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  1. welp I'm keeping my cable a bit longer. This is balls, feed keeps slloowwinggg down. Cant trust this streaming stuff yet
  2. I don't have a facebook, seems like a weird cult. So, couldn't understand how I was getting to see the game. Guess my nephew logged on to FB and left his account open....hmmm, its laggy though. Maybe i should post some crap on his page. man this Edm feed is lame
  3. if we keep ordering everything online.....
  4. Just finishing his Light Bringer Series. Different take on magic, it's well done. Haven't read through this thread much but has anyone mentioned 'Ready Player One'? I'm sure someone must have...if not, it is a must read for anyone into 80's nostalgia mixed with near future virtual reality. Spielberg is putting his cap back on for the movie, set to come out next year. Ready Player One is written by Ernest Cline. His second book is very good too 'Armada' , which is a similar in concept to Ender's Game And while I'm babbling in the Sci Fi /Fantasy world I recently read 'Year Zero' by Rob Reid...It's super funny, kinda reminds me of Hitch Hikers Guide.
  5. If you look real close... the guy in the long white lab coat is my grandpa. I never met him but mum says he worked on the Vulcan and the Arrow. She also say this photo is still classified, don't tell her.
  6. yeah Seattle has its hard spots for sure,. Our DTES is something to behold. One of my businesses is down there. Some beautiful people suffering form the worst side effects of being a port city. We're one of the top places to live in the world but we have such a forgotten sad area. anyhoo, enjoy your time. Go Nucks.
  7. The Charles Bar is a couple blocks away and has a nice hip sports bar atmosphere. They just re-did the menu and its quite tasty. As you are in the downtown east side/ gastown area be careful which direction you walk after the game. Not so much scary as it is sad if you head further east. The Charles rotates their taps but from what I remember they have a nice Postmark IPA last time or try an P49 craft lager if your one of those fizzy yellow stuff drinkers. Some BC breweries ( and my pick from each , if I had to pick one) that you should check out: Driftwood (the legend, the bench mark, the best.... Fat Tug IPA), Phillips ( Blue Buck), Hoyne (Dark matter), Howe Sound (Howe Sound lager), P49 ( Jerkface), Main street ( Main St Pilsner), Parkside (DimWit), Yellow dog (Play Dead IPA), Bomber (ESB) The fresh hopped beers should be on the market soon... its a tough challenge but if you can get a Driftwood Sartori Harvest, its a must. It's available once a year an sells out in days. enjoy your visit.
  8. Rupert is one of the best posters in this thread. Intelligent, thorough and entertaining. One of the reasons I keep coming back. Keep up the good work Rup!
  9. -We have found a witch, may we burn her? ----They dressed me up like this! -naah no we didn't... no. Well? -Well we did do the nose, The nose? - And the hat, but she is a witch! Burn her anyway! ... What do you burn apart from witches? -More witches! Wood! So, why do witches burn? -Cuz they're made of... wood? Does wood sink in water? -No. It floats! What also floats in water? -Bread, Apples, Very small rocks, Cider, Grape gravy, Cherries, Mud… A Duck! Exactly! So, logically...If she ways the same as a duck... she's made of wood! And therefore…
  10. He's like a WWE character. He is just consistently insulting the intelligence of his supporters. Last night was a farce, he spends forever re-reading his script from his denouncement of the racist groups while not getting to the part that 'the media' and people around the world took issue with. Some people in even that crowd must have been like 'come on Don, it was the part about fine people on both sides that got everyone's knickers in a twist' but does he get to it? no. Rambles and puckers, claims the media wont show his huge room that they already had a few times, claims the cameras were turning off while my wonderfully clear CNN feed ( yeah, that's right CNN) kept focus straight on his mush. I'm stating to believe him about one thing, He could do anything and not lose support. He could probably pull a 'Blind Mellon' on his crowd and they would lap it up. If there are pee-tapes I'm already expecting the response "whatever he does in private is his business" He's creepy, a liar and dangerous. Heard a thing on the radio this more that during the cold war they created a fast track nuke launch system ( that's still in place) so that the POTUS could have ICBM's go on his call within 4 mins. Apparently in his last few days a belligerent, heavy drinking Nixon was making people around him nervous. The story goes that they stopped sending the presidential 'football' with him ( launch briefcase) with out him knowing. Anyway Kissinger got an off the record backup plan in place to prevent the drunken madman from acting. I hope Kelly or somebody in this admin is taking similar precautions. Here's a link talking a little bit about it.
  11. How to lose. Get knocked down 7 times, get up 8. I hated, hated, hated losing. I would whine about the refs sometimes etc... one of my Coaches and Sensei's would tell me that there is a way to win even if the refs are against you. It's just a lot harder and you have to be a lot better. I now run a division of businesses for a larger group, I face defeat in one way or another all the time. But in business you always have to be looking for another angle, don't close the door on new ideas, sometimes zig when the competition zags, think outside the box while remembering solid fundamentals. You do this and you will get some knock out strikes. I actually won a lot in competition and during those times I loved to show off my medals and brag. Though, these days I remember more the tough fights that I did not come out on top. It was usually against opponents that I had no business being on the mat against so every little thing now looks like small victories. I once heard 'records are for DJ's' and even though I am proud of my W/L, I am far more proud of showing up and trying my best in the face of defeat while my poor heart pounded anxiety through my veins. So I guess 'experience' and despite any fears ....If the Sh*t come down, I know I'll be ready.
  12. evil seeping out of every pore
  13. New term ....."Mooching your way out of your job" (plant a nasty interview) Good work Steve you evil SOB.
  14. I live 5mins away. I will go Hip. I will stand my ground, our ground, the ground that this nation and forefathers worked so hard to produce and still work to make better. This is Canada, and on Saturday they will see not just the left and the right as some are so simply putting it. They will see THE REST OF US. We the diverse majority.
  15. Man, they look like LARPers!