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  1. I thought one would just grab'em by the p*ssy?
  2. I hear he already tweeted (whined) about that snoop vid. Guy has got to grow some skin, its worse than thin. Wonder if T has seen what I think is the best political music video of the last couple years. Killer Mike mentions the now POTUS in one of the verses Warning, Very strong language ...
  3. That would be wonderful... tuck the little fella under his chin, do a few spins at center ice, launch that rat into the stratosphere
  4. It really is some of the silliest stuff I've ever heard. I never thought I would see adults act like this. Running around covering for what the worlds worst communicator may or may not have meant. Have your own voice! it's ok to 'like' Trump and still not agree with every ridiculous thing that comes out of his puckered little... and as I type this . Mr Clam still goes on about 'Winning'. omg
  5. Ok, two cents... Need a plan to make America great again ( and Russia). Get help from Russia with the election etc ( some hacking, a dash of influence) Then start pretending that it is America first (really its T-dogs personal interests) and go forward with increasing Nukes (55 billion or something?) to show the rest of the world who is still 'boss'. Meanwhile anti-american propaganda starts being spread by state media in Putin land. Russia says 'no no states you are not allowed to be the big dog'. Then we're all bought in on a new arms race, cold war. Both economies thrive as do T & P 's wealth. We all stare at the sky looking for incoming like its 1983. That is once they re-make 'The Day After' so we can continue on with Donald's rhetoric of fear. Of course they had to be communicating with the Russian, that's a lot of stuff to plan. Anyway, continue on with the walls of text, spam, winky faces, lol's, insults and conspiracy theories ( just wanted to add one myself)
  6. "For sure you don't take one game to make a full assessment, but he's pretty good this game. Hard in the corners, crashing the net, and potting 2 goals certainly makes me more comfortable, though." ....from a fan on Sens board. i miss him.
  7. Sens GDT has like one guy talking to himself, whats up with them fans over there>?
  8. ya,Bure was the best player we have ever had. His skating and awareness was off the charts.During the clutch and grab era, they still could not stop him. He had such explosive first few steps that he could make breakaways out of nothing. He also walked around at about 5% body fat or something silly like that. I always loved his and Gino's friendship too....oh the memories. yeah ownership treated him like garbage as well.
  9. Wonder when they are going to get around to implementing 'Two Minute Hate'...
  10. lol, it really is. Not so much making fake news as making a statement..... the dumb leading the blind in this case.