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  1. There was this glitchy guy that used to sit on a small wall near our apt. He seemed normal-ish but would mutter disgusting things to women as they walked by. He started to do this to my wife each morning and she told me about it. I walked with her the next day and couldn't help myself. I confronted him and threatened him. He started yelling but grabbed his bike and scuttled away. I said something I have said a few times in goad the person into a scrap " Yeah, that's what I thought, all bark, walk away %&$*er!" I strolled with my wife for another block with my chest out , he had headed the other way. I told her that I'd call the cops to try to do the right thing instead of dealing with this ourselves. She carried onto work. I stood by the wall where Chester usually sat ( oh, yeah I found out his name and more in time) and called the police. When you are on the phone with the cops you are often very attentive as they can project that command presence through the line and you're requiring their help. It took me a while to realise my other line was ringing. I looked at my phone and saw that it was my wife. It was too soon for her to have gotten to work. My heart dropped and I immediately clicked over... Crying and breathing heavy...." he's chased me! he found me a few blocks later! he circled back! he has a hammer, he's screaming he's gonna smash my skull in!" She had made it into a Starbucks with him close on her tail, thank god there was enough people in side to deter him from entering. I got the location she was at and started off in a sprint ( god, I'm shaking a I type this). I have never prayed. but I did that day. I prayed that I would catch up to him. I knew in my heart I was going to kill him. He had taken off when I found her again. The police did a psyche evaluation and told us to try to stay away from him. I saw him at a distance a couple times but my wife had now made me promise not to do anything, begged me. I struggled with it but thankfully he just disappeared. I post this, because I made mistakes, I should have done things differently. I post this because, I confess, I don't feel like a man at all when I think of this. I let my wife down, I swore to protect her. I am sorry.
  2. I didn't watch. I read they slowed it down too? Anyway, he just keeps lowering the bar(r)
  3. My go-to when I used to compete in Chop-Socky tournys. Reminded me to ...Breathe.
  4. yep oh, heck yeah..very good suggestion yes! just don't replace it ounce for ounce. you are just hitting it out of the park, people are often surprised to find out Guinness is a low alc/cal beer. never start smoking, we were doing so well so far... oh darn, now you've really lost me...I'd rather listen to my washing machine with two shoes clunking around in it. aaand I'm back...great suggestion. This is called paying the toll. I do push ups and sit ups before every shower each morning. ...wait a minute, I was sure there was another element to your fitness guide? I'm gonna ask my wife later tonight if she can help me guess what it was.....
  5. I think his trolling is starting to fade. Likely freaks him out, without attention he seems to panic. Good or bad, he wants people talking about him.
  6. How cool would it be if fighters buy a lot of the ufc when it goes public and fire Dana? He mentioned that's one of his fears..hahaha Not that he isn't laughing last though...all the way to the bank.
  7. I dunno. but it is an interesting story. This thread has made me think more about what we put in our bodies... We are what we eat?....for many a year I must have been 'a bunch of fries washed down with too many IPA beers'.
  8. Whats cool is the tiger knows who the master is of that 'Master/Blaster' scenario. He ain't looking at the elephant, he's going straight for the human. Kinda like those night club fights where one guy is trying to respect the bouncer while swinging around him. If there was no rider might of looked like this... ...brave kitty
  9. This thread reminded me of this story from a few years back. A high-profile Mountie from British Columbia says he would be likely dead if it weren't for vegetables. Longtime RCMP spokesperson Dan Moskaluk was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer in 2013, and told he had months to live. "Two years maximum. We were really prepared for death," said his wife Sheanne Moskaluk.
  10. Thank you Alf. That's nice of you to say. Life is more than too short... what life is, is still a question in itself... humans have this knack of believing that we have all this stuff figured out regardless of our point in history. This thread has some examples of that. I once read a book called ' But What if We're Wrong?' by Chuck reminds me of some of the things you would future generations view us? Klosterman visualizes the contemporary world as it will appear to those who'll perceive it as the distant past.