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  1. New day sucked when they first got together but now that they're just having fun they're fantastic to watch. Xavier Woods and his trombone was the best part of raw. I couldn't stop laughing when big e whipped Kofi into the corner and xavier accompanied the move with trombone. When somebody inevitably destroys his trombone it is going to be a sad day.
  2. His return was to destroy the authority and his speech Mondayt has caused a rift between Rollins and Steph/HHH. Seems like his plan is working. I think it's pretty good story telling.
  3. Listening to jbl try to figure how to explain why banks was hurt after Nikki missed her kick was the best part of the match.
  4. Matthew "the roach" Dellavedova.
  5. Before a game against the Avs in 2014 Pat O'Neill held a puck up to me, I nodded, and he tossed it over the glass to me. I yelled at jannik Hansen that he was my favorite player during pregame and he didn't react. Back in 07 against dallas when the players left the ice from pregame I let out a big Luuuu and henrik looked me dead in the eyes and smiled. So to answer your question, I've met zero nhl players.
  6. Ha, I struggle to find any place without a wheat field here. Wheat fields now are just empty fields, at least around here the harvest season is June through early July.
  7. Somewhere in the Pacific ocean if we don't do anything about climate change.
  8. i never read the names of who posts but after reading this I had to check. I was really hoping it was Tom Sestito.
  9. I was responding to Mr.Kelly's comments about how wrestling is fake. WWE is a performance art similar to a Shakespearean play.
  10. Spoiler alert, the actors don't actually die at the end of Hamlet. It's fake, why would anyone watch such fake fakery?
  11. Tortorella must be a great coach since he got a cup. What was management thinking getting rid of a proven winner like him?
  12. It's in the desert and we all know that a desert team is a gold mine for hockey.
  13. Las vegas to pacific division, Kansas City to central division. The sprint center has hosted several preseason games, hopefully that gives them traction towards a team.
  14. Haven't the Bellas been heels since Nikki won the title? It's hard to keep up with that division since they get about five minutes of time during a three hour show.
  15. Neville was the longest reigning nxt champion if I'm not mistaken, which is crazy because WWE usually buries smaller acrobatic characters. I love the daredevil style more than powerful mat wrestlers. I would watch the Hardy's over stone cold, rock, or bret hart any day.