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  1. Must win game. 7 straight playoff lost at home is not funny and it will be very shame if we loose again. 3-2 big overtime win !!
  2. I had another dream. Canucks clean their locker room nextweek after loose six in a row, miss playoff by two points.
  3. There is no way win this game. Let us focus on Thursday game.
  4. Quick is going to get a shutout tonight..I just feel it
  5. I already posted 3 times. We will battle for 2nd wild card. It will decide on Saturday whether we are in or not. If we win, we are in as 2nd wild card team.
  6. Oh Quick.. cannot solve him. Cannot..
  7. We are going down 0:2 soon ....
  8. Jets won tonight. If we lose, we have to win the rest of two games to make playoff.
  9. No match. Their defense was so great. didn't have single quality chance so far. I could see 0-2 LA pretty soon.
  10. I had a really bad dream last night. LA beat Canucks 0-5 and Coyote beat us 2-4 and Canucks lost 1-2 against Oilers in shootout, then got 96 points and missed playoff. \ /
  11. Game of the entire season ! Come on Nucks!!! Play hard and show your sprit. If we win Monday game, we can catch two rabbits at same time. Ticket to the playoff and giving trouble to LA Kings.