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  1. I'd imagine Granlund would be back. Not really worth much. High utility player that green seems to like. Also doesn't like there is much coming from the farm in terms of help.
  2. Nailed the first two picks. Drafted BPA and addressed positional needs.
  3. Yeah, like a lot of young defensemen, seems like he just needs to sort out of few things. He'll be an important player for the canucks.
  4. Did Juolevi have an awful season? From all reports, it seemed like it was a very having a pretty good season. Getting points, and getting lots of minutes.
  5. It's a very sad day. Botchford started covering the Canucks right around the time when I started watching hockey. I was a huge fan of the PatCast and The Provies/Athletties. I thought he was a very divisive figure in the Canucks media circle, but he definitely drew intrigue and kept things interesting. He was original and had an edge in his writing.
  6. It's true. Veteran teams win cups. That doesn't mean younger teams like the 2010 Hawks can't pull it off, but you don't see a team full of 20 to 24 years winning cups very often. The physical peak of hockey players is usually around 25 years old. However, experience and wisdom can make up for the physical decline up until the mid thirties. So the real prime of hockey players is probably around 27-28.
  7. Injured defensemen? Sounds like a Canucks D already.
  8. Most of the players that otherwise would have developed in Utica were promoted to the Canucks as a result of dire need, or they simply were ready to play in the NHL. (Horvat, Boeser, Hutton, Stecher, Petterson, Virtanen and Gaudette). The canucks were a bad team, and desparately needed these players to play right away. There are good stories as well. Players that developed in Utica: Brendan Gaunce, Zack MacEwen, Guillaume Brisebois, Ashton Sautner, Alex Biega, Jalen Chatfield and Thatcher Demko.