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  1. They don't need more power. If they followed current laws and the powers that they have the shooting never would have happened.
  2. Depending on how you look at the numbers, Hitler was responsible for the death of roughly 11 to 12 million people. Looks like Donald Trump will have some catching up to do when he wins a second term.
  3. Well one of those groups of people weren't burning down buildings, looting, and assaulting people.
  4. You can actually still use Facebook Messenger even while your account is deactivated. If I would have known that I would have deleted Facebook years ago, LOL!
  5. I deleted Facebook a month or so ago. Stopped following twitter a few months back. I'll admit I had urges to go back at first but now I am so glad I left both. Social media really is a cesspool of garbage. Though so is everything internet and media these days. You're either left or right. Watched a documentary the other day where the media played a huge part in dividing the people. It is becoming harder and harder to get away from the political divide. It will only be a matter of time until politics takes over everything.
  6. Looking forward to watching it just haven't found it online yet.
  7. LOL! I remember people referring to the Chretien government long before Harper. It's time to move on. Fun fact, under Harper Canada had the richest middle class. Anyways, they're all scumbags.
  8. LOL! at Harper getting dragged into something he has nothing to do with. HARPER BAD!
  9. Watch Ruckus Deluxe play live in Whistler:

  10. Ordered dinner at my fav local small restaurant for P/U. Tipped 25% in appreciation.
  11. It may have. Though if the RCMP used the tools that the firearms act provided he should have had his firearms confiscated long before what happened. No different than the Nova Scotia shooter. There were multiple red flags that could have prevented this shooting. The ban would not have stopped him. Besides the point. Stricter border control and harsher sentences for illegal use of a firearm should be the focus. Not people like myself going to the range to fire off a few rounds. Like always though, Government goes after low hanging fruit. Time will tell. Lets see if criminals choose to turn in their "prohibited" weapons to combat another failed Government project, the "drug" trade. Perhaps they could legalize drugs like marijuana. We all know how that made illegal marijuana disappear...
  12. I was reading a comment earlier online about someone saying the ban should have happened years ago. How it would have prevented the shooting in Nova Scotia. I told him that the firearms used were obtained illegally, mostly from the USA. He still said this legislation would have prevented it. That's the logic of many who are anit gun. This will do very little to prevent shootings when we have the USA below us with the worlds longest unprotected border.