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  1. It looked like the Eskimo players kinda gave up on the play when the flags came out.
  2. Apparently Nakamura couldn't make the event. Travel issues getting over the border or something.
  3. Was there anyone in the 300 level?
  4. Long is our back up. Waters wasn't ready to go and they placed him on the 1 game injured list. Should be ready to go next game. Long definitely lost us this one. Though the Lions didn't really play well most of the game. Interesting note, it looks like the fireworks after a touchdown are no more.
  5. You totally missed the point. You commented that BC NOW stands for bring cash, which is wrong. It's been that way for 30+ years. Everything in BC has always been more expensive and that isn't going to change. If people want affordable housing they need to move away from the most desirable cities. People used to move to where they could afford. Now some have this entitled thought that they deserve to afford a house in the most expensive cities.
  6. People hate change. I don't have an issue with how the system works, though I don't rely on transit on a daily basis. Compass is far better than the system we used to have.
  7. Now? I've been hearing it for the past 30+ years.
  8. Good on the Lions but they should really do this all season long. KIDS ARE JUST $5 ALL SUMMER! Due to the tremendous feedback around the home opener kids ticket offer last season, and in a continued effort to deliver an exciting football experience that is affordable for families, the BC Lions are thrilled to be able to offer a $5 KIDS TICKET* for children 12 & under for all 5 summer home games in select seating categories. * Children attending the game as part of the $5 ticket offer must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets cannot be used by persons over the age of 12 and will be verified upon entry.
  9. Not sure if I'd call them reasonable. The Agrodome is a really crappy venue. Not that it really plays into ticket prices, though it should. Though that does seem to be the going rate these days for WWE. That would be my guess. That and the added costs of going to the Island.
  10. Lions did the food and beverage credit couple years back. No Jersey though. Was sent a Solomon Elimimian signed football couple years back. Cut backs all around by the looks of it then. Cheap Bastards!
  11. I have a question. What does the season ticket package they send you come with? Just curious as I am a season ticket holder for the BC Lions. Over the years it gets less and less. Few years back I received a collectable box. Couple years back a cylinder with a cool poster. Last year a "folder" with a card, lanyard, and a few stickers. This year, a "folder" with a card and lanyard. Just curious if the Canucks have gone the same route.
  12. The first time I saw media reporting on it was about a year before it hit the $1000 mark. So it was definitely profitable at that time. You are somewhat right about mining when the media took a good hard look at it, but there were still ways to get Bitcoin through the mining process with a decent ROI. Even now the re-sale market for miners is crazy. People are still willing to spend a lot of money on miners that are long outdated. I ended up selling all mine except for one of the original USB ones I used. Likely should have just got into buying and selling but I liked the concept of mining and the challenge of doing it. I'm not all that computer literate. The majority came from trading. Though I was always paranoid about trading on the exchanges until I came across Carvirtex, now Kraken. You're likely right about it crashing if those people start cashing all their coins in for money. I can't see the exchanges being able to cover it all. Only time will tell. I also own a bunch of Litecoin which I bought with money when it was trading around $6 bucks. Wish I would have got on the Ethereum train. Trading at $220 now. Was trading at $8 bucks at the beginning of the year.
  13. Not as many as I wish I had if I'd paid attention. Considering my ROI though. I'm doing rather well.
  14. I remember as well. I blew it off when I first heard about it. Didn't care to take the time and learn about it. Figured it was a scam. Didn't help that the media reporting it at the time had a very negative view of it. Didn't really get into it when this thread was made.
  15. I've been a huge fan of The Bollywood Boys for years now. Watching them wrestle in ECCW and in ASW. It's pretty cool seeing them make it to WWE though I do miss seeing them wrestle locally. Though perhaps we may get to see them wrestle in NXT. NXT Wrestling Presented by WWE Live July 13, 2017 PNE Agrodome NXT Wrestling presale starts now! Use code: TICKETS WWE NXT heads to Vancouver for the first time ever for one night of LIVE action! See the likes of NXT Champion Bobby Roode, NXT Women's Champion Asuka, Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Kassius Ohno, Ember Moon and many more.