wood under his butt than ice under his skates.
  7. We can't score...make the fracking goalie pads smaller FFS!
  8. Storybook ending. Why not! Canucks looked good just another BC goalie to woop like we did C.P.
  9. I'm a bigger threat to score a point shot than Hamhuis...and I don't play hockey lol but enough hatin' let's get a big win anyway.
  10. Hammer is a slow and getting slower. Retire and give away your money to worthy charities lol
  11. this is ground hog day like...
  12. What a swell powerplay we have.
  13. As always
  14. Choking trend continues...