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  1. A little more info on Friesen on the icedogs site Good kid, I really like this pick and hope he excels at the pro level.
  2. Alex Friesen is probably one of the most clutch players in the OHL he has a knack for scoring timely goals and is probably a carbon copy of Alex Burrows in terms of what he brings to the table.
  3. I think he means Physicality. He isn't the biggest guy but if he could become a player like oshie whos strong on his feet and is a good 2 way player if he can develop the NA side of the game
  4. so he's supposed to be a PPG player in this Tourney now? its not all about points there bud. and how is MPS his measuring stick? MPS is a first round pick. Rodin is a second round pick. maybe you shouldn't be blinded by foolish patriotism and actually enjoy watching our prospects at this tournament.
  5. new forum is meh.

  6. Daniel Rahimi was playing in that game as well.
  7. Armin Van Buuren - Light the skies
  8. If you browse though the video clips, there are some highlights of his games with Minnesota. Cheers!
  10. This experiment must be done.
  12. rain-snow in surrey I want to go to Maui.
  13. the Spiderwick Chronicles movie suckssssss :|
  14. is sleep.