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  1. Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm going to sign up with DraftKings. Which games do you play? I've heard of the top 50% win prizes mode, that seems like something I'd join.
  2. So DraftKings is blowing up like crazy as of late. Partnerships with major sports such as the NHL and what not and I'm curious to hear from those who use it. There is also FanDuel but I've heard DraftKings is better and more popular, but feel free to discuss either. I already do both fantasy sports, and bet on sports, so the combination of both is wanting me to hop into this and try it out. So yeah, how is it? And how is the NHL portion of it?
  3. I've seen the Canucks in textbooks more than a. Couple times before, nothing like this however.
  4. If shes a liar, shes not going to care about what you say, or feel bad at all. So anything you say will do no good. Trust me, you are goijg to regret saying all those things to her because you are going to look back down the road and wonder why you even bothered and realize it was dumb when it doesnt turn out how you expected. Just cut her out of your life, delete her # and convos... But you probably wont, its a million times easier said than done. A liar ain't worth nothing, cut her off from your life, once a liar, always going to be a liar.
  5. Honestly like... Are you like kidding me right now?... Like are you serious? Like how could you do this to me, like I'm a ***** straight shooter, and you know that... Like I cant believe this right now, I cant deal with this right now... Like **** dude I just cant... I just dont understand... I really dont..........................straight shooter
  6. Yeah dont worry, some games just push your console louder.
  7. I was hating on the game from what I had seen, but after playing the beta, I'm pretty convinced. The classic Black Ops feel has gotten me exciting and wanting to buy the game.
  8. Because it can lead to shady things where a player gets injured and both the team and player agree that the player will just sit out and retire and call it a career ending injury while they just collect their paychecks off the cap. Front loaded super long contracts now have consequences, what about offering a player his last contract knowing the player doesnt want to stay in the league that long, but saying after ___ its up to you if you want to play or just collect your check. Spread over an additonal year or so it could hugely impact a players cap hit. Of course Pronger & Savard are truly done in the league, but proving another player does or does not have "issues" may not be as simple.
  9. Why? 4 million isnt enough for 500k (like half after taxes) not to be big deal to her. Her job is something that is hit n miss, she could easily lose it all.
  10. Damn that is amazing, that should be a real poster
  11. Getting interdasting...
  12. Hopefully gives EA a reason to change their such horrid NHL 16 cover!
  13. Bonino isnt half the player Kesler is. Points arent everything, Kesler is a beast and brings so much to the team even if he doesnt score. Hes a complete player who gives it his all, all heart and soul. 7 million is well deserved.
  14. 2 suspensions apparently, 3 +1's to my record, one 0 and one -1 for good behaviour for a total of 1 warning points right now. But that was in the old days, I'm a changed man now. But I have been a part of reason for other peoples bans, Bertuzzi Babe & some unknown clashing with me and ending up banned soon after was a great accomplishment, twas Canucks vs Boston rivalry. "Real Men" remains in my sig ever since.
  15. Today Benning said he believes we are still a playoff team... So I have no clue where we are headed, but I'm sure its towards a top 10 draft pick.