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  1. Fast 5. 8/10 I read on the internets that the series really takes off with the fifth installment and I agree.. I liked this movie - lots of action and The Rock! On to number 6...
  2. Would not like to see Pittsburgh get him.. I mean c'mon - Mario, Crosby, AND this kid? Also don't want to see TO get him bc f**k Toronto. I said Columbus bc I like what they did by going all in last year, even though they knew they were losing a couple of big pieces in the off season. I think them getting the 1 OA would be nice karma. As much as I don't like Edmonton and think it's ridiculous that they've squandered so many 1 OA picks.. man - could you imagine AL on McDavid's wing? As a hockey fan I would love to see what those two could do together..
  3. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. 2/10 Third instalment in the franchise is a steaming pile of dog crap. Let me preface this with saying that nobody is going to confuse the earlier movies with quality, but at least they were fun. This one... not so much. The Goonies - 8/10 Love this movie. Saw it in the theater last night. Not sure if some of the stereotypes hold up in today's society but this movie is awesome.
  4. Kung Fu Hustle - 7/10 Silly, stylistic kung fu movie. Quite enjoyed it. Started watching The Fast and The Furious Franchise.. they have the first 8 on Netflix. The Fast and The Furious - 6/10. As long as you're in the right mood and are not looking for plot or acting, it's a fun car movie. 2 Fast 2 Furious - 5/10. More of the same, the sequel is never as good. No Vin Diesel. Next up is Tokyo Drift. I've heard the movies take off with Fast 5 so I'm giving it a chance. Also, what else am I doing, lol!
  5. One of the theatres in Calgary has reopened so I saw it there.
  6. The Gentlemen 8/10 maybe it’s the fact that I got to go to the theatre but I really enjoyed this movie. Funny, good dialogue.. great times
  7. The last few years I've focused on getting leaner and getting my body fat % into a healthy range. I've mentioned before that I've gone from 180lbs (30% bf) to 150lbs (15% bf) which has been a big change in my life. My focus was on a healthy lifestyle and being able to do things I wasn't able to before like big hikes, running a half marathon, etc. My new goal is to add muscle. I'm happy with my body size/shape and the things I can do, but it's good to have goals. I don't expect I'll ever have a six pack.. it's more about learning about myself and the biomechanics of eating and working out. I'm older (47) so I do understand that it'll be harder to add and keep but we will see where the next 8 weeks takes me. Will keep you peeps updated!
  8. F45 re-opens Monday here in Calgary.. I'm so looking forward to going back. I've stayed somewhat in shape by doing home workouts and running and hiking but it's not the same.
  9. Stick around for a few more. I just watched the episode where Chang is the lead in the school play of The Karate Kid. One of the best episodes in the last 4 seasons imo.
  10. I hear you. I've been working my way through the series and am on season 6.. the first season was by far the best.
  11. Montreal beats Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh gets the 1OA and gets another superstar to take the reins from Crosby.
  12. Got swabbed - I don't have the Rona.. was just a sore throat.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. babych


      The results were pretty quick. They said 2-5 days but it was around 24 hours. 

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i had my test in the van general and it took about 5 hours. 

    4. hammertime


      hey you left your sunglasses in my van!

  13. Got a sore throat yesterday. Looks like I'll be self quarantining for the next little while. oof.

    1. Cerridwen


      I hope it's only allergies or dry air, babych. Thank you for taking this seriously and self-quarantining! :)

    2. babych


      I have my moments. I've been feeling quite tired the last couple days as well - I just chalked that up to getting old, lol! But when I got the sore throat I figured I should stay home. Getting swabbed tomorrow.

  14. Finally got out to the mountains!