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  1. yeah, He's something else. Like he sees the matrix...he's always moving into position just before the shot comes.
  2. Can't stand the morning show. Bro and Pratt are terrible, just out of touch. They do that segment with Mitch Burger when they talk about how in love Jake is with 'Mitchy Baby', discuss a little golf and finish with how hot Burger's wife is. If you voted for either of those two, please make sure to play for a least a little bit in traffic today while the roads are nice and icy.
  3. I was a Gillis guy. I know that's a bit of a dirty word around here. So I do get quite a bit of joy seeing Bo succeed and show so much promise. I liked Corey and all but I am of the opinion that goalies in general are an over rated position in the new era NHL. Go Nucks, we got this one.
  4. Toronto is fine as a city. Visited a few times, people there seemed alright. Its the treatment the Leafs receive from the league and eastern media that is annoying. I sure don`t like the transplanted leaf fans that were mean mugging me at the game on Saturday. Its our building, our team and if I want to stand up and shout after even the shootout goals I will do so. My wife knows I`ve always been up for a chicklet scramble, she helped me avoid a few lumps that night I think.
  5. Mostly, but not completely. Fans and media have developed a few good ones throughout time. Of the top of my head for this team...'Cowan the Brabarian, The Mattress Line, Brother Daniel... Some players have multiple nicknames, from different sources... Ox, Boho... I'll say this nicknames these days consist usually of putting a 'Y' on the end of the first syllable ( Guddy, Hutty,Millsy ). They were way better back in the day...The Rocket, The Steamer, The Flower, The Moose (). Either way, some people do get there knickers in a twist about some silly things on this board...It's all just in fun. Like 'Groot', I like it better than most for big T, but I also believe he will have a few as his last name is a bit difficult for some to say and he's such a unique character.
  6. I liked 'Tree' for Tryamkin, then I heard 'Groot' called into the radio....and since Groot is a Tree, I thought that made sense.
  7. cause Keith Richards might be the toughest guy on the planet! ....was he the one who snorted the ashes of his late father? or was that a Zepplin thing....EDIT , yep it was
  8. I agree with that. But whats with all this civilized conversation? are we in the right thread?
  9. We do, I think Canada could be better, I'm not a fan of FPTP...guess I like proportional representation within a riding. I suppose though that could lead us in a direction like Australia? they have a lot of parties and some headaches but I like that the vote is compulsory.
  10. well put. BTW, Austin is a wonderful city, what awesome people... I was there for a SXSW in the mid nineties and was so surprised at the openness and kindness. Guess that shows what thought of Texas at the time, I learnt something for sure.
  11. I understand the perceived benefit. However anything good about it doesn't out weigh basic equality. Every vote should be worth the same. I've always thought that since learning about the malapportionment and gerrymandering in Japan.( wife studied Japan in university, while I worked on my JKF Shodan!) And of course it's being questioned. It's why there is a going to be a minority president, A person that does not reflect the popular vote of the people. I do have a problem with people that challenge the results and they wish that there was a different method in place. Win or lose both candidates and the voting public had the same challenge and were playing under the same rules. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  12. Yes, the majority should rule. Though I don't contest the outcome of the US election. It is the overall EC system that should be looked at.
  13. Mr Gerry Mander says its not enough to just 'show up and vote' ....nope, you have to also live in the right area.
  14. Captain Bo