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    Been to a few concerts in my time, although growing up in Vernon there wasn't much in the way of decent concert access back then so I really got into live music more in the 2000's after moving to Calgary. My tastes are pretty varied, plus I have a daughter so I've watched bands from The New Pornographers, The Black Halos, KISS, and The Hip to Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift (who I actually love, lol), Ed Sheeren (also love) and 1D. Recently my daughter took me to Lights in town here - I was completely unfamiliar with her but absolutely loved the show. The last concert we went to was Hall and Oates in Portland a couple weeks ago.. some of you may roll your eyes but it was absolutely fantasic! Train opened and they were friggin amazing as well - I wasn't overly familiar with their work but they played a great set.
  2. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Totally agree - I really like it when one gets it right, like Creep and Creep 2
  3. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Totally disagree with you about heredity.. I thought the movie was unintentionally hilarious and my daughter and I had to stifle our laughter through most of the movie. 100% agree with you about GQ - I friggin love this movie. I remember watching it when it come out and wondering who this Sam Rockwell guy was...
  4. Hmmm.. I see what you’re saying, not sure I agree with it though. I appreciate the clarification.
  5. You’re saying transgenderism is bs?
  6. The Workout Thread

    Started running again a little this summer as I didn't want to pay to go to a gym to lift Today I almost hit my goal of 5k in <30 mins (30:54). I've seen some big gains in speed early as at the start of the summer I was running 5k in 35+ mins. The hope is to hit the above goal and also do a 10k to completion and then next summer run a 10k in under an hour. I'm a short guy so speed isn't really my thing, lol!
  7. confessions

    Man, I used to love beer.. absolutely love it! Then I switched to red wine for awhile and loved that too. Then I stopped altogether and I find I don’t miss it all that much. Plus I look a lot better without all those extra calories and bloodshot eyes
  8. confessions

    It's all good SC!
  9. confessions

    I haven't had a drink in 7 months.. that sure does look tasty...
  10. Can Brock beat Bure's Record (eventually?)

    60 is a huge ask in this era. I voted no but I’d love to be wrong. If BB scores 35+ this season I’ll be ecstatic.
  11. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Wow - I had an entirely different experience than you. I thought the movie was quite (unintentionally) hilarious in many parts and there were times I had to stifle outright laughter. As a scary movie I'd rate it 2/10, but the overall enjoyment factor (the parts that weren't supposed to be funny but were) I'd give it a 6/10. I think the last scary movie that actually did the job for me was Creep. I'd give that a 9/10 for sure.
  12. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Jake Virtanen

    I'd say the contract length is bang on both in terms of money and length. I see potential but JV only had 10g 20 pts last year...
  13. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    Love the tank top;)
  14. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    Haven't posted in awhile so here's one of me trying on a Deadpool hoodie in Walmart, lol!
  15. I'm so glad you said this. this phrase seems to be the flavour of the month on these boards.