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  1. @toffoli Now is the time you fess up and admit that you are Sabrefan If so, welcome back!
  2. He did and I believe he admitted to starting the thread partially for the fun of it.
  3. that might get him back. and i agree.
  4. Sabre was a weird one. I agree he got miffed in the Iran thread at the same time as that GDT. What is weird is that he himself had admitted to teasing people and even once asked me why I cared what people online think. He was mistaken at the time, I wasn't riled, but for him to get upset like that made me want to ask him the same question. Didn't he once start a thread just to poke fun a lefties, or outrage culture?...can't remember exactly, I think it got shut down.
  5. Harvey was only good for his real estate thread. He really knew his stuff. Everything else I could do without. Perhaps his only redeeming quality was that he didn't get his knickers in a twist when proven wrong. He could be quite funny, though that may not have been a good thing, he seemed to have a following of Trumpers that loved his shiz disturbing. He admitted that he just liked to stir the pot, which is trolling so he should spend the rest of his time under the bridge of the banned. Agree with you on canuckistani, he had reason and details for his opinions. He was thorough and well educated even if it was quite wacky. My favourite was the vegan debates.
  6. I know you're teasing the hippies of Commercial but I am pretty sure that is one of the busiest bus stops in the city. A lot of UBC'rs use the Broadway corridor.
  7. Good, RCMP is moving off the land. Time to talk.
  8. They played well. TT looked to fit in. Marky didn't Marky quite like normal but wasn't bad. We gotta fight for every inch. On to the next.
  9. I have actually noticed the Rooster line tonight. I think JV's got one in him this evening.
  10. If you read that sentence a certain way, it sounds really weird fetish freaky suicidal.
  11. You cant stop a line with four 'T's in it's acronym . Fact.
  12. Wetcoaster, was a long time ago and he had pages of hockey info to post. Sabre's not banned. He should lick his wounds and come hang with us again. Harvey was fun but should stay in the rear view. Clam, well come on...has he really left? Don't care about the rest.
  13. Yep, he's pretty odd that's for sure. He probably laps up what Ken Ham is selling. I imagine this is hanging in his office....
  14. Seems like these chiefs won't talk with the RCMP on their territorial land. Remove the cops so some talks can happen. These hereditary chiefs move at their own speed and will not talk while feeling threatened.
  15. Bill Maher went there and ripped Ken apart in his atheist doc. Bill Nye schooled Ken in a creationism debate. Made me realise, people named Bill don't like nonsense.
  16. They're planning to block the Commercial and Broadway Skytrain station today at 5 pm. Very busy spot for commuters going home. Could be fist fights.