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  1. Every time you hear about Matthews doing something like this, remember... The reason he's not a Canuck is because the press was hounding management about tanking so bad (even though the Nucks weren't actually tanking, they were just that awful) - that they went out and won both (meaningless) games on a California roadtrip late in the season, just to prove to everyone that we weren't tanking. We lose those games instead (like we should have) - and, all of a sudden, we have Toronto's balls in the lottery instead of the ones we got (and we know how that turned out). There were multiple times at the end of last season where all we had to do was lose the rest of the way, and we were guaranteed the top spot in the lottery. The top pick was in our hands if we had wanted it. And, our management chose to throw it all away. Just to prove we weren't tanking. All the other teams around us were tanking, but oh no, not us! So, instead of #1, 2 or 3, we got #5 (and then chose the 6th best player). So, for the next 20 years, as you're watching this guy light up the league, remember that he should have been our's. But, instead of taking him, we chose to win two meaningless games in California to prove everyone wrong!
  2. If this were true, Stecher wouldn't be in the minors right now. Also, Ruutu would probably have a contract offer.
  3. So wait... A 26 year old in perfect health is retiring from the sport of hockey - instead of playing in the minors? Yup, his priorities have always been straight!
  4. In cases such as this, absolutely no one here understands the value of picks. So, everyone is saying that our 1st, 2nd & 3rd is worth way more than Kucherov, are they? Well, here is a refresher on what draft picks are actually worth. Most everyone projects us as a bubble team. So, the picks we are speaking about are roughly #10, #40, and #70. So, let's just look up what those are worth: 4.43, 2.96 and 2.46 points. That translates to a journeyman who's never quite good enough to make the show full-time, a good career AHL'er and a regular career AHL'er. On our team, that would translate as roughly: Linden Vey, Richard Bachman and Carter Bancks (if we signed him). For Kucherov. And everyone here is saying that Vey, Bachman and Bancks are worth so much more than Kucherov it's funny!... Everyone here always says how valuable 1st round picks are - but just look at the above! The 10th overall pick only gets you a crappy player (on average). Only top-5 picks make a difference (in the long run). Everything outside of the top-5 is a crap-shoot. We should be trading these picks (seeing as all the other teams over-value them so much), not hoarding them.
  5. Starting the season under the assumption that we'll be the worst team in the league - what are we, the Oilers or Leafs?
  6. Wait, you think that Pedan, Biega, Larsen, and Gaunce are NHL-caliber today/last-year??? Not to mention Etem, Dorsett and Tryamkin (who are bubble players or AHL'ers on any other team). Heck, even Granlund's stats scream AHL (although, granted, he's a bit better than his stats would indicate). And, I see you forgot to include Jayson Megna too. Odd that you'd do that, seeing as he's on a one-way contract this upcoming year, so we'll be paying him as if he was a full-time NHL'er. That's not just a few AHL-caliber players - that's a good portion of our lineup!
  7. I love how everyone here is saying we don't need him. We are one of the worst teams in the league - we need anyone we can get! If they are an NHL-caliber player - we need them. Period. And we need them desperately. A good portion of our team is only AHL-caliber right now. A humongous portion. We are no longer in a position where we can pick and choose. Anyone with a choice will choose anywhere but Vancouver (as we've been seeing all summer long). We are extremely lucky that Loui was such good friends with the Sedins (and wanted to play with them so badly he was willing to go to a terrible team to do it). That sort of thing isn't going to happen very much over the next couple of years.
  8. I keep hearing about how we were so badly injured last year, and how that was the reason why we were (arguably) the worst team in the league. But, let's just look. Daniel - 82 games Henrik - 74 Horvat - 82 Hansen - 67 Baertschi - 69 Vrbata - 63 Hutton - 75 Burrows - 79 Bartkowski - 80 Dorsett - 71 Miller - 51 Other than Sutter and Edler, we didn't lose anyone important for more than a small handful of games. And, even then, they got 72 games in between the two of them. No, the reason we were so god-awful last year is exactly what I said it was: a complete and utter lack of goal-scoring.
  9. Oh yes he does! Let's do the math and see... Sedin Sedin Eriksson - 23, 9, 32 Baertschi Sutter Hansen - 20, 16, 20 Etem Horvat Virtanen/Rodin - 11, 19, 13 Burrows/Gaunce Granlund Dorsett - 12, 10, 6 Our D can't be counted on to put up much more than 25 or so goals combined. Anyone else only gets playing-time at the expense of one of the above (so you can't add their goals in - if they are playing, they are costing us goals, not adding them). That totals 216 goals - and I've been pretty optimistic here. For instance, I have the 1st-line-scoring going way up this year thanks to Loui (and assumed a lot of players have better years this year). I've also assumed that we have absolutely no impactful injuries throughout the year(a rather humongous assumption). There are also a lot of sophomore-slumps coming too (which aren't reflected here). Oh, if you look back, I did the exact same analysis a year ago - and it predicted that we'd be a bottom-5 team who had an awful time scoring goals. And, that's exactly what happened! Everyone here thought we'd be a playoff team - but, when you don't have the goal-scoring, you're doomed... This time it's predicting a 10th or 12th overall pick. And, that's if everything goes well this year! If things don't go our way (like every season EVER), it could be far worse. Even adding a top forward, like Evander Kane won't help us very much. To compete with the top teams in the league, we need 30, 40, or 50 goals to appear out of nowhere. The odds of that happening are slim.
  10. Yes, the team he inherited was a perennial division-champion over the previous decade - and the team we have today is arguably the worst team in the entire league... Definitely night and day.
  11. Well... He's one of the 15 best centers on Earth - you can have him for free - and he'll probably sign for less than those other 14 guys, so...
  12. I'm surprised we didn't have to somehow throw in draft-picks in order to get him signed...
  13. Ahem, Sundin. Ahem, Messier...
  14. And you are cherry-picking. You didn't mention our other recent 3rd round picks: Daniel Rahimi, Kevin Connauton, Brett Skinner, Lukas Mensator, Thatcher Bell, Tim Branham, Rene Vydareny, Justin Morrisson, etc...
  15. Jeez, absolutely no one here understands the actual value of draft picks. Here's a primer. You'll notice that the value of a 3rd round pick is a bad minor leaguer. Not a good one. An average one. Someone who will never make the NHL for any more than a few games here or there. Here are some Canucks who fit that bill: Alexandre Bolduc Rory Fitzpatrick Jason Krog Fedor Fedorov And, actually, Rory Fitzpatrick and Jason Krog are too good to be in that group (Fedorov too). Would anyone here say that Jason Krog is far too much to give up for Vesey? Nope. Not on your life. But, they are all saying that something worse than him is...