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  1. Hearsay, he said, he said type scenario. But who's telling the truth.
  2. No, it's an American that's leading the Hawks, a Russian leading the Capitals.
  3. Oh my, just to be twelve again.
  4. Probably not, looks like I'm getting an X-Box 1 for Christmas this year.
  5. Just for the record, he started with a very good team in Anaheim.
  6. If you have spent 30 years in one spot for peacekeeping, then it's not working. Since the 1990's peacekeeping has changed, so just showing up and saying we here to the keep the combatants from each other hasn't worked.
  7. How many peacekeeping mission have prevented further violence, hint : you can count them on one hand. If you have a better idea how to deal with ISIS and other terror groups, please let the Cdn Government know. For Lockout Casualty, I spent 26 year in the CAF and from my experience, the majority of people who join have no previous affiliation with any other military institutions. What the Cadets do is foster responsibilities, leadership, teamwork, confidence a sense of belonging. Maybe you would want these same kids to join a street gang instead!
  8. Are you serious? the Canucks would be playing a man down for the whole game. These clowns will give you a penalty for looking at another player the wrong way.
  9. Can anyone explain it to me, why Bieksa gets a two minute penalty for his head shot and Burrows gets five and a game?
  10. And yet the Canucks have 91 points, go figure.
  11. Over payment for both, definitely not.
  12. And Vancouver could of had another 5-6 extra pp themselves.
  13. You do know that PR is on the coast of BC, not in Alberta right.