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  1. In my experience there's no such thing as a functioning alcoholic. I'm glad he's getting help.
  2. It’s still a weirdo thing to say. But I appreciate your explanation
  3. Ummm... what the hell does that have to do with anything?
  4. Are you looking for time or completion for your run? I've been toying with the idea of doing a half next summer as well. I started running again a couple years ago - really just eased into it and only in the spring/summer - and I can comfortably do around 10k. If I want to do a half I 'spose I need to find an indoor track soon...
  5. Awesome GDT! One note - Calgary is 20 - 15 - 5... they have a loser point on us. Tonight is friggin huge - a win puts us 1 point ahead with a game in hand, GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!
  6. The Fanatic: 8.5/10 Super creepy movie. Well written, directed and acted. Way, way better than I was expecting. I felt somewhat... unsettled? ... after watching it. Highly recommend.
  7. Sure - but he's under no obligation to ask to go on LTIR. Again - not fraud. Faking an injury to get cap relief is fraud. Lou retired and the teams were both assessed the cap penalty as per the CBA. After Lou retired he is free to seek employment anywhere he wants. Does it suck for us? Of course. Is it illegal? Nope.
  8. It may be collusion but it's not fraud. Here's the thing - Lou is allowed to retire and doesn't have to give any justification for doing so. So what if he has an agreement to go work for Florida? He was under no obligation to do the Canucks any favours and likely wanted to not delay his post-hockey career. As mentioned earlier - get mad at Bettman if you're going to be mad at anyone.
  9. But how does that make it cap circumvention? Lou retired, as is/was his right... We might not like it, but it's certainly not cap circumvention.
  10. Lol! C'mon Alf... There is nothing remotely resembling cap circumvention here. I'll agree with @HerrDrFunk that we Canuck fans have a right to be angry at the league for changing the rules AFTER the fact, but getting mad at Lou and/or The Panthers is a little beneath us, no?