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  1. I'm up to speed on his ban ( no its not, yes it is, no its not) .... he can't get the job done, stalled in the courts. But, has he started his wall yet? I thought that was day one? I remember "build that wall' being a big chant by his base, that and 'lock her up'. Neither of those things are going to happen are they?
  2. Of course Trump get's excited about Leakers! reminds him of those good times in that Russian hotel
  3. This thread has sunk to a new calling, wealth/career shaming, sexism, denial. Yes, this thread is finally and completely living up to it's name sake.
  4. You're right, I am making assumptions. He might respect his dad that is that age of most grandpa's but I doubt they really have a connection (assumption). Thank you for agreeing that it was in bad taste to use his son for attention.
  5. Once had this guy in a Night Club I was managing, quite a few years back now, he was a d!ck. Still a good hockey player though and I think he has started to clean up his act. Maybe, for the right discount....
  6. I doubt Barron reacted that way. I feel sorry for the poor lad, being used by his dad for political gain.He doesn't seem to fond of his 70yr old dad actually from the expressions on his face whenever he's dragged on a stage. Imagine not having the respect of your own son and you're the POTUS. Sad excuse for a man.
  7. Man I don't care for Kathy G but you all are making her more popular than she has ever been. Somewhere Carrot Top is cooking up a scheme. BTW, I will defend her right to do what she did all day long. It was gross but.Freedom .....just watch what you say.
  8. ^^^^^ Just googled this guy, he does Sarah Palins website? Come on... I'll stick with getting my scientific info from dummies like Elon.
  9. But, isn't today just tomorrow's yesterday? I think governments should be filled with people that would pass the marshmellow test.
  10. Correct, It's hard to follow the rules of the right huh? Kinda like that meme a few pages back.
  11. New York is committing too.
  12. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has quit two of President Trump's business advisory councils after the president announced he will pull the U.S. out of the historic Paris climate agreement. "Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world," Musk said Thursday on Twitter
  13. But isn't he worried about his ice cream melting?
  14. What the hell is 4D chess I keep hearing that this fearless leader is good at? is that what Chewbacca plays? Or, is it regular 3D chess, just taking into account how much he wastes of that 4th dimension? Cause he sure goes on about some nonsense. How his wall coming along, wasn't he gonna start that day 1?