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  1. I like Joe and all but I read a tweet or something the other day Anyway, Joe was using all the catch phrases, something like...'soft lefty' 'sand in your woohoo' Joe is smarter than that. I remember seeing 'Talking Monkeys in Space' where he goes on about dude's trying to act Alpha, he was bang on about it. He also acts just like it. Then again, I do like his term 'Question Mark kick' for when you fake a low front kick and switch to a roundhouse to the dome. So he's not all bad Edit: Oh,the tweet I was referring to was from 2015. Joe probably doesn't use that lingo anymore, dunno. I listen to his mma commentary, not his podcasts
  2. Alberta is Canada. As are all the provinces and territories. The great Canada is the sum of it's parts. ...and Oui, even Quebec.
  3. Ok, even if you have blown through your oil money. There are still affordable places to live in BC and a lot are in gorgeous settings. BC is made up of many great Canadians from all over. I don't play the us vs them stuff. I love all of Canada.
  4. No way, we are too pretty. BC is a wonderful part of Canada. All of Canada is welcome to come here and enjoy an amazing area of their home. Or retire, grab a piece of the best coast in the world and fish your worries away.
  5. Yeah, MVP is a known for that. I don't know how serious Daniels is in a MMA career, he's taken his time and is getting started late. I can see him wanting the fight but there might not be much in it for Page, may be too much of a career risk. Still, that fight would be flashy
  6. Lets put the dudes that are currently hating on each other big time due to inter-div match ups in the NHL, together on the same All Star Squad
  7. thx for the interview, we didn't get to hear 'Petey shoots wide on the breakaway'