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  1. Hockey Day in Canada! This is me today, hiding from my wife. Go Nucks!
  2. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    Thank you. A real close friend has a furniture shop. I'll borrow some nice pieces and will doll it up. Probably hold off one more year and aim for May 2019 to list my apt. Last night I was grumpy at the city and felt like throwing in the towel. I have a detached house on Van Isl that I might move on this year though. If I do, I'll wait for this May as well. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. Forget about pretend fighters, the type that Donny and his chum Vince McMahon love. This real fighter and the current holder of the hardest punch on the planet has a few criticisms . Then again he's from Cameroon and we know what the POTUS thinks of those African nations. And yes, I'll put the Beitbart version of the story so that it doesn't scare anyone away. I thought this was an interesting perspective from a guy that 'started from the bottom...' now he's fighting Stipe for the the heavy weight ufc belt. I'm pulling for Stipe btw. Warning, there is a asterisks'd version of the naughty word that the POTUS used in this article. “All those people that [Donald Trump] was talking about is people like us. It’s kind of difficult to accept a thing like that. To hear a thing like that,” Ngannou said after the reporter pressed him on the issue. “For myself, the goal for me was to lift [up] my country and see someone who just wants to break that dream, that hope that people are following,” the French Cameroon-born fighter continued. Edit: Don't want to post the link for fear of a thread closure. Please google Ngannou if you want to read the rest.
  4. Just heard Hulk Hogan may one day consider running for Florida? saying no for now, but if he did it would be Republican. I know Jesse Ventura already was a governor, but holy smokes 'Murica it's looking more and more like Idiocracy the movie was prophetic. As I think @SabreFan1 pointed out, they've already gone there with a reality TV show actor. But having a professional wrestler, that would be something else. Hulk actually could make sense in this new upside down world, he already has a sex tape and has been busted for a racist tirade.
  5. canucks miss dorsett

    Miss Dorsett? similar attributes to Derek? how long did we sign her for? ok, ill stop..
  6. Happy Birthday, Thomas Vanek!

    Happy Bday Mr V Keep up your unapologetic slappers from 6 feet out! love it.
  7. Tickity- tickity - tock sitting at your grandma's listening to her analog clock, never ending boring repetition. Someone on here isn't even the boy that cried wolf anymore, it's the boy that cried unicorn ... there's nothing actually there and the stuff they go on about is pure fantasy, so I suppose 'biblical' indeed.
  8. #MeToo going to far?

    That used to be your best friend on the playground. ....and regarding sex, now there's an app for that...
  9. points for hilarious creativity
  10. I doubt they do. Even if he lied to his base about the wall , lock her up etc... they may still feel the pride of 'winners' Those who didn't see him coming ( no hired help pun intended) feel more stupid than those who supported him.
  11. Mayor Gregor Robertson Won't Seek Re-Election

    I cant speak for 'people' but I'm open to any other station. I don't know what other station to listen to for Vancouver news...? I spend my time switching between the nasaly sounding kids on 650 and the leather pant wearing clowns of 1040, once I decide they are driving me nuts I click over to the 'news' channel. Social Justice Warriors....I'm too old to care about that term, but it actually sounds like a positive, yet this is 2018 and up is down, right is wrong, and fat is healthy.
  12. Mayor Gregor Robertson Won't Seek Re-Election

    Cambie was jammed with cars this morn at 8:45am, bumper to bumper coming off the North side. Side note, Simi Sara was on the radio an hour or so ago claiming its not a big issue and the public doesn't mind the bike lanes anymore. She also said that no party will go into the next election with any promise to remove them. I think she might have a personal friendship with Robertson. I usually don't mind her but thought she was way off base today.
  13. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    Imma bake some bread, clean the windows, stage the place ( maybe the obvious Barcelona lounger) and list when the sun is shinin' Edit: and a fish-eye lens
  14. Mayor Gregor Robertson Won't Seek Re-Election

    New bike lane on Cambie! Yesterday's viewer poll on Breakfast Television was at 91% disapproval. But we don't know what best for us or what we want. Thank god for city council. Again, a rain day in DT Van and hardly anyone using the wonderful bike lanes. Up next...mobility pricing. Just about done with you Vancouver... I can hear the beautiful Island calling...