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  1. Looks like mostly release data, Comes out in Japan on December 26th.
  2. I've been looking forward to this game ever since the Japanese previews. It reminds me of Final Fantasy IX. Also, the sequel, Bravely Second was announced today: I recommend the XL. I have both the 3DS and the XL, I much prefer the larger screen of the XL.
  3. He's supposed to but I don't have the quest yet either.
  4. So annoying. I cut back on visiting everybody on my friends list after getting to 10k goo. Other than dropping off Gremlins to anyone from CDC, I probably won't be visiting most until the Christmas event starts lol.
  5. I've been going to sleep way too late now because it takes so much time to visit everybody's town :/
  6. I have issues quite often There was one day I just couldn't log-in and I gave up trying until the next day. Tapped Out on my Android is very sluggish too, although part of it is because my phone is getting old (Nexus S).
  7. I added people from the last few pages of the thread, I need more goo! A lot of people on my list don't have the Halloween update. My id is Ichijou721. I'll try to drop off gremlins to people I know are from here.
  8. This is exactly what I was thinking, while it's not a bad idea for young kids who might break the hinge on the normal 3DS, or as a cheaper way to play Pokemon X/Y, non-gamers aren't going to understand that 2DS plays 3DS games.
  9. Yes I saw I always work Monday nights though
  10. I'm at 1150+ tags and 800 something population now, I've been to a number of anime/cosplay events and gaming concerts such as Video Games Live. Those always get tons of tags. I also usually get at least one tag per day via public transit or at the mall. Sometimes I get up to five if I'm lucky. Animal Crossing cosplay? That's something I have yet to see. Similar to Pokemon cosplay interpretations I guess?
  11. So how is everyone liking Animal Crossing?
  12. I heard there were some glitches in the game that allowed people to accumulate donuts, whether it still works or not I don't know. I bought donuts because I had four iTunes gift cards sitting around collecting dust :x
  13. I never got an invite from you o.O I found your username in this thread though so I added you, I'll leave you some eggs tomorrow.
  14. I had been dropping off eggs for my bestie but she's totally 100% done the event. So I'll drop all my eggs off for you two whenever I have a chance.
  15. It was enjoyable and fun while it lasted, overall I would say it was good but not great. For a Mario game it was average. Never played NSMB 2 so I don't know how it would compare.