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  1. i know they changed the system but it doesn't make any sense. It was supposed to punish bad drivers and reward the good ones. That doesn't seem to be happening.
  2. So my Mother who is 71 this year went to renew her insurance. Had a 43% discount as of last year. She had odometer checked last year as well for the low KM discount. Turns out she drove under 800 KM's last year. From what I read that equals a 10% discount. Kept her insurance the same. It went up $72 bucks. My Mother has never been in an accident. Makes absolutely no sense.
  3. Hopefully we get a RAW in the near future. No reason they shouldn't come back with the amount of tickets they sold. That dark match really annoyed me. Only reason I sat through 205 live was for that match. While it was nice to see The Singh Brothers (Bollywood Boys in ECCW) the rest was just painful. All for a 5 minute dark match.
  4. I went. Not gonna lie, kinda boring. 3 matches and a bunch of useless fluff. Heard about Hogan before the show at the sports bar in Rogers. Was disappointed when I found out it was a satellite interview.
  5. Likely because there was nothing there that was "criminal."
  6. Well with a good lawyer and the good old "mental illness" defense that seems to work well with our bleeding heart liberal justice system. Id say a couple years with good behaviour. ... according to a friend.
  7. I marked out hard. Edge retiring was rough because I legit followed his career. From driving across frozen lakes in Ontario on the indy circuit to WWE is what makes me a wrestling fan. No different than watching the Bollywood Boys or Kyle O'Reilly. Or even El P make it. I marked out hard for this one when Kyle came back from ROH to win the belt:
  8. Considering Kobe went down on a women without her consent. I find it fitting that the helicopter went down without his. RIP to his daughter and the others killed in the crash.
  9. Zombieland 2 4/10 10 years and that was the best they could come up with. Huge disappointment.
  10. EL PHANTASMO (NJPW/RevPro/Bullet Club) competes at BALLROOM BRAWL 13 - JANUARY 17 & 18, 2020!!
  11. Sedins couldn't get it done in their prime. What makes you think they can now? The last couple seasons proved it was their time to pack it in.
  12. Not sure if I'm late to the party on this but I just found out Sportsnet 360 airs NXT. On tomorrow at 4:00. For me on Telus, Sportsnet 360 is on ch. 918.
  13. You said it. Finally!! It's about time. GF is a wrestling fan so it works for us. Could see it being a tough sell for some. Took her to an ASW show years ago, then ECCW. Hooked ever since. Even have her following AEW. Picked up my tickets earlier during presale. At about 10:15 even. Decent tickets. Still hoping for a Wrestlemania in Vancouver one day.
  14. Friday Night Smackdown finally coming to Vancouver! Sale Dates and Times: Public Onsale : Fri, 13 Dec 2019 at 10:00 AM Presales : Wed, 11 Dec 2019 at 10:00 AM Official Platinum Presale : Wed, 11 Dec 2019 at 10:00 AM Official Platinum : Fri, 13 Dec 2019 at 10:00 AM
  15. Just turned on AEW from the PVR. Just happy to see Virgil has a job again.
  16. If it happened 20 years ago would it still be an issue or would he get a pass? Would an apology make a difference if it was an issue?
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    CFL Thread

    Was hoping for a better game. So far Imagine that, not a lot of people talking about football on a hockey forum.