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  1. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    IMO he could have an impact similar to Nino Neiderietter.
  2. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I considered Carter but all the time his play at Centre turned me away. I do see the comparison, it is very close.
  3. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I don't really see the Kesler comparison. Kesler is a centre with world class defensive acumen and competitive drive. He had to work on his stick handling and shot, but was a naturally strong, fast and positional player. Jensen is a winger, he does display similar physical characteristics as Kesler now, but I don't think he will end up very similar to the Kesler mold in the long run. Jensen is a good skater (not great like Kesler), already has a wicked shot, and is rounding out his defensive and physical game as displayed by the shorthanded goals he is scoring. I would see Jensen's top end comparables: If he stays fairly soft and doesn't use his frame: Loui Eriksson, Thomas Vanek If he develops his physical game: Bobby Ryan, Johan Franzen
  4. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    IMO one great aspect of Jensen is his environment. Lessio and Jenner were drafted in the top 60 in the 2011 draft. There is a lot of talent there and all of them are 18 years old and will likely be able to develop for another two years in the OHL. This coming year they should be a major force in the OHL. They are all big skilled and have NHL sized frames that will out muscle teams.
  5. Patrick McNally Talk

    I just want something positive about the 2010 draft....can't I have this one thing
  6. Patrick McNally Talk

    I hope McNally can be similar to Tanev in his development- aka fast. He is 19 and off to play at Harvard in the fall 2011. I believe he will play two or more years under this system and turn pro and play in the AHL. By all accounts he is very projectible and we will see this fall how his raw talent translates into the college game against better opponents. He was ranked 40th overall by CSS in 2010, so they saw upside in him considering he was a prep school player. He is appealing because he has a great frame 6'2 180+ lbs. and is known to be a very smart defenseman who likes the puck and creates offense.
  7. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Bieksa has been regained his old form, when he took our blue line by storm after getting called up. I think his success has to be at least somewhat related to Hamhuis. Finally, a smart dependable RD that thinks the game to compliment Bieksa's side excursions.
  8. Patrick McNally Talk

    he was at prospect camp last year.....and the coaches said they were really impressed with his play during the 3 on 3 tournament. as per mini-drew doughty comment goes, i think he looks like him
  9. Patrick McNally Talk

    I consider him a poor mans drew doughty
  10. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    I was a huge fan of Jarnkrok before the draft and was promoting him. I wish we had a 2nd reounder, it would be neat to have Rodin and Jarnkrok. They could develop as a pair.
  11. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    They both have a year left on their SEL contracts. Expect them to have more significant roles on their teams this year and to be on the moose next year.
  12. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Still upset we missed out on the jarnkrok pick! Detroit took him middle of the second round..... We should of had a pick
  13. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    and maybe we draft fellow Brynas player Calle Jarnkrok and get a little WJC Swedish tandem going.
  14. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    From What I have heard they measure all the prospects at the combine, and he is 5'8. No arguing, No speculation, No "my friends said this".
  15. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I like this very much - WCHA Rookie of the year. He is very strong, he was up their in the bench press test at the combine. I hope he can develop his trength further and become a bulldog type player so he can survive in the NHL. He is very talented, I am very happy!