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  1. Dark - 9/10 German series on Netflix about time travelers.. that's about all I can really say other than you have to pay very close attention to how everyone's stories are intertwined. two seasons are out and I believe the third (and final) season is coming out soon.
  2. Daredevil Season 3 - 9/10 Really enjoyed season 3.. I absolutely love Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin.
  3. I apologize to the rest of CDC, but I can't let this go. I have taken statistics and the first bolded sentence is just plain wrong. Perhaps you misspoke, but no statistician would ever suggest that a pattern is proven when you have 3 data points. In fact, they would tend to never use words like proven. If you truly have taken and understood statistics then you wouldn't have simply taken the last 3 years and ignored the other ones. Also, you would understand the danger of extrapolation with such limited data at hand. Has Bob trended down the past 3 years? Certainly. Does that guarantee the pattern will continue? Certainly not.
  4. This is a great book.. I’m planning on rereading it this summer. Currently I’m reading Octavia Gone by Jack McDevitt. I love the series;)
  5. I started running last summer with the goal of doing a 5k in < 30 mins and a 10k for completion. I hit both those targets so my new one for this summer was 10k in < 60. I hit that last week. New goal for this summer: 10k in 50-55 mins and a half marathon for completion. To that end I’ve started to incorporate interval training 1-2 per week and one slow long run. I’m hoping to do an 18k run tomorrow. Not bad for an old guy ;)
  6. That’s only because when the nhl expanded from 6 to 12 teams they put all the expansion teams in one division. So the Blues were the best team in their conference but didn’t really have a chance against the established, original 6 teams in the SCF those first 3 years.
  7. Honestly, I think the only way Vancouver wins the draft lottery is if they sign a RFA...
  8. I’ll be watching the movie tonight in Tokyo (in about 12 hours from now). I’m taking a group of students to go see it while we’re here;) No spoilers from me!
  9. No offense, but you come across like a used car salesman with this pitch. Baertschi had a CAREER high 35 points 2 years ago, so saying he's good for 50 points is quite a stretch. Olli put up 13 pts in 18 games and is recovering from injury. I like Lind but selling him as a player that was good in juniors a year ago? I really think we'd have to add value to this offer.
  10. There always has to be that one person.... You must be tons of fun at parties Edit: to the OP - I'm not sure how it will end, although I'm guessing that the studio will make "safe" choices. Either way - I'm very stoked to see it. I'll be in Japan when the movie opens and I'm hoping to see it there!
  11. Not Gillis' fault - the contract was approved by the league PRIOR to the recapture penalty. This penalty shouldn't apply to the contract but somehow it does... Regardless, it's not gonna happen. Either Luongo gets LTIR or he gets traded to a team that needs to reach the cap floor.
  12. This is also really good advice. I don't where you're starting from, weight-wise, but I noticed a huge change when I cut out drinking calories. Three years ago I was quite round - I'm 5'6" and weighed about 180. I started changing my eating habits slowly - I was looking for a sustainable lifestyle, not a diet - and exercising regularly and got down to 162, where I stayed for about a year. Then, I cut out drinking calories and, with the same lifestyle, I dropped to 150 and have been there for the last year. The great thing is that it's very sustainable now - I eat when I'm hungry and just try to make better choices.
  13. That makes perfect sense. The last couple years I've been maintaining my weight fairly consistently after losing about 30lbs - I'm not a big guy so going from 180ish to 150 was pretty huge! I never really counted calories before - I relied on eating sensibly and exercise to maintain my size and shape. Recently I started to use the myfitnesspal app bc I want to keep a better track of my macros, sodium intake, etc. My plan is to cut down to 145ish and then increase my calories and add some more lean muscle. I appreciate the advice!
  14. Here’s the little bit that I know.. 1) eat slowwwwly - it takes about 20 minutes for a body to start feeling full after starting to eat 2) try to stop eating when you feel about 80% full. It’s okay to be a tiny bit hungry - not enough where you’re craving food, just enough where you’re not quite full. honestly, I’d start there and then focus on what you’re eating. Also, don’t overhaul your eating all at once. What worked for me was slow changes over time so that it became a lifestyle as opposed to a diet.
  15. You likely have talked about this in the other thread, but would you mind giving me (us?) a summary of the process? What I'm wondering is how long you add the extra calories (how much extra?) and what you do for the cutting phase?