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  1. The Ox, The Bear and The Prince continue to roll... Lovin' these road warrior Canucks.
  2. I see what you're thinking. Young, handsome, famous leaders last name. And I have seen those American papers with JT on the cover saying things like ' Why can't he be ours?"
  3. I think people should bring up whomever they want to. I was insinuating to Tinfoil Harv that anytime I hear 'Clinton' (or 'Obama' for that matter), I will use it as a barometer for the righties wheeling out their usual whataboutisms and deflections. That it could be an indicator that Trump has made yet another mess of something. Not that I can remember posting anything about Roy Moore but he should be talked about in this thread. What happens to him will effect the republican party and Trump. And I agree , a scumbag is a scumbag. I still can't believe that the states has a guy in charge that is on tape bragging about sexual assault in the crudest of manners.
  4. Anders Nilsson’s new mask

    This. Really like him as a goalie but the mask is Meh for me. That being said I like it more Marky's Inception mask...the one when he's a guy wearing a mask of a guy wearing a mask/
  5. You're right the current world is full of very evil people. But I think we can still be content or happy that this monster is gone. For me Charles Manson was the first person that I had heard about when I was young that had so much control over his followers. It was so freaky to me that someone could brainwash another....a true cult leader with a massive effect on our culture. He was a real life boogyman in reputation, inspired artists like Marilyn Manson an many movies / documentaries.
  6. ahh, thx. cause there is 4 pics and 4 new accusations...and i didn't want to read the link
  7. no kidding, there should be way more news about how great Trump is for allowing Basketball players to live...That's what the POTUS is concerned about anyway.
  8. Fair enough, you and that poster do some good tandem work keeping those ex prez's in this thread... Is that Lewinsky in the pic? new accusations?
  9. Girl in the top left looks like Lewinsky? Does she has NEW accusations? But wait, why are we talking about a Clinton?.......what has Donald done now?
  10. I know the GM, I'll make sure to tell him to treat any tinfoil hat wearing men in suits really well. I love a good conspiracy and I'm surprised that this massive story has faded so fast, it does seem weird. However I'm wondering how, with so many thousands of people at the event, that we are not hearing lots of stories about other shooters, copters, snipers. And your video, do you see any muzzle flash from the snipers? could it be that it was just 3 dudes coming out to see what the commotion was and then hitting the deck...? i dunno just watched it once but.../
  11. agreed. Just pointing out that there are a few levels to hell and trying to answer Smokes as to why Louis CK isn't getting as grilled as Weinstein.
  12. Unless I haven't heard everything, the allegations are a bit more severe when they come to Weinstein, no? Harvey forced himself physically on women while Louis thought "I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my d!ck without asking first" Both a disgusting abuse of power but if you physically sexually assault and unlawfully confine people, that is a lot worse than lewd sexual misconduct.
  13. I thought they were both Hollywood? And maybe Weistein's acts were more a power based sexual assault were as CK was thinking he was allowed to be a sexual creep in front of women but not forcing them physically? of course they're both gross but just my opinion on the different levels of criticism
  14. Trump(s) are getting very predictable. They use to be kinda entertaining in a sad and dangerous way. Now its just getting boring and obvious
  15. The Walking Dead Thread

    Note to last episode before entering TWD thread. Poor kitty, hope she went down swinging...