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  1. See now, your point has been eradicated by your own rage. I've lost all interest in talking hockey with you because we are so far from the original topic. You have written so much in such a short time that you're bound to have somethings right, but I'm sure there a far more things wrong. Oh and -10% for being late.
  2. Have you ever tried having a respectable debate without calling someone names. Give it a try, It will lead credibility to your argument. Name calling aside, I just don't agree that you have to overlook Ehlers mindblowing stats because he had one good team mate. Canucks management has to go with the facts. With regards to Ovechkin and Kessel: what good is having player score 50 goals if he's a -35 or -5. They're not having a favourable impact on the wins and losses so I would avoid a player like them if it meant getting someone who is great at offensive and defensive production. I expect another 500 word essay on my desk by tomorrow.
  3. This poster has made up my mind for choosing Ehlers over Nylander. With regards to Ehlers, since when is pumped up stats a con? He was a plus 51! Playing with Drouin means he should be a great line mate for a decent NHLer (ie Sedins.) For me, comparing Nylander to Kessel and Ovechkin is not a compliment (Both minus players.) Saying he plays with men (who aren't good enough for the NHL mind you), over and over, is not a great reason either. Nylander not going to the dirty areas often is also a bad sign.
  4. Ehlers 5'11"- 165 lbs. LW 2013-2014 Halifax Mooseheads QMJHL 63 49 55 104 51 Nylander 5'9" - 169 lbs. C/LW 2013-2014 Sweden U18 Hlinka Memorial 4 4 2 6 4 MODO J18 J18 Allsvenskan 0 0 0 0 0 MODO J20 SuperElit 3 0 3 3 4 MODO SHL 22 1 6 7 6 Rögle Allsvenskan 18 4 4 8 10 Not many players have as many points as Ehlers did in 2013-14. I