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  1. patty kane second sexually assult chase

    Seems sketchy. Honestly, it would be pretty hard for someone to sexually assault someone in a public  washroom. Especially in a busy downtown bar without someone walking in.  
  2. Welcome to the Canucks Alex Biega

    The guy has been rock solid. Good defensively, and a surprisingly good skater. I believe he was Utica's best defensemen last year and this year. After Hamhuis went down, and given our depth of D, we should have tanked. He was a big reason we were able to weather the storm. 
  3. [Speculation] Hodgson done in Nash?

    When you play in the NHL, there are always 200 ppl willing and ready to take your job. Eventually, the COHO treatment was going to get exposed. 
  4. Linden confirms Higgins will be traded

    I bet this downs the morale pretty good. We have a team fill of under performing veterans....Miller, Vrbata, Burrows, Hamhuis, etc. Seems like they are embarasing the guy. 
  5. Luke Schenn is bad. He was always pretty overrated and never really developed. In today's NHL, speed is becoming more and more important. 
  6. I like Alex Biega as a permanent 5-6

    Very solid defensemen.  He was probable the best comet defensemen. We may have something here. 
  7. Canucks' Benning keeping eye on Leafs' Corrado

    I was going to mention him too. He's currently in the minors for the Washington club. He was a good player for us in his first year here. Very solid defensively. Has some NHL experience too. 
  8. Does/Did Tanking Work?

    Really, everyone has to tank at some point to get their star player.
  9. Best wishes to Dan and the Hamhuis family

    Hope for a speedy recovery. outstanding D-man. I hope he re-signs in Vancouver. We are gonna miss him. I think that is much the season right there.  
  10. [Waivers] Corrado claimed by Toronto Maple Leafs

    No. I'm saying teams should be more patient with their prospects. Like Detroit is patient with their prospects. 22 is too early to give up on a player. 
  11. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Bonino has better hands.  Sutter is better overall imo. Faster, Bigger, better at face offs, and a better shooter. 
  12. He's Back! Tortorella Hired in Columbus

    wow talk about desparate
  13. Ranking our Canuck Defencemen (Discussion)

    Edler is our best defensemen. Complete package. A little sketch defensively sometimes. 
  14. [Waivers] Corrado claimed by Toronto Maple Leafs

    Remember what people said about Tanev at 22? The consensus here was that he would never be a top-four defensemen. He was too light, not physical, and couldn't shoot the puck. Now, not only is he playing in our top-pairing, he probably one of the most valuable players on this team. Defensemen take a long long time to develop. It's the hardest position to play. Canucks made a mistake by giving up on him at a young age. Once the injury bug hits our defense, like it does every last year, we are screwed.   He played like 10 games for us last year. Hardly ample opportunity. Vey on the other hand, was gift wrapped ice time, and pp time with the sedins.   
  15. Ryan Kesler is overrated

    I always thought Kesler was more of a grinder type player that somewhat evolved into an alright top-six forward.I agree, He IS overrated. We still managed a 100 pt season and finished second in the pacific without him. But he is a great hockey player. Strong, fast, athletic, and gritty. He doesn't have the ability to carry a team like other centers though.