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  1. Yay! Goalie controversy! This is why I have a problem with signing a star goalie on a big contract. Nothing against Miller, or even Luongo before him, but a high salary handcuffs a team to what they pay him over his level of play.
  2. and you assign a specific Jersey to each favourite player by era. For example: - Stan Smyl in the Yellow Killer Vs - Trevor Linden in the white skate jersey - Pavel Bure in the black skate jersey (and Gino) - Bertuzzi in the dark Orca jerseys with the burgundy and Naslund in the white - Twins and Burrows in the new blue and white Orca jerseys
  3. So glad to see a [GDT] thread. It's hockey time, I'm going to need my iPad to figure out who's on the ice.
  4. We had nothing but trouble trying to buy through Ticketmaster while in New York City, they wouldn't let me buy tickets on a Canadian credit card from their American site. In the end we had to buy through Stubhub (who does have a physical office in NYC to buy and pick up tickets). As for ends of the Ice, I can't remember, but MSG is an experience even in the upper bowl. The bleachers bums were awesome.
  5. "Burrows expects another trip to the playoffs", why is he being traded to the Ducks as well? Honestly it's nice to see the positivity from our players, especially key veterans (wow Burrows is a verteran isn't he?) like Burr. As a fan, I really don't know what to expect from the upcoming season.
  6. Live long enough to be the villain? So we need to learn to play dirty hockey, because dirty hockey wins cups.
  7. I think Don Cherry indicated Miller had a bad year. This would be by looking at games played and wins and ignoring the fact he was injured I think. Not that he gets a pass on the injury, in fact if he wasn't %100 then he shouldn't have been in net for an elimination game. Overall, when he was healthy Miller had a great season, with a few incredibly bad games. When he lost, he lost hard, otherwise he was solid in net for us. So I would agree Miller > Hiller. I'm curious to know if Kassian has a concussion, and they just aren't disclosing that information. You don't need to advertise a guy who is known to fight can't anymore.
  8. Same thing we do every year, plan to win the cup next year. It sucks, but the sun will be out and summer is coming. Living in Calgary, I get a big "I told you so" if the Flames get their butts kicked, or a good playoff run with flames girls on the red mile. Then it's on to next season....
  9. Lundqvist, Price and Quick, earned those salaries, they weren't signed as free agents. They played to a level to earn that salary with the team as a reward. Still only Quick has a cup out of the three, and he can look average on any night too. Lack had a mediocre night, he was pulled in favour of Miller, Miller let in 5 unanswered goals. His fault or not, Lack does the same on a lower salary, maybe we can afford to ice a little more free agent scoring power.
  10. Ohlund sucked.. Edler sucks.. Bieksa sucks Erhoff sucks.. Jovonoski sucked (I think Babych made it in under the wire, before the internet got big) There is a thread on every defensemen the Canucks have iced and how they suck
  11. Have to agree on Miller, a $6 million dollar goalie wins or loses just as easy as a $2-4 million dollar goalie. It was an issue with Luongo, same here. Not blame on this, just no justification on the salary when it's a team game.
  12. That's a deep cut.. I like it..
  13. As much as I hate Ferland and Hartley, I'm cheering for the Flames now. It's always col to be in a city on a playoff run, if I'm resigned to live in Calgary, I'll cheer for them. But I think the Ducks aren't going to take any crap and will take them. After that, maybe someone in the east, Canadians, just to repatriate the cup, maybe the Isles, they're such a longshot
  14. Just think how bad it is for me then, I'm a die-hard Canucks fan, living in Calgatory. Lose-Lose, now I've got to go to work on Monday and hear where they're planning the parade route until round 2 of the Burke Cup vs. The Ducks.
  15. Poor mods, half of the threads are getting locked