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  1. The greedy part of me wants to see him stick with ECCW for a while. He grew up in Delta. I'm sure ECCW can't compete money wise, but perhaps they can convince him to stick around for a while. It's great exposure for ECCW to have him stick around for a bit. His matches with El P are insane. I'm sure Scotty Mac and O'Reilly could be a gem as well. I don't think so, though the night got a little foggy after the match. Pretty sure he said he was going to wrestle at the Pac Cup. From the ECCW Facebook page: - And finally, Kyle O'Reilly made a massive surprise return to ECCW, not only accepting El Phantasmo's Open Challenge, but defeating him, to take the ECCW Championship. What does the future hold for Kyle O'Reilly and the ECCW title?
  2. ECCW outdid themselves for this one. Not only did Kyle O'Reilly come back but so did Cat Powers to team up with Nicole Matthews. Looks like O'Reilly will be around until at least the Pacific Cup. Interesting note. The Border Patrol / Good Brothers now hold the ASW Tag titles and the ECCW tag titles. Saw clips from ASW in Cloverdale Friday night. Wish I would have went. Looks like they've upped their game. Looks like they have proper intros for their wrestlers. Gangrel's intro: I'm sure Tom P has a lot to do with the ASW intros and such. Saw him at ECCW which kind of surprised me. Haven't seen him at an event in a while. Was even talking with Mary for a while. Looks like ASW and ECCW are on the same page these days. Which is good. It will only make both products better.
  3. The oil sands will be phased out eventually. It won't happen in my lifetime though. It likely won't happen in the majority of our lifetimes.
  4. Yep. Even the ones that do live music for the most part suck. Buddies band plays a few venues DT. As soon as the bands are done playing, which is usually early. They usher them off the stage as quick as possible to throw up a DJ booth. Guess I should consider myself lucky to be able to grow up with places like Studebaker's and The Starfish Room.
  5. Donnelly group leased it. It's going to be just another uppity overpriced bar with no live music.
  6. Not sure why people are spending ridiculous amounts for this. Purchased 2 USB Nintendo controllers off of eBay for under $20 bucks. Emulator is free as are all the games.
  7. So now the NY Post wants to meddle in BC's Provincial election? Is Putin behind this?
  8. So this happened at The Commodore Ballroom last night:
  9. Yep.
  10. You catch on quick, LOL!
  11. That's now the way it works. If someone makes a statement you disagree with you label them a racist and/or a xenophobe. Because it's 2017, or something stupid like that...
  12. Wonder if this has anything to do with Trudeau's vacation over the holidays? You know, the one where he broke the ethics rules. Nah, doubt it.
  13. So true. Seriously though, take a look at which city's have topped the list for murders over the past few years?
  14. I rented an apartment for about a year many, many, years ago. Move.