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  1. Predict your roster for next year

    Canucks certainly don't have enough toughness on the front end, and will get pushed around again next season, UNLESS the backend can provide some deterrent. Gudbranson, should really help in that regard. Now if Tryamkin gets comfortable, and had a mean steak, then the Canucks just might have a chance.
  2. Listen to JB before getting upset

    I like both players, but I'm not surprised that teams weren't willing to give anything for them for a playoff run. I don't believe for a second that Benning turned down a reasonable deal for either one, as I doubt there were any deals that made sense to the Canucks. They were far better off keeping both players, than giving them away. Both players disappear in the playoffs when play becomes far more physical, and the refs put their whistles in their pockets.
  3. [Report] Hansen fined $2000 for diving

    I watched the replay several times, and wish there were more angles. At first blush it appeared Hansen embellished the trip, when he appeared to spring airborne off his left leg. Looking closer it appeared that one defenceman's stick had also caught up with the back of the skate of the other defenseman and you could see the stick bow when Hanson's left knee put pressure on it, making it appear that Hansen straightened the leg to spring upward. BUT I have not much doubt that Hansen may have added a little muscle to that upward motion. That said, I also had no doubt that the Ref's had been bias against the Canucks for more than a few years after the Burrows incident, that called out a Ref. The Refs had become a little better until that ten penalty debacle. Now the league is even worse by ignoring the patently obvious hit to the head of Hank.
  4. Prust Fined $5000 for Spear on Marchand

    Marchand has great hockey skills, but has gotten away with dirty plays his whole career. He deserves every dirty play he gets in return. Everyone in the League knows it.
  5. Prust Fined $5000 for Spear on Marchand

    Even the League new the Rat needed a kick in the groin, when they only levied a 5K fine.
  6. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    I was worried at the start of the year, that the Canucks defense just wasn't good enough. Then Hutton came along, I though they might be OK. Then Edler started turning over the puck on a more consistent bases, with Hamhuis not that much better. Both those guys are going to have to move the puck quicker, with more accuracy, and get their point shot thru at least the first defender before the Canucks have any hope of making the playoffs.
  7. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    There is no doubt that Hodgson would be a factor in the regular season, but the playoffs are where the rubber hits the road, and I would much rather have Kassian on my team when the going gets tough in the playoffs. It may have been a different story if Refs actually called the game properly, but they put their whistles in their pockets in the playoffs. But all that's mute anyway as the Ref's still have a burr up their ass [pun intended] since Burrows called them out, and a few of them are incapable of letting it go. Humans are always going to make mistakes, but the brutally obvious no icing call a couple of games ago, and the latest brutally obvious high stick goal are prime examples of the Ref's prejudice that just won't go away.
  8. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    I haven't watched Hodgson play this year, so can't say for sure, but anyone that says Kassian hasn't done anything for his team has no clue about hockey. That said, I would have thought Kassian would have a few more points considering his great passing ability. Although a good pass to a third or fourth line line mate isn't going to garner the same points as a good pass to a second or third line player. I can see why they haven't moved Kassian to the second or third line as he sometimes looks lost out there, mis-timing his movements and hits. I've been happy with the Kassian/Hodgson trade from the start. All I can say about Hodgson is, be carefully what you wish for.
  9. Jordan Schroeder

    Small players have to play smart and make plays. I haven't seen enough of that when the puck has been on his stick. Who knows he could evolve, but I've seen very little to suggest it might at the NHL level.
  10. [Report] Torts Fired

    I didn't like the hiring of Torts, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Things didn't start too badly for him until the injuries mounted, then he made the huge mistake of running his top lines into the ground. That mistake cost him his job. He tried to win every battle at all costs, without any long term strategy to win the war. I had begun to like some of what Torts did, but he deserves to be fired, after those rookie mistakes. It may be that Torts was more concerned about his job, than the team, and made a gamble that didn't pay off. You need people that can see the big picture, and willing to make the necessary sacrifices, especially when they're not sure that management sees it the same way.
  11. I didn't like the Torts signing in the first place, but thought he did a decent job cleaning up his act, until the Calgary meltdown. His defense system didn't seem to work that well either, but the players can take their share of the blame for that. Injuries and ref's made it very difficult to produce wins, but overplaying the top six, put the last nail in the coffin. Torts can't see the big picture, and had a win at all costs attitude with each game. For that reason alone they should find a new coach. I usually don't like to see people fired, but Tort's will still be paid enough for me not to feel sorry for him.
  12. Niederreiter's hit on Burrows

    Totally Obvious HeadShot. I haven't had much faith in the Ref's since Burrows called one out, but Shanahan's call takes the cake. The whole League is starting to suck. I've played and followed Hockey closely for Sixty years, and I've never seen such blatant miss calls, and decisions. Ref's can hide behind a number of factors, like the action being so quick its easy to to get a call wrong, but Shanahan gets to make his decision after seeing it in super slow motion. Total BS.