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  1. babych


    This is also really good advice. I don't where you're starting from, weight-wise, but I noticed a huge change when I cut out drinking calories. Three years ago I was quite round - I'm 5'6" and weighed about 180. I started changing my eating habits slowly - I was looking for a sustainable lifestyle, not a diet - and exercising regularly and got down to 162, where I stayed for about a year. Then, I cut out drinking calories and, with the same lifestyle, I dropped to 150 and have been there for the last year. The great thing is that it's very sustainable now - I eat when I'm hungry and just try to make better choices.
  2. babych


    That makes perfect sense. The last couple years I've been maintaining my weight fairly consistently after losing about 30lbs - I'm not a big guy so going from 180ish to 150 was pretty huge! I never really counted calories before - I relied on eating sensibly and exercise to maintain my size and shape. Recently I started to use the myfitnesspal app bc I want to keep a better track of my macros, sodium intake, etc. My plan is to cut down to 145ish and then increase my calories and add some more lean muscle. I appreciate the advice!
  3. babych


    Here’s the little bit that I know.. 1) eat slowwwwly - it takes about 20 minutes for a body to start feeling full after starting to eat 2) try to stop eating when you feel about 80% full. It’s okay to be a tiny bit hungry - not enough where you’re craving food, just enough where you’re not quite full. honestly, I’d start there and then focus on what you’re eating. Also, don’t overhaul your eating all at once. What worked for me was slow changes over time so that it became a lifestyle as opposed to a diet.
  4. babych


    You likely have talked about this in the other thread, but would you mind giving me (us?) a summary of the process? What I'm wondering is how long you add the extra calories (how much extra?) and what you do for the cutting phase?
  5. Y'know.. I've been keeping myself in pretty good shape... just sayin'
  6. How do you quote someone and add it as a signature?

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      Thanks! I think I got it


  7. Today is shaping up to be a great day; just finished a course and I'm going to see The Hip again tonight!

  8. Going to see The Hip tonight!

    1. debluvscanucks


      Awesome.   I never sat in my seat once for the Van show.  Danced, sang, cried.  It's bittersweet.  Have a great night.

    2. babych


      It was such a great concert. They played for like 2 1/2 hours!