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  1. you and i have the same number of posts

  2.'ve been MIA.

    Good to "see" you pop your head in. ;)

    Hope all is well.

  3. happy birthday young lassie...may you have a long, happy life.

  4. Yes indeed...happy birthday to you.

    (I've ordered a Canucks win, just for you)

  5. What are you listening to?

    Stormy Weather - Ralph Myerz ft Christine Sandtorv
  6. The Official Transit Thread

    That would have been an interesting experience, but no. I frequently used transit while I was there, and the ridership compared to Vancouver was pretty low.
  7. The Official Transit Thread

    I just came back from Seattle, and I totally agree. It seemed like ridership was very low and not many people were waiting at stations, and most people opted to use buses instead of the train. It slows down traffic a bit too, since its on the ground for a bit. I totally agree with you on the anti-transit part, too. I saw it for my own eyes while I was there.
  8. What are you listening to?

    One Step Beyond - Karsh Kale
  9. The Official Transit Thread

    August 17th, eh? Nice, so that random Canada Line employee at McDicks was telling the truth.
  10. The Official Transit Thread

    Awww. But you'll need to take it to the airport right? You'll get a free ride to the airport!
  11. The Official Transit Thread

    So apparently, the exact opening date is August 17th, according to a Canada Line employee that I talked to at McDonalds.
  12. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    Haha. I second that. What's your secret?
  13. What are you listening to?

    Je Pense A Toi - Alfa Rococo