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  1. I agree trading bieksa would be a terrible move, and would hurt the teams morale and faith in its leadership.
  2. Hey, what happened to wesley myron?
  3. Garrison so bad, he's the one canuck i wouldn't mind traded. He never hits, and always has giveaways... At least edler hits.
  4. how long is garrison going to get a free pass? He has been playing absolutely atrocious for a while now after his hot start to the season. I hope edlers return bumps him to the bottom pairing and off the PP. Guys a giveaway machine right now.
  5. Pretty recent so no hints
  6. Bulls had 4 powerplays in the first, colts had 1
  7. Anyone know where I can watch the game?
  8. who do you guys thinks will have the better NHL career? Saad from chicago? or jensen? I think at the draft TSN had saad ranked 19th and jensen 20th, but we ended up taking jensen, and saad fell all the way to chicago at 43rd or so. Saad is already playing up in the NHL. I wish vancouver would give their top prospects chances like other teams.
  9. Yo Lager, you still play nhl on xbox?