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  1. (Video) Tank, Baby

    No, it's an American that's leading the Hawks, a Russian leading the Capitals.
  2. Canadian Cadets

    If you have spent 30 years in one spot for peacekeeping, then it's not working. Since the 1990's peacekeeping has changed, so just showing up and saying we here to the keep the combatants from each other hasn't worked.
  3. Canadian Cadets

    How many peacekeeping mission have prevented further violence, hint : you can count them on one hand. If you have a better idea how to deal with ISIS and other terror groups, please let the Cdn Government know. For Lockout Casualty, I spent 26 year in the CAF and from my experience, the majority of people who join have no previous affiliation with any other military institutions. What the Cadets do is foster responsibilities, leadership, teamwork, confidence a sense of belonging. Maybe you would want these same kids to join a street gang instead!
  4. Nonis Talks to Benning and Linden

    You do know that PR is on the coast of BC, not in Alberta right.
  5. If you're picking 15th to 30th, you wouldn't be talking to the top ten would you? So numbers for each team would be different.
  6. [PGT] Jensen still on fire

    Dan Russel is a whiny, bitchy sore loser. There, fixed it for you. lol
  7. Seriously, Ottawa and the NYI would disagree.
  8. Really, most of the season the PP was tops in the NHL until the last six weeks or so. It's also time to quit whining about Ehrhoff, Hodgson, Grabner and Torres not playing for the Canucks anymore. Time to move on.
  9. thanks for the heads up