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  1. Dt calling the Russian bounties a hoax. Meanwhile, an Afghan contractor has come forward saying he was a middle man for the payments.
  2. Great candidate for future POTUS as we have obviously slipped into a dimension based on the movie 'Idiocracy'. He will feed the plants energy drinks and the top reality tv show will be called 'Ow my balls'
  3. Down 60bil in market value in two days? That should apply some pressure.
  4. Oh FFS. COVID-19 case reported at Woodgrove Centre This mall is 30mins from my house and 10mins from the Ferry Don't visit us here on the Island at this time, ok? thanks.
  5. Thank you, wouldn't mind him back around as he kept us up to date with the conservative Alberta angle. Still, I fully understand him receiving a slap on the wrist.
  6. That hat is brill! Happy Early Canada day to you too Chick.
  7. Those hats are a real treat for people that have never received any attention in their lives. They finally have people looking at them. For sure he is listening to the latest youtuber that has the world all figured out. Meanwhile, he can't wait to brag later on about the dumb thing he did with his mask to his 'friends' on FB.
  8. RIP. I watched a Mel Brooks doc this morn. Those two were very close. We're losing some oldies, but goodies these days.
  9. Don't get me wrong. I am starved for hockey. I just think there is a way to go with this virus and that the sheer volume of people involved would be too much of a challenge to ensure safety.
  10. Yeah, seems like there needs to be way more testing in general. I just can't see it happening. Word is the players aren't that stoked about returning. Still too many unknowns about covid and having to be away from family for 2 months. I also think the NHL bubble would be to difficult to maintain with so many personnel.
  11. 26 NHL players test positive? United States turning into a bubbling mess. I don't see how there will be a season this year.
  12. Yup, But looks like most of his friends think he is 'OK'
  13. It's tough to ask honest questions these days. I've tried to discuss this based on logic and simple curiousity about the strange nature of the story. I find that a lot of responses quickly turn to political statements. Like the photo's above, they don't look the same to me. Nevermind the obvious size difference, the knots look different. Finally though, some have pointed out that this was in fact a unique and uncommon garage pull. That explains why Nascar people thought it was weird and calling in the FBI. Some have made the comparison to the Smollett story. But is that the same here? Is anyone claiming that Bubba or his team set this up? As far as I understand a team member that works for a black man found a noose. Using that type of knot is uncommon for a garage pull. The size of the noose doesn't matter to me. I have no problem chalking it up to an honest assumption by Bubbas team in reaction to a very coincidental unlikely knot that just happened to occur during the BLM unrest. Edit: thank you, those weren't the same knot. Didn't see the other post correcting as I was typing.
  14. Florida is seeing big spikes in cases in people the under the age of 35. What a surprise.