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  1. 3 more points for Zuke today(3 assists), Now has 30 points in his last 28 games,
  2. Good grief. 30 saves and yet another shutout for Demko today.
  3. 25 save shutout over a crappy Colorado College in a 3-0 win
  4. Just seems odd that nothing was posted about his shutout until a couple days later, but some prospects goals are posted seconds after scoring is all I meant.
  5. GAA of 1.01 now after a shutout on friday. Seems like our most under rated prospect.
  6. Getzlaf did have 75 points in 49 games in his 3rd WHL season before being hurt in his final year of junior. Would be thrilled if Gaunce would get 1.5 points a game this year.
  7. yeah,,Lu allowed,3 goals on 8 shots in 8:35 in game 6,lol, Cory played game 6 as well and allowed 2 goals on 32 shots in 50 minutes, Yes the Canucks played a bad defensive game, but the 3 goals in 8:35 on 8 shots that Lu allowed still sucks.
  8. really? Lu had 3 terrible games in the finals,,,and was pulled twice in 1st round after allowing 6 goals in just over 2 periods and 4 another time in just over 1 period vs the hawks, and had a game allowing 4 goals on 23 shots vs the preds in another, so if Lu had only 3 bad games what the hell is your definition of bad? No wonder you think he is elite,lol
  9. Pretty sure Lu was the starter for all 2011-12 and played a large majority of the games and his numbers were miles worse than Cory's.
  10. Quick playoffs after winning the cup 9 wins with a 1,86 gaa and .934 save percentage.Lu after making the finals the following year had zero wins was 3.59 with a .891 save percentage.
  11. Quick had a bad season yes,,,still at least as good as Lu's. Quick had an excellent playoff while Lu was good but not spectacular anywhere. Schneider's gaa was damn near 1/2 a goal game better and his save % was .927 vs Lu and his .907 and you think Lu should not lose his job to Cory?lol If you think for 1 second they wanted Cory to take over for Lu you be the one that is extremely high.
  12. fixed that for you
  13. Only a Luongo fanboy would say that Lu losing his starting position is plus in a comparison,lol,,,You do realise Quick did win 9 more playoff games than Lu last season and had a 1.86 gaa for the playoffs.
  14. lol,,you sure chose a crappy comparison. Quick has a Stanley Cup a Conn Smythe and a return trip to the conference finals and won 25 playoff games in the last 2 seasons, . Lu has zero playoff wins in them same 2 seasons and has been to 1 conference finals in his career.
  15. 2 years in sports is a significant amount of time, The last 2 years Quick has played outstanding in the playoffs. Yes his regular season was poor, but when ya make conference finals with a 1.86 GAA and .934 save %. If Lu was like Billy Smith who often didn't have great regular seasons but normally played well in the playoffs nobody would have an issue. As for the Olympic debate, sports is often like that, for many years after Tretiak Canada had a massive advantage because guys like Myshkin just were not that good, and although Russia was 1 or 2 in the world they had sub par goal goaltending. Canada as a Nation is at a weak point for goaltending right now, and just about all the major powers will have better goaltending than us. Last Olympics it was about how we were not developing top notch defencemen, but now we seem to be fine on the back end.