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  1. Jason Garrison so far?

    Garrison can't possibly be a one-year wonder, because he spent two years as Florida's top shutdown defenseman, and that's what we signed him to be. He could score zero goals this year and still be worth his contract; if anyone seriously expected him to score 16, somebody would have offered him in excess of 6 million per.
  2. Attn: Invalid Sources

    Why is hockeyyinsiderr not seen as a credible source? This guy is more credible than anyone else in the rumour biz. People who say that "oh, he's just throwing crap to the wall to see what sticks" are not really interested in rumours, are they? They just want to know what's for sure going to happen. Is it just because he's an anonymous twitter account? I know most mainstream journalists hate these guys because they are making journalists obsolete. It would be nice for the admins to spell out how they arrive at these decisions.
  3. Attn: Invalid Sources

    I propose that the "invalid sources" list, and the concept of an invalid source, be eliminated. I realize the admins/Canucks org. want people to be able to just read the thread titles and know with some reliability what is going on. Kind of like just reading the headlines. I posit that this is neither desirable nor worthwhile.
  4. Attn: Invalid Sources

    If a little birdie told me that Luongo to the Panthers is "99% done," and it doesn't happen, am I a liar, or full of crap, or did the deal fall through? Sometimes things get to 99% done and don't get done.
  5. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    What the heck does "perception is reality" mean
  6. Just thought I'd get back you (like you said) now that Kesler has scored 30g in a season, in only 52 games to be exact.

  7. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    The thread that keeps on giving.
  8. "Ehrhoff will always be at a disadvantage because he is German."

    What??? I was thinking today, a structured country like Germany, if they had a massive hockey program, they would be among the world's elite in ice hockey.

  9. Attn: Invalid Sources

    @NHLSourcesSay tweets that Ryan Malone does in fact have a no-trade clause...but Nick Kypreos, who he is following, beat him to it by 20 minutes. Lol, you guys were right, if you pay enough attention it's pretty obvious.
  10. Attn: Invalid Sources

    Well if he's really taking other peoples' reports and passing them off as his own AND blocking anybody who calls him on it as standard practice...
  11. Attn: Invalid Sources

    Anybody know if somebody else broke that first?
  12. Attn: Invalid Sources

    Wouldn't that mean they get their info from him, and not the other way around? Anyway I get it now.
  13. Attn: Invalid Sources

    I guess that is one way to interpret that bio. I wouldn't assume from that that he is "tweeting for them" or that anybody who writes there and has a twitter account is one of "their twitter accounts" but I don't really know.
  14. Attn: Invalid Sources

    Yeah, if all he/they are is a rumour aggregator than it makes sense, I was unclear on what was meant by "affiliated" here. "HH insider and blogger don't remember to what extent"...is kind of my point, if it was a guilt by association thing because he has a blog on their site it wouldn't make sense to me, but if he's tweeting on the site's behalf, or really just repeating stuff without acknowledging it, it makes sense...and this is the first place I've seen that accusation made, let alone substantiated.