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  1. Thank you.
  2. Am I missing something? Why can't I leave a status update?
  3. "Peaceful" counter protester.
  4. Kyle Wellwood still playing?
  5. Not sure why the Lions would throw up another rotton egg in that direction. Was kind of a "here you go, have another one" kind of moment.
  6. Have to wonder if McGregor gets rocked, will instinct kick in and will he revert to MMA.
  7. Lions special team coverage on kick returns this year sucks. Miss the days of having an actual threat of taking it all the way for a TD.
  8. This is a complete train wreck.
  9. LOL! at the TSN panel ripping apart the Lions while singing the praises of how amazing the Roughriders are. They can't even be bothered to hide their man love for the Riders. If it was the other way around they would be making excuses for the Riders while trying to talk down the Lions.
  10. TSN's coverage is pathetic. Lions playing like crap. Going to be a long game at this rate.
  11. You can add the media to the list as well. Not just the media that people claim is "fake news" but mainstream media as well.
  12. Bitcoin over $5000 Canadian.
  13. Anyone else having issues with preev displaying what ltc is worth? Hasn't been working for me for a long while now.
  14. Just watching a match with Kyle O'Reily wrestling in NXT against Aleister Black. Hell of a match!
  15. LOL! Funny, I have thrived under The BC Liberals as have a lot of other people. If you're just trying to get over the "BC Liberal Hanover" as you call it, you and others like you only have yourselves to blame.