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  1. [Waivers] Corrado claimed by Toronto Maple Leafs

    No. I'm saying teams should be more patient with their prospects. Like Detroit is patient with their prospects. 22 is too early to give up on a player. 
  2. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Bonino has better hands.  Sutter is better overall imo. Faster, Bigger, better at face offs, and a better shooter. 
  3. He's Back! Tortorella Hired in Columbus

    wow talk about desparate
  4. Ranking our Canuck Defencemen (Discussion)

    Edler is our best defensemen. Complete package. A little sketch defensively sometimes. 
  5. [Waivers] Corrado claimed by Toronto Maple Leafs

    Remember what people said about Tanev at 22? The consensus here was that he would never be a top-four defensemen. He was too light, not physical, and couldn't shoot the puck. Now, not only is he playing in our top-pairing, he probably one of the most valuable players on this team. Defensemen take a long long time to develop. It's the hardest position to play. Canucks made a mistake by giving up on him at a young age. Once the injury bug hits our defense, like it does every last year, we are screwed.   He played like 10 games for us last year. Hardly ample opportunity. Vey on the other hand, was gift wrapped ice time, and pp time with the sedins.   
  6. Ryan Kesler is overrated

    I always thought Kesler was more of a grinder type player that somewhat evolved into an alright top-six forward.I agree, He IS overrated. We still managed a 100 pt season and finished second in the pacific without him. But he is a great hockey player. Strong, fast, athletic, and gritty. He doesn't have the ability to carry a team like other centers though.
  7. It's Miller Time?

    Last year through the first 25 games, he was probably our MVP. And throughout the year, he was pretty solid. Just had a few times where the team melted down and brought down this stats. People forget how bad our defense can really be. Vezina winner, olympian, and all start not that long ago.
  8. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    For anyone who follows the comets, what kind of deployment did Jensen get in Utica? Was he generally put in the top-six or on the third line? Did he get PP time?
  9. [Official] 2015 Canucks Training Camp Thread

    How has cole cassels looked? Haven't seen any games yet, but he seems to be getting lots of ice time, and is strong on the face offs.
  10. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Well, a lot of non-Benning picks have gotten praise from this administration. Markstrom, Gaunce, Hutton, Grenier, etc. Corrado is a lock to make the team. Horvat and Kenins made it last year despite being non-Benning pickups. Shinkurak didn't play bad, but the only likely positions up for grabs are checking position. It's more a manner of fit than performance. Anyways, I'm surprised by the cut because there is still a lot of preseason left. It would have been a big confidence booster for the kid to be around longer.
  11. Reports Patrick Kane is under police investigation.

    Anyone watch the full press conference? The district attorney makes her attorney look like a moron. Dog and Pony show.
  12. Any chance the game gets shown on sportsnet pacific? Jays game is over.
  13. Jake Virtanen Talk

    He def brings something different than all of our other prospects. Speed, Size, and plays with an edge. Gaunce and Jensen are okay, but don't bring what Virtanen brings.
  14. [Official] 2015 Canucks Training Camp Thread

    6'0 220 lbs is very heavy for that height. Jake Virtanen sort of has a similar body type....I think I read someone where he pushed 225 lbs during the summer, then cut down to 215 lbs. Good to see that we will be a heavy team moving forward.
  15. game is pretty boring. coach seems to like cassels. he s getting a lot of minutes