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  1. [Trade] Canucks Trade Luongo to the Panthers

    Is this a joke? The fans are finally wanting to accept Lou as our guy and then another classless display by our organization. Then we trade him to florida? Cause you know they just have soo many players that we want. Oh and our recent succuess with trading with them has just worked out soo well. Seriously, Gillis is a one trick pony. So not into the direction this team has gone.
  2. I personally felt a small amount of shame as a fan when I heard Lu wasnt going to start. What happened to him "being our guy"? I am so unhappy with how the canucks are being run right now and not just because we are losing. Gillis has totally lost my confidence. I dont understand alot of the stuff Torts does but I want to like him. We have no offense at all and it seems like no one in a position of power cares. So many classless moves by the organization. I just feel like things are weird right now. Something doesnt feel right in canuckland.
  3. Linden For Gm

    Yeah great idea, make Linden GM. With the witch-burning mob of a fan base that the canucks have? So when we lose 3 games in a row the whole canucks fan base will forget everything he did for our team and want his head on a pike. Especially the younger fans who wont have the same appreciation for Linden most of us have.
  4. Jason Garrison so far?

    A) its the beginning of the season, B ) no preseason, C) new city, D) new coach, E) new team mates, F) new system, G) have we ever had a good player come here and just immediately out-do our expectations? Besides luongo, no. Why? Because it takes time for them to adjust to the changes and expectations and because we expect way too friggin much way too fast. Give it time, jeez.