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  1. babych

    [GDT] Vancouver Canucks Vs Dallas Stars Dec 1

    I’m betting on Vancouver to win in my office pool, but I’m also kind of bad luck. i hope I don’t mess it up for the rest of you.
  2. babych

    Who goes first Markstrom or green?

    Don't let the guy tick you off. He's actually quite hilarious. As to the topic.. I'd say Markstrom leaves before Green does.
  3. babych

    [Discussion] Cory Schneider

    Only if we can get Luongo too.
  4. babych

    Have You Also Become Jaded?

    Going through a divorce, dealing with lawyers, and the whole system atm. It's very hard to not feel jaded when the system seems to reward the partner that is willing to do the least and is the most irresponsible. That being said, I have a good life and I know this is but a little(big) blip on the radar. All the same, it is very infuriating.
  5. Gaunce, EP and Virtanen.. that combo should get no one going...
  6. babych

    OFFICAL Bruce boudreau-a legacy of failure thread

    You mad bro?
  7. I'm admittedly a little biased but I liked WD. I didn't watch enough games to say if coaching was the biggest issue or not. That being said - we had a pretty trash team for a few years there.
  8. babych

    Petterssons next contract

    I know what you're saying, but this talk - I think - is more indicative of where we are as a franchise than anything. 2 years ago there's NO way we'd be imagining having this conversation, lol!
  9. Yep. That’s us all right.
  10. babych

    fans threatening canucks players in DM

    Yep. 100% agree with you Deb. That’s what I was trying to say but you said it best
  11. babych

    fans threatening canucks players in DM

    Don’t let what other tools do on the internet embarrass you. The only real times I’ve been ashamed to be a nucks fan is after the roits.. even then I was more sad for the city than anything...
  12. babych

    Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    Little early to be drinking, no?
  13. babych


    Been to a few concerts in my time, although growing up in Vernon there wasn't much in the way of decent concert access back then so I really got into live music more in the 2000's after moving to Calgary. My tastes are pretty varied, plus I have a daughter so I've watched bands from The New Pornographers, The Black Halos, KISS, and The Hip to Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift (who I actually love, lol), Ed Sheeren (also love) and 1D. Recently my daughter took me to Lights in town here - I was completely unfamiliar with her but absolutely loved the show. The last concert we went to was Hall and Oates in Portland a couple weeks ago.. some of you may roll your eyes but it was absolutely fantasic! Train opened and they were friggin amazing as well - I wasn't overly familiar with their work but they played a great set.
  14. babych

    Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Totally agree - I really like it when one gets it right, like Creep and Creep 2
  15. babych

    Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Totally disagree with you about heredity.. I thought the movie was unintentionally hilarious and my daughter and I had to stifle our laughter through most of the movie. 100% agree with you about GQ - I friggin love this movie. I remember watching it when it come out and wondering who this Sam Rockwell guy was...