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  1. it is what it is ..I don't see a superstar in him in the future... glad he's getting good ice time to figure it out..
  2. in a perfect world.. sure
  3. thanks for the cups Daniel and Henrik all the best in your new lives back in Sweden 22 - 33 to the rafters Sedins migrate back to Sweden after 4th concussion each
  4. lol...nicely done...
  5. lol...cracked me up...high 5
  6. wow...that took 25 minutes to get through all that...nice work CDC...that was pretty cool...
  7. I don't know if it's post worthy..but just released the t.v. rating for the first round of the post season..and the Canucks/Kings series trumped all others for rating...I would post it...but I don't know how..copy and paste or's worth a read anyways...cheers the left sports section...

  8. nice job burning that Kings you don't the hell are you up loading pictures onto your posts..I've tryed a whole crap load of luck...

  9. crank it Burrrrr