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  1. bloodycanuckleheads

    A future goalie controversy

    Remember when Kevin Weekes was the goalie who was going to backstop our team for like a decade? How did that turn out?...
  2. If we were offered anything of value for Guds last year, we are fools for not jumping on it.
  3. bloodycanuckleheads

    Utica prospects graduation to big club?

    Just to point out... Gillis' record with the Moose: 133-86-7 Gillis' record with the Wolves: 79-57-9
  4. bloodycanuckleheads

    Elias Petterson in 3 years could get a $150Million Deal?!

    I keep hearing this ludicrous claim around here. Let's put an end to it right now. You guys must not be old enough to have seen Gretzky play. Because, he was so much better than Pettersson, it isn't even funny (and so was Lemieux, before you guys go there). For instance, in his rookie year, Gretzky led the league in points (and was 2 goals short of leading the league in goals as well). Pettersson is, right now, tied for 35th in points and 18th in goals. He'd need to score around 66% more to be leading the league - in either category.
  5. bloodycanuckleheads

    [Proposal] 1 last run

    If the Canucks get to turn back the clock and bring back their two best forwards - then every other team gets to do that too - and, all of a sudden, we're terrible again...
  6. bloodycanuckleheads

    Cap Space 2019/20

    Ummm, that's always been impossible. We have Aquilini as an owner. He'll never allow us to give up and take on other team's trash. We'll get more players like Beagle, Schaller, Gagner, Loui, etc...
  7. bloodycanuckleheads

    Loui Eriksson Can't Be a Passenger (Article)

    Allow me to introduce you to Mark Messier...
  8. bloodycanuckleheads

    The start of a HOF career

    No, not the same age. Daigle was 18 (and 8 months) when he started his first full season in the NHL, Pettersson was 19 (and 10 months).
  9. bloodycanuckleheads

    Jake Virtanen still doesn't realize how strong he is

    It's rather hard to teach Hockey IQ. You either have it - or you don't.
  10. bloodycanuckleheads

    The start of a HOF career

    Pettersson can't beat that record. Daigle played a full NHL season right after the draft. Pettersson didn't.
  11. bloodycanuckleheads

    The start of a HOF career

    Ummm, Daigle had 51pts in the NHL as a 19 year old - which is actually better than leading the SHL. We actually have the lottery right now because Ottawa tanked in order to draft him. He's also the reason why we have rookie salary limits, because they gave him the biggest rookie contract ever. And, it's funny you mentioned Forsberg - as the Nords offered Forsberg++ in order to get the #1 overall pick so they could draft Daigle. Ottawa said no to that (and to another #1 overall player they offered).
  12. bloodycanuckleheads

    New Line Combinations

    Only having three defensemen doesn't sound too bad - until you realize that we've got 0 goalies backing them up...
  13. bloodycanuckleheads

    Virtanen, Horvat, and Boeser - new line

    I remember reading an analysis about this and, yes, he was one of the best in the NHL at zone entries - but he was also one of the worst in the NHL at knowing what to do when he got there. The vast majority of the time he loses the puck and possession flips back to the defending team. Which makes the zone-entry stats worthless.
  14. bloodycanuckleheads

    The start of a HOF career

    Jesper Bratt and Alexandre Daigle both had 5 points in their first 2 NHL games - is anyone talking Hall of Fame for them? The end of next season is the earliest anyone should be thinking about the HoF. And that's still too early.