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  1. fifty bucks and i'm yours.... oh I thought we were talking about casual encounters
  2. wow just realized how much more I read on here then post, 156 posts since 08!

    1. Tearloch7


      .. well done .. :D

  3. I think I posted my face in this thread long ago, unless it's a different one? o just realized it's the same one, jeeze this thing is old and only has 132 pages? and not posting a pic display pic is good enough
  4. i just had late-night homemade grilled cheese awww yeah!!!
  5. is correct
  6. will likely post after me
  7. posts in rainbow noise to much
  8. likes to take pictures in front of a mirror
  9. banned for being a smart ass
  11. john mayer-who says
  12. yeah who's lame enough to do that
  13. lmao his facial expression is priceless, i cant stop laughing
  14. y does it seem that everyone is so hostile right now?