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  1. Canucks certainly don't have enough toughness on the front end, and will get pushed around again next season, UNLESS the backend can provide some deterrent. Gudbranson, should really help in that regard. Now if Tryamkin gets comfortable, and had a mean steak, then the Canucks just might have a chance.
  2. I like both players, but I'm not surprised that teams weren't willing to give anything for them for a playoff run. I don't believe for a second that Benning turned down a reasonable deal for either one, as I doubt there were any deals that made sense to the Canucks. They were far better off keeping both players, than giving them away. Both players disappear in the playoffs when play becomes far more physical, and the refs put their whistles in their pockets.
  3. I watched the replay several times, and wish there were more angles. At first blush it appeared Hansen embellished the trip, when he appeared to spring airborne off his left leg. Looking closer it appeared that one defenceman's stick had also caught up with the back of the skate of the other defenseman and you could see the stick bow when Hanson's left knee put pressure on it, making it appear that Hansen straightened the leg to spring upward. BUT I have not much doubt that Hansen may have added a little muscle to that upward motion. That said, I also had no doubt that the Ref's had been bias against the Canucks for more than a few years after the Burrows incident, that called out a Ref. The Refs had become a little better until that ten penalty debacle. Now the league is even worse by ignoring the patently obvious hit to the head of Hank.
  4. Marchand has great hockey skills, but has gotten away with dirty plays his whole career. He deserves every dirty play he gets in return. Everyone in the League knows it.
  5. Even the League new the Rat needed a kick in the groin, when they only levied a 5K fine.
  6. I was worried at the start of the year, that the Canucks defense just wasn't good enough. Then Hutton came along, I though they might be OK. Then Edler started turning over the puck on a more consistent bases, with Hamhuis not that much better. Both those guys are going to have to move the puck quicker, with more accuracy, and get their point shot thru at least the first defender before the Canucks have any hope of making the playoffs.
  7. I'm a Canuck fan, and enjoyed Tony G take on the Canucks and the NHL. I didn't always agree with him, but liked that he called a spade a spade, at least from his point of view, even when it made him unpopular with many.
  8. They say staged fighting has no place in the game, but in my mind, Dorsett made a great play taking Ferland out of the game for the first five minutes, to give Hutton and the other Canucks defensive a chance to get over the nerves before he could start his charging act. Hopefully Hutton can carry on his stellar play. I though the Canucks were going to be just fine with their forwards, but their defense other than Tanev really worried me. Hutton was a breath of fresh air. Any kind of for check usually stymied the Canucks, but so far Hutton for the most part has been able to skate and pass out of trouble, setting up good offensive possibilities in the process.
  9. Burrows was definitely missed, but there were other factors. The referees allowed Fierland to charge and bury the Canucks defence. Kenins wasn't able to dress in game six, and Kassian could have given decent pushback to Calgary's physical domination of the Canucks. The Canucks have garnered more penalties than their opposition in almost every game they've played since Burrows called out a Ref. I don't see the Canucks having any chance until the current roster of Refs retire. I laughed when I found out it was a Ref that broke Burrows ribs. That said Calgary has a very good team, and wish them luck.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing Sven play. There is no doubt that Kenins has been making mistakes, and Willie has no problem quickly making him a healthy scratch, I also like Vey, but I think Kenins brings more to the table. Canucks are basicly easy to play against physically, and Kenins brings a much needed physicality to the Canucks. Its easy to see the Kenins is a smart physical player, with speed, but its going to take aliitle time for him to adjust to the speed of the NHL, and start making less errors, but I don't currently see him making many more errors than Vey. Personally I like to see the much bigger Mathias moved to center, and keep Kenins in the lineup. Vey is much easier to knock off the puck than Kenins. Vey would disappear in a tough playoff series, where I think the much stronger Kenins could hold his own.
  11. I'm a Canuck fan but like many have strong reservations for the Canucks making the playoffs, and winning a series if they do. Their mental toughness is severely lacking when playing teams like Buffalo, and Phoenix, which could have easily propelled them into the playoffs after their strong performances against good hockey teams. The Canucks have shown very good Physical and Metal toughness against very strong competition, but I believe they would get too beat up to sustain it thru a seven game series. That said anything can happen.
  12. I'm a big Canucks fan, and feel management and Willy have shown some respect for the existing players, by not making whole sale changes this year. The current Canucks have to work very hard to be successful, but when the trade deadline passed, and their jobs were a little more secure, they went into the tank. Hopefully Willy will give them an attitude adjustment, as I've never seen such a lack of effort, and poor mental decisions as in the Phoenix game. They were bad in the Buffalo game, but no where near as bad as the Phoenix game after the trade deadline.
  13. I was in favor of the Kassain/Hodgson trade, and still am, as I think Hodgson would have disappeared in the playoffs, where the Canucks are in desperate need of some toughness. Unfortunately Kassain, although a decent play making passer, is still dumber than a bag of pucks in the tough department. If the Canucks manage to squeak into the playoffs, they aren't going anywhere unless Kassain suddenly figures the game out. He's young enough that there is still the possibility it may happen on the Canucks, but if the Canucks luck stays true to form, it will be on another team.
  14. There is no doubt that Hodgson would be a factor in the regular season, but the playoffs are where the rubber hits the road, and I would much rather have Kassian on my team when the going gets tough in the playoffs. It may have been a different story if Refs actually called the game properly, but they put their whistles in their pockets in the playoffs. But all that's mute anyway as the Ref's still have a burr up their ass [pun intended] since Burrows called them out, and a few of them are incapable of letting it go. Humans are always going to make mistakes, but the brutally obvious no icing call a couple of games ago, and the latest brutally obvious high stick goal are prime examples of the Ref's prejudice that just won't go away.
  15. I haven't watched Hodgson play this year, so can't say for sure, but anyone that says Kassian hasn't done anything for his team has no clue about hockey. That said, I would have thought Kassian would have a few more points considering his great passing ability. Although a good pass to a third or fourth line line mate isn't going to garner the same points as a good pass to a second or third line player. I can see why they haven't moved Kassian to the second or third line as he sometimes looks lost out there, mis-timing his movements and hits. I've been happy with the Kassian/Hodgson trade from the start. All I can say about Hodgson is, be carefully what you wish for.