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  1. Haven't watched it yet. Won't be my wifes cup of tea so I have to find a couple hours. I really enjoyed the book.
  2. I obviously like Izzy a lot. I'm a massive fan of good strikers. This was his 100th fight in combat sports. The idea that Costa thought he could stand with him was silly. He is a jerk at times and I didn't like the antics. However, Costa deserved it. He was just as much, if not more of a troll leading up. The running video he produced, the white belt at weight ins etc.. There is a rumour that Izzy is gay. What an aggravation for any potentially homophobic remaining cavemen in the sport that would be, if it turns out to be true. As he continues to impose his will on all his opponents. I really want the JJones fight to happen.
  3. It's Trump vs Not Trump. That's all. The states need to not have Trump anymore. He's causing damage.
  4. Do home growers have a way to figure out THC levels? Like a test kit ?
  5. It was some dude that mass produced a painting... Jesus became white. There was renaissance art that depicted him as white but the popularity is attributed to Stallman.
  6. White? I thought he was a brown skinned middle eastern jew? Shh, don't tell his followers though. They seem like a crazy bunch.
  7. Dirty.... money..... clap, clap, clap clap clap. Top-secret records show New Brunswick, Alberta companies received millions in suspicious transfers
  8. I Fear not. The poster in question doesn't seem to have the same panache. Edit: oh it was? @RUPERTKBD what happened to his wit?
  9. I guessed you were a generous teacher.
  10. I completely understand what you are saying. I'm sure it is in their employee code of conduct that they can't do/say anything that would harm the product. Still I support them in what I see as a hypocritical stance, even though it may get them fired. Again, with some of the lyrics/messages in the songs available, I have to call them hypocrites. The company may have to worry about the public perception though. I hear Ellen is having some drama with her staff, I don't know enough about it but I think she has been acting like a diva, you can't look her in the eyes and she makes fun of people or something? Anyway, I suppose she could just fire them all but how much would that hurt her brand? That said, I don't know how much Spotify could get hurt by turfing their staff cause what they say goes vs a celeb doing it.
  11. I support everyone having a voice, even if that is a group of employees. I also support that the Spotify brass could, and perhaps should, fire the lot of them. As I mentioned though, if its enough staff or key staff, it could be really expensive and even critical if Spotify's service was to be disrupted.
  12. I do too. Apparently recently he repeated some misinformation about the Portland fires. He apologised as soon as he could. Good stuff. I think Spotify and Joe screwed this up in the first place. I think that originally Spotify was going to only list the episodes that they wanted but there was a bit of a backlash from his fans. So maybe they considered putting them all up? and now the employees have something to say... What is interesting is that there are plenty of songs on Spotify that have lyrics that should curl some toe nails amongst the staff... but not a peep.
  13. I heard a dude on the radio a while back saying the casinos and real estate are small fish when it comes to the big picture of money laundering. Big banks and large companies are like... 'hold my beer'.