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  1. I will no longer be accepting UFA/RFA offers - with hockey season approaching, I am just too swamped and don't want to leave some teams hanging. I will wrap up the offers I have - once they have signed, then we close up shop for the season. Thanks everyone!
  2. Pumpkin ales and winter ales - best time of the year!
  3. There are no waivers at the moment, thus me sending him down now
  4. To ensure we are cap compliant, and since we can't place Ryan Callahan on IR until the season starts We don't want to risk losing any players for nothing, so..... Assign: The Arizona Coyotes assign D Jakob Kindl to Tucson
  5. Yes - still waiting for the Wizniewski, Fontaine, Nystrom situations to be resolved first.
  6. So - I am good to go because I have 21 players?
  7. This has been a trade we have been working on for awhile. It was a hard move to make, but given Hossa's advanced age - we needed to find a way to better allocate that cap space while ensuring cost security with Colin Wilson. Adding more picks is always good - and we think we upgraded our goaltending.
  8. We are looking to move a defenceman - Folin and Engelland are available for 'cheap'
  9. Recall - Jarrod Tinordi and Marcus Sorenson
  10. *whew* Sorry about the delay - I saw the message last night, and forgot haha
  11. Joonas Donskoi
  12. Remain with NHL roster for time being
  13. We'd like to release D Nikita Nikitin as he has signed in the KHL
  14. Haha - that is really bad timing I actually wrote that last week - was just waiting to post until that 2017 piece was put up by Jeremy first. And now I've been outed too haha (although a few of you alreay knew)
  15. Possibly - don't want to go through unless I have to