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  1. So basically the Liberals paid their buddies to come up with a solution to fix the tunnel situation. They came up with one that would provide their buddies with the contract. Now the NDP have come in and put a stop on it so they could pay their buddies to come up with a solution. No doubt one that will provide their buddies with a contract. All on the taxpayers dime. Fun stuff!
  2. Some kind of substance abuse maybe? Definitely strange.
  3. By who, the fans? Does it really matter? Look at what he does behind the scenes. Look at what he does in the gym to stay healthy. He can cut amazing promos The guy is a beast. I'd put him up there with The Rock, Stone Cold, Hogan IMO. WWE really needs to turn him heel, just to even see where it would go.
  4. LRT is a joke. Will cause a lot of gridlock and cost a lot of money in Surrey. Skytrain is the cheaper option. Run it up Fraser Hwy. Run it straight to Langley though. Perhaps a stop in Fleetwood. It's funny talking about this. I remember when Skytrain was first announced when I was a kid. Expansion to Langley was the long term plan, 10 years or so if I remember correctly. I remember when the Skybridge was finished, it was only a matter of time. That was the big hurdle. Then it eventually died at King George.
  5. Go Litecoin!
  6. Not sure which fight they were watching...
  7. Stuff like this isn't limited to fast food chains. Even high end restaurants have their share of disgusting food practices.
  8. Vancouver gets hosed again when it comes to WWE. House show Monday Oct 16th. Raw in Portland.
  9. About done? I'd say done, can't really see any organization giving him another shot.
  10. Missed it when it was the fullest... stupid customers. Was able to experience the drop in temperature and did get to see some of it though. Looks like the next one worth a watch will be in 2024. Looks like Toronto will be about the best place in Canada to see it. Might be worth the road trip.
  11. Thank you.
  12. Am I missing something? Why can't I leave a status update?
  13. "Peaceful" counter protester.
  14. Kyle Wellwood still playing?
  15. Not sure why the Lions would throw up another rotton egg in that direction. Was kind of a "here you go, have another one" kind of moment.