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  1. Hey Lost Canuck. How have you been? This is CrazyCanuck, not sure if you remember me.

  2. Can someone render these three for me? Greatly appreciated.
  3. Gotta be Somebody - Nickelback
  4. Hate Bisping too. He annoys me. Hopefully Leben wins.
  5. She It does matter.
  6. Thats old when Syntax reigned.
  7. I'm sure he re-joined and not telling people which member he is? He can't stay away :P

  8. Anyone have any Kesler or Morrison cuts in the RBK Edge Jersey of course.
  9. Yeah I see that.
  10. Try Elibrary its very good
  11. No Sorry, if you have a pic I can render it though.
  12. Heres a few more, Patrick Kane Erik Ersberg