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  1. With another pending LTIR Request LTIR Activation: Arizona Coyotes activate Cody Eakin
  2. @canuck2xtreme coming for you at the top of the west!
  3. LTIR Activation - Activate Antti Suomela and assign to AHL (where he was when placed on IR)
  4. Injury bug has not been kind to me
  5. There have been a few posts about players available - but with all the long term injuries we are sustaining, we are looking to add a forward.
  6. With a pending LTIR request we activate Austin Czarnik from LTIR and place him on our active roster
  7. We’d like to terminate the contract of Sebastian Repo as he has signed a contract in Liiga
  8. Make up picks Switzerland goalies and Rasmus Kupari