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  1. thanks, he should be in the running for Canuck of the year!!!

  2. Your sig made me laugh. ;)

  3. And I just saw your comment about my comment, seriously Illidan is where it's at!

  4. haha, like the "Mitchell = Johnny Canuck" sig =)

  5. Who is that silly woman in your avatar?

  6. Haha, just saw your comment about Illidan =p

  7. Your sig is disturbing! =p

  8. So, I think you should roll onto Illidan, if you play, and say hi to me :P

  9. is that Eva Green?

  10. I love your Christmas sigs. =)

  11. Actually, My first Char was a NElf rogue, but now I run around ripping stuff apart on my Paladin :)

  12. creepy photo lol... i'm guessing undead rogue?

  13. LOL@ your sig