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  1. I watched the first vid. I understand now why you stated that they were controversial. There are many that would not like the premise due simply to skin colour. The producer of the vid does that fear no service by inserting a picture of two folks wearing shirts ' well spotted, I'm a Muzungu'. Now, it could be easily taken as a joke like ...some tribal people saw us and thought we were gods . But given the context, that the video is implying exactly that...that white people may be descendants of these higher beings, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I have always enjoyed the idea of Anunnaki, read a bit about Sumerian stories. I find this idea of Atlanteans, lost cities, Neanderthal being more than the dumb brutes we were taught, fascinating. They have found so much that can't be explained. Different types of humans remains, structures that are at a scale that it's mind blowing and simply evidence that things may have been way different. Things may have been very advanced a long time ago. Might watch the other video tonight. Again though, I find this guy's premise to have an undertone. One that people may register as someone suggesting white people are...well, better.
  2. Finally, I have been waiting for you to come around. I knew you were smarter than the average chicken. What if he is exactly what this hive perceives him to be? Sometimes Occams razor needs to be used. Is it more likely that this guy is simply a massive fool? or is it that there is a giant media conspiracy involving most of the planet to display him as a fool when really he is a stable genius?
  3. never change. Give her a bit longer. Freeland seems like the real deal to me but I will keep my ears open to the critics as time passes.
  4. No they shouldn't. Not because of his commitment to Ramadan. He would fight now if he could. He is undefeated and may go down as the best 155'r to ever walk into the cage. Any other 'champ' they anoint would not be considered the best in the div, so why do it?
  5. Honestly Thanks for normality. This pandemic has been a strange thing to go through. Circle convos, name calling, ahh like the old way back, 2 months ago. Anyway, why are we dissing the next PM?
  6. Here's the thing. Leaders should be discussed in here regarding their impact on COVID control as this is the COVID thread. Some of you, for what ever reason, have been on Don's leg for a while and refuse to let go regardless of what he does. So, should his taxes or sexual accusations be discussed in here? no The way he is steering the USA during this pandemic? yep. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. That's my point. If someone thinks JT is an idiot in any pales in comparison to Donald. They are not really comparable ....different leagues.
  8. Different leagues. DT is first round induction hall of fame type idiot. JT is scrubbing it in the minors The concern is the negligent influence Donald has on his followers. He's got them brainwashed to not listen to experts and sometimes logic, not unlike himself.
  9. Except . He's an idiot. Proven that over and over. He changes his tune daily, who knows what crap he will babble about next.