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  1. Yeah, I wanted us to trade-down to take Lias Andersson or Tippett (and the free pick or picks that would have gone with it).
  2. Oh yes there is! Tremendous shame. Having no stars means that, at the very least, your team has drafted abysmally! Absolutely abysmally. And for an extended period of time (a decade plus). And, if you drafted well, it means that you got absolutely fleeced in all your trades.
  3. Ooh boy, what an opportunity! I wish I had the 'opportunity' to get fired!...
  4. Our schedule is easy again next season in the first half. So, it's conceivable that we aren't the worst team in the league at Christmas. Perhaps not even close. So, maybe that carries over and is enough to help us sneak into the playoffs. It won't be. We're going to be god-awful by the end of the year. But, hey, we can dream, can't we?...
  5. What, is our current rivalry with Arizona, New Jersey and Colorado not enough for you?
  6. Ummm, Goldobin's actually in the NHL...
  7. Don't forget that - 2 times in a row now - we've had a top-5 pick but did not select one of the top-5 players (and our #6 overall pick went far worse than that). And, before you go attacking me and saying how amazing the players we got are (and how Dahlen and Pettersson are best friends) - remember that we could have traded down and still gotten Juolevi/Pettersson, but also had valuable assets to go along with them. And, if by some miracle, they were taken before they dropped to whevever we ended up - that means we would have had the assets plus multiple higher-ranked players to choose from. Win/win. We chose lose/don't-win instead. So, yeah, just getting the top picks isn't enough - you have to use them smartly. Something the Canucks have a long and storied history of not doing...
  8. The next time we're in the Stanley Cup Final, municipal governments will probably have been replaced by sentient robots and we'll be too busy serving them to watch holosports...
  9. Wow. The Benning/Virtanen apologetics in this thread are just... Wow. Here, I'll show you guys why Virtanen was a god-awful pick (and still is). First off, when you draft a player high in the first round, you want that player to have been dominant throughout, basically, his entire career. Of course, if the player was a 15 year old playing against men, he isn't going to be dominating them (but he would if he was playing against players his own age, so you have to take that into account). There are only 31 NHL teams, but hundreds and hundreds of minor-league/midget/pee-wee/etc... teams. If you're an NHL team, you want the best of the best. You don't want some guy who was never anything special. You are choosing from a group of players who were all insanely dominant since they were children. Virtually all top NHL players all have something in common: they have been better than everyone else their entire careers. So, let's just look at Virtanen and the guys we should have taken (Nylander or Ehlers - as they looked at the draft). Nylander: - Played against professional men (SHL) and acquitted himself well - Dominated against players his age - DOMINATED internationally against players his age - Best player on almost every team he's ever been on Ehlers: - Played in the Q (top-5 in league scoring) - Dominated against players his age - Dominated internationally against players his age - Best player on almost every team he's ever been on Now, let's look at Virtanen: - Played in the WHL (barely makes the top-35 in league scoring) - NOT the best player on his team. Not 2nd best either - Never the best player on any of his teams throughout his entire career - and quite often one of the lesser players (for instance, when he was in midget and scored a point-per-game, he wasn't even one of the top-20 on his team)! - Virtanen has only had one decent season in his entire career - and that was in bantam, when he was a little kid! A point-per-game in the WHL for 1.5 seaons is nothing to write home about. The top WHL prospects score almost twice that much. The WHL has been famous for decades for being extremely high-scoring. If you are wondering why Lias Andersson went so high at the draft (and why I was begging for us to drop down to get him) - this is why. You want the player who's so good, he's playing against better competition than everyone else. You want a guy who's been dominant forever. From midget all the way up. Virtanen has size and speed, but he's never once been a good hockey player. Like ever.
  10. Don't forget - he's a 19 year old top-5 NHL draft-pick who is playing against 16 year olds. He should be so dominant it isn't even funny - not marginally better than 3rd-round picks (Mete) and undrafted youngsters (Bouchard).
  11. Go look up our corsi numbers! Even though we were one of the worst teams in the league, we had decent corsi numbers (and other fancy stats). Not great, by any means, but nowhere near as bad as you'd expect. That's because stats like corsi are highly misleading. In the NHL, once a team has a lead, they tend to sit on it. The coaches slow the game down and start playing defense. So, if you take a terrible team like the Canucks - who are usually behind just minutes into each game - that means that the other team is only playing for 5 minutes and coasting for 55. So, you have 5 minutes of a-lot-of-shots, followed by 55 minutes of almost-no-shots. While, at the same time, the losing team (us) is firing-away like mad. So, of course, the terrible team is going to have phenomenal shot-stats. The other team isn't even trying to score. So, if you look at the corsi, you'd think we were a decent team - but, in reality, it just means we were getting our asses handed to us all the time (typically really early in each game).
  12. Can't believe we've gotten to page 2 without anyone mentioning that Tryamkin isn't on our team anymore! Also, Juolevi regressed last season. He should have absolutely dominated as an over-ager playing against the boys, but he didn't. At all. He wasn't even his team's top d-man for most of the year. He played well at the end of the season, but the first half was not what you wanted to see from a #5 overall pick. Hutton is great, but he also regressed last season. He was looking like he might be a top-2 one day. Now, he's barely even looking like a top-4. Stecher is even better - but his up-side is severely limited. I love the guy, but he's nowhere near big or strong enough for the NHL. Watch him in the replays. He's constantly getting man-handled by the bigger NHL forwards. So, our coach has been sheltering him. Royally. Stech doesn't play against the biggest/best forwards the NHL has to offer. He can't play against them. That means that he's never going to be a true top-2. He's always going to be the offensive-guy or on the 2nd unit. Both him and Hutton came out of college too, so it's not likely that we'll see either of them change much (unlike how 19 year old rookies seem to get better and better their first few years). And, finally, go take a look at Gudbranson's fancy-stats - they are scary-bad...
  13. We literally need every player we can get our hands on. Literally.
  14. Taking the best player available is good GMing! Bad GMing is taking someone who isn't even close to the best player available - like Virtanen - only to have it blow up in your face. Really bad GMing is doing the same thing over again, right after you learned your lesson...
  15. Such a great job Benning's been doing! We've only had a completely embarrassing team for almost his entire tenure - with absolutely no hope for anything better in the near-future! How can you people even argue that he's doing a good job??? What are your criteria for success? Because, it can't possibly be 'success'... Also, it should be noted that Benning has already given up on 2017-2018. He completely gave up on next season - about 4 or 5 months ago! He isn't even trying to win anymore. What do you people think is going to happen next year? When Benning was trying to win, we were the 2nd worst team in the league one year, and the 3rd worst team the year before (but, actually, for long stretches of both seasons, we were, by far, the worst team in the league). That was when he was trying to win. He's not trying anymore. It only gets worse from here on out... Such amazing GM'ing! Oh, and one final point... The worst GM we've ever had is probably Dave Nonis. Completely incompetent. Yet, the people on this board were about 100% in-favour of his work, right up until the day he was fired. You saw threads like this all the time, saying how smart Nonis was. If you said anything about how awful a GM he actually was, you got flamed mercillessly. Just like what happens when you criticize Benning today. At least Benning is far more competent than Nonis. But, that's not saying much... Interestingly, when we finally got ourselves a competent GM (Gillis), you all hated him and attacked him the entire time (and still are to this day). So, if the board is saying how great our GM is - you can probably bet your bottom dollar that the exact opposite is the truth.