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  1. ahh, I remember those days. A few SHARP used to come in to the Luvafair all the time. Good crew. Would be nice to see them real guardian angels back around. as for the video....does Jesus really not tolerate the way people like to love each other? does that sound like him?
  2. look at them pudgy little fingers. If i was these two , I'd be very concerned about health care... But then again the body is like a battery right? haha, dont burn it out lifting up tooo many Twinkies.
  3. Better than Trumpcare. Oh wait, never mind, that's another thing he can't get done... needs help from those sorry losers
  4. This, A Van Isl family property that I never thought I could afford until the Vancouver housing market went nuts. 2yrs from now I will sell the properties I have to put all my eggs in one basket. I will be semi retired at 45. By semi , I mean I have some projects in mind to generate some income. I'm very lucky. Actual view from the 200ft of private beach front on 3acres.
  5. Fun! Ok: - 82 Datsun 510 (two tone blue, 2dr) - 76 Jeep CJ3 (giant 36inch tires black hard top convert) - 89 Ford Probe (white, nice car but never really my style) - 68 Dodge Fargo Van (grey, took it on tour with band, had a Chevy short block squished in there haha, soo wish I'd kept it) - 74 Vespa 125 Super Sport Scooter (blue, still have it) - 76 Dodge Dart Swinger (bronze, two door, similar shape to GT but with a Slant Six, still have it) - 07 Audi 3.2 A4 Convertible (last year for the A4's to have the 3.2 and first year for the convertibles to have the tear-drop grill, still have it) next vehicle will be a truck or van.
  6. Ha! Exactly how it is for me. My wife and I also have the same deal...she hears me having funny breathing and she wakes me up. Sad part is, my brain tricks me into thinking she is helping and I often would go through the dream within a dream horror movie stuff...I think I'm awake only to see a dark figure dart across in my room or my body shoot to the ceiling. Thanks for replying to the post. As you know, a very scary state and seems hella super natural. I would love to believe in ghosts, the idea does not scare me one bit. In fact it would help encourage the idea that this is not the only existence we have...what an amazing thing that would be. I believe we could be multi dimensional beings, I believe we could be living in a simulation, I believe we could be a product of intelligent design. But I also believe that one of the rules of this life is that we will never be able to prove it and anything strange will eventually be explained by science. If we did know for sure that there was something else...a tremendous amount of us might be committing Harry Carry.
  7. I suffer from sleep paralysis. Don't get it as much now that I'm older. I kept it to myself mostly until I was in my 20's. I didn't know if I was a crack pot or what but it did do one positive thing for me. For those of you who know, It's some scary stuff. Because it was soo scary it helped me not sweat the threatening things I would run into in my daily life. I like to think it makes me stronger. I bring this up cause I recently saw a bad doc 'Nightmares' on netflix about this. A lot of the show they talk about the supernatural beliefs connected to this condition. I think it is simply a medical issue that they haven't figured out yet. But it is nice to find out after all this time that it is actually at thing and that I'm not craycray..
  8. 4D, 6D, soon we will be on with 11D as proposed by M-Theory. Which would make sense as some the statements and facts by this admin seem to snap in and out of existence! Sorry, I'll show myself out...
  9. "Daddy P, are we going to get our pretend cold war going still? " - "Of course sweet heart, don't be silly they can't touch me. Now lets go take them pictures of me with my shirt off, you play the horse" " Why do I always have to play the horse" - "for the same reason you have to call me Daddy P"
  10. This is awesome, Thanks. I'll save you the details but I might qualify. It's definitely worth an hour with a tax accountant.
  11. hahaha, Can't believe NASA even responded. I know Alex Jones came out claiming he is just playing a character....hmm... wonder if that type of defence will be implemented if there's an impeachment of T? haha. Anyway since this thread is giving out tinfoil hats at the door, thought I'd throw some poop on the fire.... We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride," Robert David Steele said Thursday during a winding, conspiratorial dialogue with Jones about child victims of sex crimes. "So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony." America has never looked so foolish. President Pucker Mouth pretending he can fight? of course its fake cause he couldn't fight his way out of wet paper bag. Meanwhile, serious issues are building like never before. If the right doesn't stop this relentless admiration for a fool there could be real consequences. I know all empires fall, but this is just sad to watch. So happy I'm not a breeder.
  12. beautiful, happy and smart people. i took guitar strings and nylons... don't know if they still need them down there but they did 15yrs ago. some of the best musicians you will ever hear too
  13. Thank you. I think one used to be able to just move back in for a year or 2 and it was exempt. ahh well. Anyway, its annoying that you have to pay income tax on your rent profit and then capital gains on you sales profit ( and it just had to go up 100k last year alone). Don't get me wrong, I'll make a mint on this sale. It's just I'm not the type to give the government more money than I have to ( who is?). Was hoping for a loophole I guess. btw, I like you soo much more in this thread ( <<<<emoto just for you)
  14. Question for you Mr HS or any that may be of assistance. Capitol Gains... If I sell one of my properties that was my primary residence for 15 yrs and rented it out for 2 years. Will I be paying for the government assessed value for those 2 years or will I be paying a 2yr average based on the appreciation over the 17 yrs of time I've owned? I read that once you rent out it's like you're selling and if you move back in you re-buy in theory. You can probably see where I'm going with this, looking to pay the lesser avg number ( its a dt condo).....and I feel like I already know the answer, cause well....government.
  15. Vince is Dana White and Donald Trump rolled up into one, a pioneer. Not a very digestible, but he knew how to control his masses.