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  1. Sorry, but can you clarify on the bolded? How is Rodin not a prospect?
  2. No athletic scholarship doesn't mean McNally isn't on another type of financial aid.
  3. It's the Allsvenskan.
  4. The problem with these exceptions is that the QMJHL/OHL/WHL will be depleted of talent very, very quickly. This is why the NHL-AHL-CHL agreement says nobody under the age of 20 can play in the AHL. If you give each NHL team 1-2 prospects to exempt from this set of rules, that's a major hit to the level of competition and play in the CHL. In essence, it's turning the CHL into something like the Swedish U18 leagues where all the good players get yanked for Allsvenskan or Elitserien by the age of 17-18.
  5. McNally was unable to attend training camp as NCAA regulations do not allow any player to miss classes. Harvard starts late August/early September. NHL training camp is usually mid September. I believe he was in Vancouver for Prospects Camp though (and great of all NCAA players to pay for the trip, food, and housing).
  6. #27 (don't know the name) also stood out occasionally, and mostly for actually being physical and trying to ride USA players off the puck. A bit slow and got turned around sometimes.
  7. Same regarding my post. I was asking how you (Rey) link quality of school (and how that quality of school is ranked) vs hockey sense/smarts.
  8. Re-watched the USA-DEN game. Usually the first man back. Peel off and find soft zones on the rush, but wouldn't get the puck. Played point on the PP. Can't say much here as DEN's PP was good at moving the puck around. 1st player to slide into slot when D was out of position/puck battles along the board. Would like him to be more aggressive when challenging the point on the PK, but he's probably gassed at that point/saving energy. The only other player who actually looked good to me on DEN was Schultz. Will try to get the FIN-DEN game to watch.
  9. So are you saying that McNally's intelligence in terms of school work translates across to hockey sense, and that this should apply across all pro sports (MLS/NBA/NFL/MLB)? As for University rankings, how do they compare them? Polls of the undergraduates? Research grant funding for research laboratories? History?
  10. Anthony was highly touted during the QMJHL Draft, with scouts saying he had the talent to go far. Then he went to the Sea Dogs and pretty much got his development ruined by the head coach (Beaulieu?) who ended up getting fired.
  11. Havn't seen anything in the CBA preventing the buying out players who have entry level bonuses. I don't think it's done a lot, because the general evaluation of a prospect takes ~5 years on average from 1st eligible draft year and 1st contracts are usually 2-3 years in length. Even then, another team may be willing to take a shot at developing the player.
  12. Think a prospect isn't panning out? Waive and buy him out if he doesn't get claimed. Done. One more contract spot available.
  13. If the player doesn't pan out, waive and release. It's not like the No. 1 overall pick was invested in one of them. With these guys, another team could snap them up, and could be a problem if they turn into a major factor. Gillis signed Walsky and Oberg out of the NCAA and moved them later on.
  14. It's difficult for a younger guy because they don't have the same level of spatial awareness as a older player. Defense and positioning actually sticks with you, because it's just acquiring the spatial awareness, and recognizing where you are on the field/ice just from small visual cues. A lot of goalies/defensemen in soccer will rely on the pitch markings to know where their positioning is. The same applies for defense in basketball - use the markings on the floor. When you remove those visual cues, defense gets a lot harder since you don't know where your own goal/basket is. It gets annoying, and I've gotten injuries from playing on pitches without any markings.
  15. Cannata is actually doing well at Merrimack. It's not like the school is somehow messing up his development (happened to White, Schroeder, and potentially Matson at U of Minny). If it was, the front office would have gotten him out right away. He's also guaranteed playing time, which he wouldn't be with Kalamazoo.