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  1. haha, True, but JT did smash that Brazeau clown and his yogurt moves are top shelf.
  2. I think the over weight unhealthy 70yr old probably has the soft handshake. But you're right JT is pretty.
  3. We have no business winning this one. So, 4-1 Canucks
  4. I talk to myself sometimes too...
  5. "You better call that!"
  6. BIg T doing his Charles Oakley impression
  7. hahahaha big T
  8. Tanking is for losers.
  9. oh boy.....nuck luck
  10. I don't know who could fight with Cody, Spezus? Tram shouldn't. He should just break a few Preds with big ol' hitties
  11. we.need.grit.
  12. I've got the flu, with the Neocitron I'm downing and Willie's super exciting style....there is little chance I make it to the end of the game conscious.
  13. Did the Trump thread have a baby? it was looking pretty bloated. Anyway, when do we get started on this wall? Murica is looking pretty scary...let's wall the entire country in like the toilet bowl it is showing us it wants to be..