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  1. That's like arguing which Baldwin brother is the best: Daniel, William or Steven. As soon as Alec enters the picture, you realize that those other three aren't even playing the same sport...
  2. Chance that Boeser plays in the AHL full-time next season: roughly zero. Chance that Virtanen plays in the NHL full-time next season: roughly zero.
  3. No, McCann only got us about 60% of Gudbranson - and Forsling only got us about 25% of Sutter. EDIT: Oh, and Virtanen's god-awful.
  4. The fanboys here will bite your head off for daring to call a spade a spade, but... The mis-management of this team over the last few years is just astounding. And, not just asset-management, trades, signings, etc... Even the little things are ass-backwards. For instance, remember back to when Gillis took over. There was a salary-cap, and we were one of the teams that would happily have spent way above the cap, if only it were possible. But, it actually was possible. Gillis threw all sorts of money at things that improved our team, but didn't count against the cap (like sleep-experts, consultants, nutritionists, etc...). He made Vancouver a destination. We probably had the best sports-science department in all of pro sports. The players were treated like prized-thoroughbreds - and they loved it. A lot of this stuff seems to have practically disappeared with Linden/Benning. Notice how players used to fight to come to Vancouver, but now no one wants to play here (it's not just the state of our team that's causing this). And, there were other things like that too... We had arguably the best contract-man and salary-cap-guru in the league - only to turf him for absolutely no reason. And look, all of a sudden we have endless problems in all those areas! What a surprise! Who could possibly have seen that coming?...
  5. It wasn't Bo saying it - it was our (now former) coach...
  6. Whoever it is, they'll almost certainly do a better job than our current face-of-the-franchise: Tirey the Tire Fire
  7. I yelled 'Oh, you've gotta be kidding me, this goddamn team!' at the tv when we took Juolevi instead of Tkachuk. And, that pick is only looking worse and worse each passing month. Victor Mete was chosen almost 100 picks behind Juolevi - and out-played him almost the entire season. Kind of like how everyone in the minors has out-played Virtanen since we drafted him. Juolevi should have been absolutely dominant this season. But, he wasn't. At all. He was rather far from dominant (and got passed on his team's depth-chart by someone who should never have passed him). It was rather disappointing. Extremely disappointing. If they were to re-run the drafts, Juolevi doesn't go anywhere near the Top-5. And, Virtanen doesn't even go in the 1st round. Like seemingly always, we tossed our top picks right into the trash. This team and it's managment...
  8. Canucks team toughness: zero Top-3 Forwards: zero Top-2 Defensemen: zero Again, how on Earth has this been allowed to happen??? With a $70+ million a year payroll? And, about 5 years of advance-warning? Whenever you're tempted to say that Benning's doing a great job, just look at the above. The incompetence required to allow this to happen is just off the charts.
  9. It's not a coincidence that we were - by far - the worst team in the NHL over the last 10 or 15 games. Playing the kids = losing. A lot of losing. Very, very bad losing. Turns out actual talent wins a lot more hockey games than potential. Wait... So, you are saying that it took 10 years of being god-awful for both the Oilers and the Leafs - all those extremely-high draft-picks ended up being pretty much worthless - and it wasn't until they got lucky and drafted generational #1 talent that they turned things around? And, you said this immediately after claiming the Canucks can turn it around in like a couple years, without any of the top picks, generational-talent or luck?
  10. You could tell the Sedins were dialing-it-in this year way back in October/November. Everyone seems to blame their decline on age and skill - but, that's not the case. They simply stopped trying. They stopped competing (and these are players who had a rather low compete-level to start with). You DO NOT want players like that on your team. Like ever (look no further than Messier). No matter how good they were once upon a time. And especially not when they are earning 20% of your cap. Oh yeah, and then you have the fact that Loui spent 2 years trying to get onto this team, one of the worst teams in hockey, just to play with the Sedins - and, when he finally accomplishes it, they do this to him! From Day 1, they ruined everything for him. Their good friend. The Sedins appear to have completely broken his spirit by doing this. That's another $6 million thrown right into the trash. If they had actually competed this season, we'd probably still have Hansen and Burrows too. Two of the only players we had on our roster with heart...
  11. Ummm, if he's not good enough, then he hasn't, in fact, earned his chance...
  12. That line-up is one of the worst in the league - and wouldn't come even remotely close to 90pts...
  13. A few things... Gretzky's career coaching record is only a little below .500. Which is actually pretty good, considering that he only coached Phoenix - at a time when Shane Doan was 20 to 30+ points better than everyone else on the team. Imagine the Canucks - where the 2nd leading scorer was 30pts behind Horvat. Ugly is an understatement. 1) Has absolutely nothing to do with his skills as a coach (only what other teams feel about those skills compared to other top unsigned coaches at the time). 2) Again, has absolutely nothing to do with his skills as a coach. 3) There was a reason why Demko didn't get played very much during the first half: he was awful. It wasn't until the end of the season that he started playing well. 4) This is the GM's doing, not the coach's. The coach can only coach what he's been given. And, both Utica and the Canucks haven't been given squat... 5) Only a subjective comparison to others. So, of the 5 main reasons not to hire Green - three of them have very little to do with his skills as a coach, one has a slight connection only, and the last one shows no understanding of the issue he was facing at the time? Cassels was never going to be an NHL'er. He was a top player in his last OHL season because he was over-age. He was in his 4th OHL season - playing against 16 and 17 year olds. No crap he was going to be dominant. Also, he was exactly 1.50 points-per-game. I love how that becomes 'roughly a 2.0 ppg rate'. You have to look at his scoring in his first two full-seasons, and those stats are middling at best (meaning he projects as an ECHL'er or AHL'er, not the NHL)... You sure are blaming the minor-league coach for a lot of very bad decisions by his NHL GM... Almost all top NHL players have something in common: they were ALWAYS the best (or 2nd best) player on their teams. Every year, from bantam to pros, always the best player on their team. Go look up Virtanen's career-stats. He was always a middling player (with the exception of only 1.5 seasons). He was never one of the top guys on his team. We over-looked that and drafted him extremely high - because we liked his body. Ridiculous.
  14. Lias Andersson has been playing with men for a year and a half. He's going to be a steal...
  15. There is only a 23.9% chance that we get either the #1 or #2 pick - and a 64.7% chance that we get #4 or #5. Good thing this franchise has a long and storied history of getting lucky!...