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  1. Who is our future?

  2. Are the Canucks really that bad?

    Back before this season started, when everyone was saying that we had a good team, all I had to do was add up all the goal-scoring we were likely to get and it was patently obvious that we'd be one of the worst teams in the entire league this year: We had roughly 190 potential goals before the season started - and so far we've scored 166 (on-pace for 200 goals). So, the prediction was pretty darn accurate. So, why don't we do that again and see if next year will be any different...: Sedin/Sedin/Virtanen: 23/12/13 Baertschi/Horvat/Hansen: 18/14/18 Burrows/Sutter/Dorsett: 8/18/9 McCann/Vey/Granlund: 12/10/10 Edler/Hutton: 10/5 Sbisa/Tanev: 5/5 All the other D combined: 5 Any goals scored by players not listed above (AHL'ers and fringe-NHL'ers for example) - will be when the unlisted player is taking the spot of someone else, so they have no net effect. And, even if we add a goal-scorer in place of Vrbata via free agency, it won't improve things much. Adding that up, we get 195 goals, which will (again) put us in the bottom 5 or 10 teams in the NHL. To be among the top teams in the NHL next year, we'll need to score 250 to 275 goals. Where do you think those extra 55 to 80 goals are going to come from?
  3. Bo, baertschi, virtanen

    Ummm, about 2 weeks ago, it was clear that the Canucks' brass decided that the playoffs were out of reach and that they should tank. So, it should come as absolutely no surprise that they're messing with anything that works. Right now, they don't want lines that work. They want lines that get scored on. A lot.
  4. Sum up Canucks in two words

    AHL Quality
  5. Shot Fired at Ownership (Article)

    Not quite. There's a lot more to it than that... The Miller contract was god-awful, not because Miller isn't a good goalie - but, because it showed that our GM had absolutely no clue about the quality of our players. A GM's entire job is evaluating talent, and with this one contract, it showed us that he hadn't evaluated his own team. The fans knew we didn't need a goalie. We had Lack and Markstrom. Why on Earth would we need an expensive new goalie??? And, by signing Miller, we had to throw Lack in the trash-can. We could have had Lack & Markstrom in net - and an extra $4+ million to upgrade one (or more) of our forwards. And, Miller-Markstrom isn't that much better than Lack/Markstrom. And, definitely not when you consider the extra four million and change you get with Lack/Markstrom. In fact, it could be argued that Miller/Markstrom is actually the worse tandem. That's why the Miller contract was bone-headed.
  6. [Report] F Jonathan Drouin Requests Trade from TBL

    And, don't forget how phenomenal Horvat has been defensively! Oh wait, he's got the absolute worst plus/minus in the entire league...
  7. [Report] F Jonathan Drouin Requests Trade from TBL

    Well, let's see... Drouin - 40pts in 89 NHL games, +4 Horvat - 36pts in 108 NHL games, -27 Yet, Horvat has proven everything, while Drouin has proven nothing???
  8. [Rumor] Eklund reporting we are in on Johansen

    My God, Canucks fans are delusional!... A 23 year old first-line center - and you people seem to think that you can get him for our injured 3rd line non-offensive center??? Or Hamhuis??? Or Tanev??? Give your heads a shake people!
  9. [Trade] Zack Kassian to Canadiens

    Just to point out guys... This will set Kassian back a year or two. So, he'll still have 6 to 8 good years in the NHL. Prust only has 1 to 3 more years. Oh yeah, and Kassian will produce a lot more during that time-span.
  10. Zero goals in two preseason games

    You lost all credibility when you didn't figure out that Henrik was the one with 12 (and Daniel was 18)...
  11. Zero goals in two preseason games

    Ha! More like: 12 - 18 - 24 [sedins & Vrbata] 14 - 20 - 13 [burrows, Horvat & Hansen] 12 - 15 - 8 [Higgins, Sutter & Dorsett] 5 - 6 - 12 [Prust, Gaunce & Vey] 10 [Edler + Hamhuis] 16 [Weber + Tanev] 5 [sbisa + Bartkowski] That's 190 goals - and that would put us bottom-5 in the league...
  12. (Rumour) Eklund says Canucks interested in Lars Eller

    Benning's the greatest thing that ever happened to Eklund - now it doesn't matter how crazy his made-up rumours are, they'll all sound perfectly reasonable compared to the real thing...
  13. Previewing The Canucks 2015-2016 Roster (Forward edition)

    Just to point out... Your wildly-optimistic projections for our top-13 forwards only total around 195 goals. Sedin - 15 Sedin - 18 Vrbata - 28 Sutter - 23 Horvat - 17 Higgins - 13 Hansen - 11 Dorsett - 6 Burrows - 20 Prust - 5 Vey - 15 Kenins - 10 Baertschi - 14 And, we'll just ignore the fact that you have basically every line on the team scoring more than the Sedins. So, these projections will be tough to meet (I love Burrows and Vey, but it's unlikely they'll combine for 35 goals). It's probably more likely that this group scores 185 or 180. Add in 20 or 25 from the defense. So, that puts us somewhere between 200 and 220 goals next season (assuming all our top scorers play a full year or their replacements score at a similar rate, which is unlikely). So, that's where we are... To put this in perspective, only ten teams in the entire league scored less than 219 goals last year. So, we're projecting right at the bottom of the league.
  14. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Well, let's see... Penguins fans think we got fleeced. Canucks fans think we got fleeced. The vast majority of commentators think we got fleeced. Yup, looks like someone got fleeced...
  15. [Rumour] Brandon Sutter deal almost done

    It's hilarious how delusional everyone here is. Just hop on over to any of the Penguins' boards, and you will see that absolutely every single Pens fan LOVES this trade and thinks they fleeced us (which is fair, as they actually did fleece us). And, that was with Sutter making $1+ million less a year.