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  1. I've been a canucks fan for many many years and have lived in Edmonton in for several years. i find your statement very arrogant. Vancouver has its problems, as does Edmonton. You are a classic snob that I think portrays Vancouverites in a very poor way. i don't envy anyone that has to consistently pat their backs that they live in Vancouver. I'm sure Daddy's money afforded you a nice place to live in BC.
  2. That's honestly a pretty minor thing to get hung up on. When Juolevi was first starting out in Finland, he was a first time pro playing fully aged men in a different league / rink than junior. Teenage vs men. Salo also then said he ended up being the best defensemen on the team, and that he was ready for the NHL. He had high praise for Juolevi.
  3. He's still technically a rookie on the comets roster. Here are some defensemen that needed a lot of games in the AHL before making the step to the NHL. (50+ games) Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, Duncan Keith, Alex Edler, Chris Tanev, Mark Giordano, Roman Josi, Jeff Petry, Keith Yandle, Matthias Ekholm, Ryan Ellis. And plenty plenty more. Jim Rutherford was famous for saying that he avoids drafting defensemen because they take so long to develop.
  4. All around offensive game. Baertschi is also a pretty good forechecker. He skates way better than Pearson and Leivo as well. The unsaid reason is probably everyone is nervous about how fragile Baertschi is, and he is 1 or 2 concussions away from ending his career. It sucks, but if we are going by merit, Baertschi deserves to be here. We also have tons of an extra bottom six fowards on the roster currently. Why not keep a spare offensive player?
  5. Baertschi outplayed leivo and pearson in preseason. And Adam Gaudette is not really a typical bottom six forward and still made the team as an offensive centre playing.
  6. He played well enough in preseason to make the team ahead of a few guys I thought. Outplayed Virtanen, Schaller, Motte and Eriksson.
  7. Nice to see Juolevi back on the ice. 3 pts in 2 games since coming back.
  8. The whole benning administration has a lot riding on Juolevi. Probably want to be cautious.
  9. Juolevi had hip soreness. Doesn't sound like it was serious. Probably poor conditioning and being forced to play a ton of minutes.
  10. Could be conceivable that the canucks won on all of the Luongo, Schenider and Eddie Lack trades.
  11. Having waited this long, I got a bad feeling we are just suddenly going to hear he had surgery and will be back next year,
  12. What a turn around for our scouts.
  13. Steady all around defensemen with an offensive touch.
  14. It hasnt been a week yet. Guys relax.
  15. I'm not sure if your first bullet point is accurate. He has showed fairly well since he was drafted in the Men's Finnish league and last year in the AHL. He just needs to work on his defensive game, and get his conditioning up. Of all the prospects currently in the system, Juolevi prob has the best chance of being an NHL player as of right now. He has size, skating ability, IQ, and vision.