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  1. I was going to post in this thread but this one seems to go along with what i would have said anyway. good post and thanks for saving me time.
  2. BINGO! Can't blame you though. It takes time to develop a hockey IQ.
  3. Well said. I've come to the realization that no matter how well we're playing, the fans will find someone and something to over analyze and rip to shreads. Bieksa will continue to be that guy until someone forcibly takes the scapegoat title from him.
  4. Wow, thanks alot johanlake. It's really cool to get your first hand opinion and analysis on Rodin and other sweedish players. Keep the updates coming!
  5. NP! Stoked for it to begin!

  6. Haha, great stuff burr!
  7. haha please do, i have not read them!
  8. haha thanks man.

  9. I know the goof on the right. Oh yea my pic:
  10. OMG Shoes! Nice pic by the way. ^
  11. Tonight was magic. Might have been a season opener but i will never forget this game. Burrows had a big part in that.
  12. Thats a sick pic of Mike Richter
  13. Kesler you effin rock. keep it up man.