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  1. and you assign a specific Jersey to each favourite player by era. For example: - Stan Smyl in the Yellow Killer Vs - Trevor Linden in the white skate jersey - Pavel Bure in the black skate jersey (and Gino) - Bertuzzi in the dark Orca jerseys with the burgundy and Naslund in the white - Twins and Burrows in the new blue and white Orca jerseys
  2. "Burrows expects another trip to the playoffs", why is he being traded to the Ducks as well? Honestly it's nice to see the positivity from our players, especially key veterans (wow Burrows is a verteran isn't he?) like Burr. As a fan, I really don't know what to expect from the upcoming season.
  3. I've been calling him an Ompa Loompa, but this is better
  4. As long as hiring Benning isn't followed by signing a washed up Chara and having him steal the C away from Henrick (we already traded away Luongo). (Keenan -> Messier era was a very bad time as a Canucks fan) I'm looking forward to a new era and a new coach soon.
  5. Only if he promises not to bring Craig Simpleton with him.
  6. Did Hartley cry and say Torts threatened him again?
  7. I moved here from Van years ago, it's dump and the pancakes suck at stampede
  8. Guess you forgot the consecutive 7 minute pks for defending ourselves earlier this season? NHL says injure players, take cheap shots, don't retaliate, it embarrasses the refs and we will have to punish you
  9. If Daniel bounces back up from that hit, there's likely no call. He's motionless on the ice, they call a penalty, stretcher comes out, 5 and a game. That's how the NHL works. Hits from behind and targeting the head with the shoulder should both be out of the game, but are called so poorly and inconsistantly.
  10. I'm commenting on the NHL wheel of justice, not the severity of the hit. Definitely needs to be a hit removed from the game.
  11. Likely no games, end of the season. Overall, the hit is from behind, but not as bad as many. No elbow to the head, didn't leave his feet. Just a bad hit from behind, maybe charging. Get well soon Danny
  12. flames fans are disgusting too, listening to laughing and "oh come on" from the morons at my local pub
  13. Good news, at least he won't sell the farm.
  14. Sorry, double post, I blame Gillis #foregilis (let's go golfing)
  15. Big news will be we are sitting key players for injuries and bringing up some rookies from Utica