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  1. Send me a message... hopefully you have got my PM is sent. If not ask me about it.

  2. Change your sig retard. It's MITCHELL, not MITCHELLE!

  3. Hey thanks. I've been around the game pretty much my whole life. Sometimes I actually get depressed reading what's said on the boards. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Dude you are one of the best posters on here in my opinion. Qualtity certainly is better than quantity in this case!

  5. Holy ???? post enough??

  6. This guy is a wannabe mod ???? sucker.

  7. it looks like the more post you make the worst they get....

  8. I def. feel that!

    Its funny...because the CDC goes through phases....usually a sheep mentality when it comes to topics.

    Yesterday i had a brush up with some dude that said AV's ego must be hurting because the Canucks won in spite of the coaching systems.

    It didnt occur to them that they may have been losing because they didnt stick to thier systems.

  9. yeah i had been for like a year... just couldnt take it anymore! im starting the revolution against stupidity on this forum ;)

  10. Good stuff mate!

    If you havent already lurked before starting an account....you will find a myriad

    of stupidity here on CDC.

    Very nice of you to call someone on it.