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  1. Forecheck. Backcheck. Paycheque.
  2. I hear what you're saying, I'm just not sure why the organization and player would risk being caught when they could do things above board. Either way, it's a pretty trivial matter. I think we can both agree that it's awesome that Brock is signed and playing!
  3. I'm pretty sure that's not allowed. College players can't receive any compensation from a team and still be eligible to play NCAA. Plus, I think it's pretty common for teams to agree to burn a year of the ELC to get the player to turn pro earlier. Unless I'm mistaken Brock could have gone back and played another year of college hockey.
  4. Watched the first one yesterday... I thought it was pretty great. I'll most likely check out the second one today.
  5. I personally would have been more curious as to what Columbus was willing to offer us the year prior... I remember the CBJ beat reporter saying at the time that the Jackets had made a substantial offer but MG wanted to keep Schneider and trade Lou.
  6. Logan: 9/10 This is the Wolverine movie I've waiting for...
  7. Yeah no, that wasn't it at all. Look, it's no secret that we don't have a cup contending squad right now. That's not saying the players are crappy, it's simply the truth. Adding in all of the injuries and the recent case of mumps obviously makes things worse. Their point was that they feel that WD has this team playing hard and fighting pretty much every game is all.
  8. As fans we are all certainly entitled to our opinions on coaching, management, player performances, etc and when the team is losing there's certainly more than enough targets to point fingers at. I just thought I'd take a moment to let people know the perspective of Willie's performance from a different hockey market. So, I live in Calgary and often listen to the Fan 960 on my commute and they were talking about Willie and the Canucks on Friday and the mumps issue. Now, as you can imagine, the good radio people here rarely if ever have anything good to say about Vancouver.. it's actually funny as they still absolutely hate Kesler and love it when the Ducks are doing poorly. Anyway, it came as a pretty big shock when I heard them praise WD for what he's doing in Vancouver. Their take on it is that we don't have a contending team this year (which I don't think too many fans here will disagree with) and we've been riddled with injuries and sickness all year. Despite this, the Canucks are in pretty much every game and are playing hard for WD. One person even went so far as to suggest that WD be mentioned for coach of the year (he knows it won't happen) for taking this group and getting them to compete at the level they've been at. I know none of this will change anybody's opinion of WD; if you love him this will confirm it and if you hate him you'll be like "stupid Calgarians don't know hockey" but I thought it was interesting to note that some people outside of Vancouver think WD is doing a real good job.
  9. Is it wrong to dig up this thread? Regardless, another pretty good game by Hansen.
  10. I think a second would be fair value. Like others have said, we're not winning the cup year so may as well stock up on picks.
  11. I'll admit that I really hated this trade at the time and didn't understand the point of it. Sometimes I don't mind being wrong.
  12. Haha - we've taken it to pm and more... just trying to spice up WN is all... Is it too much?
  13. I think Calgary is a good idea, haha!