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  1. Is it over yettttt???
  2. oh this hurts... The guys definitely had too much turkey and stuffing pre-game!! I'm quite pleased I only have to listen to the game, and not watch it on PPV!
  3. Congrats on becoming a Canuck Cody! I can't wait to see you play in the Vancouver uniform! All the best for the summer and have a great time at grad! You will LOVE Vancouver!! See you @ Rookie Camp!
  4. Thanks Mason for your insights into the Canucks' dressing room this season. You were amazing to watch and it was a stab to the hearts of many Canucks' fans - myself included - when you got hurt, but like you said, it's a part of the game and you just have to get used to it. Good luck with rehab this summer and advance congrats to your wedding this July! Have a great time in Mexico and see you next season for a full 82 games!!! Take Care!
  5. Hey Kes, You were awesome this year. Your effort was unreal!! It sucks that we didn't get into the playoffs, but there's always next season. Best of luck to your wife during the last month of her pregnancy and for a safe and speedy labour! Have a great summer being a dad! Can't wait to see you again in September! GO 'NUCKS GO!!!