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  1. That's so awesome! Definitely out of MY weight class
  2. Attempted some endurance work for running today - did 3 runs, each one about 6.8 km in length in succession. I started on the hour, ran, then rested 15 mins or so until the hour was up then ran again. Altogether I ran 20.5k in 2 hours 10 mins of run time, spread out over three hours. I'm so friggin beat.
  3. So, I started running again in Feb after taking 5 months off over the winter. I started running somewhat regularly again 2 years ago but I don't take it seriously enough to run during the winter (I'm really not a fan of treadmills). The last couple of years I did some hiking and other activities to stay in shape, but there was a noticeable drop in performance when I started running again and I needed a couple months to get back to where I left off the previous summer. I accepted this as the trade off for not wanting to run over the winter. This winter I started working out at an F45 close to home. I had worked out at F45 few times but nothing sustained because there wasn't one conveniently located until this one opened last August. I had considered myself to be in pretty decent shape prior to joining but man the workouts kicked my butt. I committed to going 5-6 per week, sometimes more, and have noticed some decent gains in strength and substantial losses in fat (I went from 20% to 15%). And I'm not a young guy so I think it's a little tougher for me. Anyway, the point of the story is that when I went back to running (I still do F45, although I'm doing the home workouts now) I basically started where I left off last August. There were not any huge decrease in speed and, if anything, my endurance has ramped up. I ran 17k today (my longest run to date) at a speed that took me about 3 months of training last year to achieve. I'm totally shocked at how much better my cardio and endurance is since I've joined F45. Not sure why I'm sharing this.. just pretty happy atm in a time when there's lots to be unhappy about I guess
  4. Been working at home doing mostly body weight stuff. Did a 10k run today.. I’m having a hard time staying motivated. I mean, I’m staying active but I’m not enjoying it as much. I think I get a real boost from working out in a group setting that I just don’t when I’m by myself. i will continue to push on.
  5. The Man With the Iron Fists: 9/10 Okay, so this movie is ridiculous and over the top but my god it is fun! This popped up in my recommended list on Netflix so I figured I'd give it a go. It's a throwback to the cheesy 70's kung fu movies and it's absolutely amazing. The movie doesn't take itself seriously, so keep that in mind if you give it a watch. If you're expecting something other than bad storytelling, cheesy dialogue and over the top kung fu then this isn't the movie for you.
  6. Here is the workout for today - tabata style and all body weight so you can do it at home. Pod 1 is stations 1-3, Pod 2 is 4-6, and Pod 3 is 7-9. Like the instructions say the timing is 20s work, 10s rest and 4 sets at each station - and you cycle thru the pod twice before taking a 1 minute break. Altogether there are 72 sets as you will do each station 8 times in total. Stay healthy everyone!
  7. Well, I 'spose this is pretty low on everybody's list of stuff they give a crap about at the moment, but.. Happy Pi Day People! Stay safe, be kind to yourself and each other and remember: Math is hard, math is unforgiving, math can reduce you to tears. But Math will NEVER give you the Coronavirus
  8. Alcoholism is a serious trouble. I normally enjoy your posts but this one I'm struggling with.
  9. Sorry if I missed it but anyone here watch/watched Kingdom on Netflix? I'm about to give it a go...
  10. This is Scarlet. I brought her home from the humane society yesterday. She’s still getting adjusted to my place but I think she’s setting in nicely.
  11. Update - so it looks like the cat did, in fact, adopt me:)

    She's a sweet (so far) 4 year old from the Humane Society. 


    Update to the update - pics are posted ::D

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    2. goalie13


      It's all an act.  They do that to gain a foothold in your home and then they slowly take over.  You have simply aided in their quest for world domination.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Adopt a dog. We need to keep the cat's in line. ;)

    4. Coconuts


      Aww yiss

  12. Thinking about adopting a cat from the humane society.

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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      You mean you're letting a cat adopt you^_^.



      Grats.  If I get another cat I want a purebred fluffball.



      @babych look into cat nutrition too.  A lot of people don't realize that dry food, especially for male cats can be very harmful in the long run.  Cheap food like friskies can also lead to long term health issues /nagging done

    4. babych


      The CHS (humane society) said to give her wet and dry and I'm keeping her on the diet they recommended/had her on.

  13. In my experience there's no such thing as a functioning alcoholic. I'm glad he's getting help.